Hand pipe Chameleon Glass Moondancer Hand Pipe

Chameleon Glass Moondancer Hand Pipe

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The three bright colors on this hand pipe can really get the imagination going. The "Moondancer" has a mouthpiece white like the moon, and a bowl that's clean blue like the ocean. There's a soft pink mid-section that serves as a buffer zone between the two, and a swirling rake pattern throughout the entire piece. The way that the white and pink climb into each other is beautiful, and the bulge near the end helps support the glass pipe while it rests. Made in Arizona by Chameleon Glass, this simple pipe was made unique by the choice of contrasting shades and detailed glasswork. At only four inches long, this hand pipe will easily fit into a pocket. The bowl is a good size for one or two people.

Size: 4.00" (long) x 1.50" (wide)

Artist: Chameleon Glass
Made in Arizona