Bongs Circ Waterpipe By Diamond Glass

Circ Waterpipe By Diamond Glass

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The Circ Waterpipe features a nice wide body with a perfectly angled mouth. This laser cut showerhead perc provides excellent filtration with zero drag.

It's not often that a piece achieves the perfect design, but we think the Circ Waterpipe by Diamond Glass comes pretty close. This bong features a gorgeous showerhead perc that powerfully diffuses smoke for a cleaner, more flavorful hit. Tubing from the joint to the perc is nice and wide, making this piece easy to clean and difficult to break. It's also anchored on a thick, wide base, making it an ideal tabletop piece that's impossible to tip over. The mouthpiece is also angled and flared for a dry, comfortable toke every time. Can't wait to get your hands on your new piece? We understand. Order today and we'll send it out tomorrow with FREE, discrete shipping.

Whether you are a heavy or a light smoker this is a great low maintenance water pipe.


  • Height: 12 Inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Includes: 14mm Martini Bowl