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If you're looking for a glass nectar collector style dab straw kitthat's got everything you need for dabbing, more like a one-time investment to try a new way of dabbing without thinking about buying more and more accessories to go with it in the future, this kit might be the best choice

The glass dab straw kit has got absolutely you need, there is a 14mm quartz tip for low-temperature dabs and a 14mm titanium tip for high-temperature dabs, it even includes a converter and a glass weed bowl for flowers! So basically it covers everything that you need for daily self-medication, not to mention that this glass dab straw has got the most effective water filtration system for nectar collector style dab rigs. 

The length of the dab straw body is around 7.5"(19.3mm), so it's long enough for the vapor to cool down and doesn't require an extended mouthpiece like the ones you'll find on mini nectar collector kits. 

The kit also includes one pair of keck clips for securing the quartz tip/titanium tip/dry herb converter tightly on the dab straw's body, a medium-sized quartz dish for containing your concentrates/oils.

  • Made From High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • The Glass Dab Straw Kit Includes: 1x Glass Dab Stick Body, 1x 14mm Quartz Tip, 1x 14mm Titanium Tip, 1x 45° Glass Converter, 1x 14mm Male Weed Bowl. 
  • Dab Straw Length: 7.5"/19.3mm 
  • Nectar Collector Style Dab Rig

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