Dab Rigs Diamond Glass - Big Puck Dab Rig

Diamond Glass - Big Puck Dab Rig

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This dab rig isn't for the faint of heart. Don't let the lovely klein style curves fool you, the wide base and big puck perc, with holes like a wheel of Swiss cheese, allow for big perfectly dispersed rips. A ridged bent neck assists in creating a controlled enjoyable finish to your pull. This Piece includes a both an 18mm male bowl for herbs, and a 4mm thick quartz banger nail, providing big hits for all smokers. Simply pick a color, and enjoy.
  • klein style
  • large chamber
  • great airflow
  • ridged bent neck
  • 18mm female joint
  • includes 18mm male banger & bowl
  • 9 inch height
  • 3mm thick glass
  • 5 inch base
  • 1.3lb net weight