CBD Tinctures Eclipse CBD - CBD MCT Tincture - Peanut Butter - 300mg-1500mg

Eclipse CBD - CBD MCT Tincture - Peanut Butter - 300mg-1500mg

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You love your pet more than life itself, right? So why not offer them the same benefits that you get from using CBD so you two can share in the hemp experience together?  It's all about giving the pet you love the best possible quality of life -- and this ultra-high quality pet CBD tincture from Eclipse is just the ticket to a hemp product you can feel good about giving your pet.

Eclipse’s CBD Pet Tincture in lip-licking Peanut Butter flavor is designed for both large and small pets, and can offer natural support for your pupper’s overall well-being. This delicious peanut butter taste will have them licking their chops… have you ever seen a hound go to town on a spoonful of peanut butter?? Yeah. Exactly. But what about THC? Never. This product is totally safe and non-intoxicating for your four-legged pal. So you can rest assured your little precious won’t be getting the munchies! That being said, good luck keeping Fido away from the tantalizing peanut butter flavor of this high-quality CBD tincture! 

And depending on your pet’s needs, you can customize his dosage with potencies ranging from 300mg per bottle up to 1500mg per bottle. 

BONUS: This delicious tincture is safe for humans, too!