CBD Tinctures Eco Sciences - CBD Tincture - ECODROPS Dream 10ml - 500mg

Eco Sciences - CBD Tincture - ECODROPS Dream 10ml - 500mg

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Let Eco Sciences assuage your sleep problems naturally and safely. With their Dream CBD Tincture, Eco Sciences has crafted a remarkable combination of high-quality, lab tested CBD, natural sleep-promoting ingredients and coconut-derived MCT oil.

First, Eco Sciences extracts full spectrum CBD oil from leafy green hemp plants to retain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other essential compounds found in the plant. After testing each extract to ensure its quality and purity, Eco Sciences infuses MCT oil with them, as well as a list of additional ingredients:

Lavender - often used to calm the mind through aromatherapy, ingesting this natural agent has the same effects. 

Roman Chamomile - while you could brew a cup of chamomile tea every night to experience its effects, why not enjoy this ingredient in an easy-to-use tincture?

Valerian Root - referred to in some circles as “nature’s valium,” enjoy this calming plant without the adverse side effects of pharmaceutical sleep aids. 

When sleep is elusive, let Eco Sciences’ Dream CBD Tincture help you find it effectively and naturally. With 500mg of CBD per bottle, this product offers a more gentle serving. For higher, more potent servings, try Eco Sciences’ 1500mg Dream CBD Tincture. 

For best results, consume the desired amount sublingually just before bedtime. Simply place Eco Sciences’ Dream Tincture under your tongue for up to 60 seconds, then swallow.