Beaker bongs Glass Mini Beaker 8″

Glass Mini Beaker 8″

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If you have been searching for a premium glass bong, then you can’t go past the 8 inches Glass Mini Beaker Bong by Inhalco. This stylish and attractive glass beaker bong will make smoking your favorite dry herbs a breeze. 
  • Manufactured from toughened borosilicate glass that will stand up to the rigors and daily stresses of your life, the Glass Mini Beaker Bong will last you a lifetime and provide endless hours of joy. The beauty behind the Glass Mini Beaker Bong is in its design simplicity. Straight lines and beauty are captured in this simple yet elegant bong. 
  • The compact size of the Glass Mini Beaker Bong means that it’s small enough to easily slip into a bag if you’re planning on traveling and taking your bong with you. The complete glass stem looks amazing and will allow you to watch as the smoke travels down through the stem and into the water. 
  • You’re going to be the envy of all your friends when you pull out the Glass Mini Beaker Bong. This classic shape is a throwback to the bongs of days gone by, and it's simple yet functional design makes it ideal for beginners or experienced smokers alike. 


  • 14mm Bubble Bowl
  • 8 inches beaker bong with Fixed Downstem

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