CBD Cartriges Glass Vape Cartridges (.5 mL)

Glass Vape Cartridges (.5 mL)

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 This tempered glass cartridge is available in a .5mL capacity tank available with hole sizes of 1.22mm for medium viscosity oils and a hole size of 1.66mm for thicker oils and concentrates.  Now available in chrome or in gun metal finish.
Other holes sizes are available in .5mm, .7 mm and .9mm are available by special order – please call for details.
Our glass vape cartridges offer the next step up in both oil vapor quality from traditional plastic carts. They also work well with all

510 thread batteries

up to 3.7 volts.  We have customers constantly telling us how happy they are to have found a cartridge that works so well on a wide variety of battery voltage and doesn’t leak or burn out.  This is indeed the right choice for most users looking to get a high quality hit with their current setup.  The ability to choose the intake hole size means that you can get the exact cartridge that will work best with your oil thickness (viscosity). 
This glass vape cartridge is also our most popular wholesale item as manufacturers need to know that they are getting the lowest failure rate possible.  We stand behind that for both our costumers and business clients.
Also available in a

1ml glass cartridge size.

Wholesale orders available can be customized with your name and logo.

Inquire here for wholesale support.

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510 vape cartridge

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