Dab Torch High Standards x Blazer Refillable Torch

High Standards x Blazer Refillable Torch

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Higher Standards has paired up with Blazer, one of the best brands in torches.

Lightweight, portable, and powerful. The Big Shot GT 8000 is the perfect replacement for that bulky blue can of danger you purchased from the hardware store. This Torch features Anti flare brass nozzle, self igniting, and a 2500° Precision controlled flame, and pairs perfectly with your Higher Standards Riggler. It's time to step your flame game up!

Comes in your choice of color!

  • Higher Standards Torch
  • Industrial Series
  • 35 Minute Burn Time
  • 2500° Temperature
  • Anti Flare
  • 7.25 Inch Height
  • 13 Ounce
  • 28 Gram Fuel Capacity
  • Inverted Functionality
  • Brass Nozzle
  • Detachable Base
  • Instructions & Safety Info Included