rolling tray Hornet Dollar King Size Rolling Paper 5 Booklets

Hornet Dollar King Size Rolling Paper 5 Booklets

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Hornet is known for its smoking and rolling related product lines, they make rolling trays, grinders, filters, and of course, rolling papers. 

Hornet king size rolling papers are a fine weight paper that is great for you if you prefer to use thinner papers when creating your personal roll-up. Each of the 32 leaves has also been pre-creased, to help make the rolling experience as easy as possible for you. The papers have a strip of a natural gum so sealing your cigarette is fuss free for you as well. The packaging for these Hornet papers is classic! It has been based on an iconic one hundred dollar bill, but these papers will soon become much more valuable to you.

The size of the rolling paper is 110mm in length and 32.5mm wide, big enough to roll a fat flavored joint with your favorite dry herb! Each booklet contains 32 leaves of rolling papers. 

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  • 5 Booklets, 160 Leaves Of Rolling Paper
  • Hornet Dollar king size Rolling Paper
  • Rolling Paper Size: 110mm*32.5mm
  • Material: Natural Gum
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    Rolling Paper