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The MiniMax PRO by Honeystick is a super compact but powerful keychain fob vaporizer for stealthy oil vaping. Compatible with 11mm/plus size 510-threaded oil tanks or smaller, the MiniMax PRO delivers smooth, potent rips from your favorite oil concentrates. A rubber texturized button turns the unit on, toggles 3 variable voltages, and heats your oils instantly. Micro-USB charging allows you to power up conveniently. Disguised as a key fob, the MiniMax PRO allows you to carry it around in plain sight for discreet hits.


Perfect for on-the-go vaping, the MiniMax PRO is disguised as a car key fob so you can use it in public without blowing your cover. A stainless steel rim allows you to connect the MiniMax PRO to your key-chain for on-the-go use. The compact design (3" x 1.5" x 0.8") is pocket-friendly and palm-sized, making it easy to conceal. If you lead a busy lifestyle and always vape on your feet, the MiniMax PRO seamlessly fits vaping into your day.


The MiniMax PRO is one of the few keychain fob vaporizers to feature variable voltages so you can customize your clouds. A single button control allows you to toggle between three voltages (3.6v, 3.8v, 4.0v) with a 0.8 Ohm loading resistance. A color coded LED ring will signify which temperature you're on from Blue=Low to White=Medium and Red=High. Toggle between small, flavor-rich hits, big robust clouds, and everything in between. Once you power on the MiniMax PRO, an advanced pre-heating function kicks in so the vaporizer is ready to deliver hits in seconds.


Boasting compatibility with most 510-threaded oil cartridges, the MiniMax PRO enables you to explore different oil concentrates and eliquids without being stuck with a proprietary cartridge. A wide port, rare for oil vapes of this size, allows for compatibility with 11mm/plus size 510 oil cartridges or smaller standard cartridges. MiniMax PRO combines stealth, portability and versatility in one low-key unit for the most discreet vaping experience available.

  • Stealthy Key Fob Design
  • Variable Voltage (3.6v, 3.8v, 4.0v)
  • 0.8 Ohm Loading Resistance
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Pre-Heat Function
  • Rapid Heating
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Universal 510-Threaded
  • Works with 11mm/Plus Size Cartridges or Smaller
  • Short Circuit Protection