Bongs My Bud Vase - "Aurora" Water Pipe

My Bud Vase - "Aurora" Water Pipe

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The "Aurora" vase bong has brought on a new dawn for the already successful family of My Bud Vase products. As with all My Bud Vase's elegant and unique bongs, "Aurora" is high class glass. This design is accentuated by its genie-like chamber, which is also capable of containing a large amount of water for optimal filtration and is covered in the same tinted studs. Connected to the rubber joint grommet, a fixed downstem percolator leads into the main chamber. A beautiful purple-tinted male bowl for dry herbs is also included with the "Aurora" Water Pipe."Aurora" is also capable of being disguised as a normal flower vase. Remove the male bowl, insert the faux flower poker and authentic peacock feather, and rotate the vase to obscure the rubber grommet.

  • Doubles as a Vase!
  • Colored Glass
  • 8'' Inches Tall
  • 45° joint
  • Rubber Grommet Female Joint
  • fixed downstem
  • thick glass