Bongs My Bud Vase - "Monica" Water Pipe

My Bud Vase - "Monica" Water Pipe

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The "Monica" from My Bud Vase is a superior vase and water pipe. Made of white porcelain, this bong can easily be made to look like an actual vase. This is because it once was a vase! The delicate, exquisite flowers found on the side of "Monica" are constructed directly into the water pipe itself. This lovely field of pink porcelain flowers goes well with the faux flower pokers that fit in the flared mouthpiece. Not only do these faux flowers add beauty with their color and accents, they can also be used to clean out your bowl and joint. On the other end of the flowers is a pointed end for scraping out any ash or gunk. When you are not using the bong for its intended use slip these into the opening and disguise "Monica" as an everyday flower vase. When it is time to smoke some actual flower, use the deep bowl, clear glass slide that is included. The bowl fits into the rubber grommet style joint. Attached to the rubber grommet joint is a fixed downstem. The "Monica" Water Pipe has class from head to toe. Grab one of her sisters ("Rachel" and "Phoebe") to complete the set!

  • Doubles as a Vase!
  • Colored Glass
  • 6'' Inches Tall
  • 45° joint
  • Rubber Grommet Female Joint
  • fixed downstem
  • thick glass