Bongs Nucleus - 10" Silicone Straight Tube Bong

Nucleus - 10" Silicone Straight Tube Bong

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Although Nucleus is known for their excellent glass pipes, their new line of food grade silicone products are something to pay attention to. The 10" Silicone Straight Tube Bong has the convenience of a silicone bong with the functionality of a glass one. With a melting point of over 1200˚F, you would really have to try to burn this bong. When you are done with your futile burning attempts, throw it in the dishwasher for a simple clean. The included 14mm male bowl is made of clear glass and the 3" 18mm to 14mm removable downstem is made of silicone to reduce breakage. They both slide right out when cleaning is needed. Choose between multiple color options.

  • Nucleus Bong
  • Female Joint
  • 14mm Joint
  • Made From Silicone
  • 44mm Tubing
  • 45 Degree Joint
  • Removable Downstem
  • Downstem Length 3.5
  • Ice Catcher