Dab Rigs Nucleus - Mini Inverted Restriction Beaker Rig

Nucleus - Mini Inverted Restriction Beaker Rig

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Ever want to bring a dab rig along with you but do not have the room? The Inverted Nano Beaker Dab Rig from Nucleus will solve your problem. Standing at a miniature 5.5 inches tall, this dab rig can fit in your pocket or bag with ease. Although the rig is tiny, with a 2 inch base, This mini rig has heavy walled, 5mm thick glass.

Inside the beaker style base is a removable downstem so you can still achieve the diffusion of a larger dab rig, and easily clean your piece. Very little water is needed for this process but helps with the taste of your dabs.

The oil rig comes with a 14mm 45° male quartz banger nail which bends away from the 14mm female joint it is housed in. This quartz banger helps keep the flame of your torch further away from the joint and base of the dab rig to prevent heat stress or fractures in the glass.

The flared mouthpiece creates an airtight seal with your lips to prevent any valuable vapor from escaping. Features an Inverted restriction splashguard to prevent back slash when using. From its convenient size to its superb functionality, all the way to its included accessories and affordable price tag, the Mini Beaker Dab Rig from Nucleus can be very effective for any dabbing aficionado.

  • Base Width: 2"
  • 5.5'' Inches Tall
  • Includes 10mm Male Quartz Banger Nail
  • Fits In Your Pocket
  • Beaker
  • 10mm Female Joint
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Thick Glass