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Nucleus - Pipe Mug

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This coffee mug pipe is perfect for a wake and bake! The "Pipe Mug" is a crafty hand pipe brought to you by Nucleus. It combines the function of a hand pipe and a coffee mug into one product. On the face of the mug, there is a bowl for dry herbs. When you light the herbs, the smoke travels through a conduit within the walls of the mug. Since the smoke travels in between the walls of the mug, there is never cross contamination between the dry herbs and coffee. This conduit guides the smoke toward the mouthpiece on the handle, where it is finally inhaled. With no carb hole, the inhalation process could not be easier; just light and toke. Each pipe mug is made of high quality ceramic and hot coated with a color glaze. Made with top of the line ceramic material, this coffee mug pipe is also microwave and dishwasher safe. Cleverly designed and user-friendly, waking up in the morning just got easier with the Pipe Mug by Nucleus.

  • Coated w/ Color Glaze
  • Dual Function: Coffee Mug and Hand Pipe
  • Made of Ceramic
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
  • No Cross Contamination Between Herbs and Coffee