Petal - CBD Tincture - Mint - 500mg-1000mg



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For a relieving gust of minty wintergreen joy, check out this wonderful new CBD Tincture oil courtesy of the good folks at Petal. The mint flavor here is light and delicate, and gives the user the same sensation as a stick of chewing gum or a swig of mouthwash, as well as all the holistic upsides to the CBD experience. This bold-tasting product is completely free of THC and is guaranteed to provide the user with a smooth and relaxing cannabidiol experience. Simply use the drop-topper and administer a dose on your tongue once or twice a day as needed. You can also add a small concentration of it to a mildly flavored tea for an injection of vivacious minty taste. Contains MCT oil extracted from coconuts, pure cannabidiol, and mint flavoring. Available in two strength-based sizes (500mg and 1000mg).

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