Cleaning products Piece Water - All Natural Bong Water Alternative

Piece Water - All Natural Bong Water Alternative

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Piece Wateru2019su2122 unique proprietary blend of safe-all- natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts work to prevent resin from forming on your bong, water pipe, or bubbler. Itu2019s 100% All Natural and Absolutely Non-Toxic! Add Piece Water u2122 to a clean bong and your piece will remain clean and clear from resin build up. When you are ready to change your piece water u2122 simply rinse your pipe with tap water and it will be clean! In addition Piece Water u2122 acts as filter of particulate matter,u00a0whichu00a0makes for cleaner & much smoother hits.


  • Proprietary Blend Of All Natural Mineral, Vegetable, and Fruit Extracts
  • Size: 12 Fl OZ (355 mL) or 4 fl oz (118ml)
  • Water Pipe Fills Per Bottle: This depends on size of your Water Pipe. A 12u201d Water Pipe holds roughly 2 oz of water. In this case, a 12 OZ bottle of Piece Water u2122 will have 6 + fills per Water Pipe.
  • Water Pipe Hits Per Fill: This Depends on user Preference. You can change your Piece Wateru2122 as often as you like. Piece Water u2122 customers report great results remain after 40 hits.
  • Handcrafted in Small Batches
  • Discreet Shipping