Bongs Pyramid Multi-Perc Recycler Glass Bong
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Pyramid Multi-Perc Recycler Glass Bong

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  Talking about glass bongs with multiple percolators, this glass water pipe sure takes the cake! It features not one or two, but THREE percolators in total! The turbine percolator
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    Talking about glass bongs with multiple percolators, this glass water pipe sure takes the cake!

    It features not one or two, but THREE percolators in total! The turbine percolator is located on the topper half and the honeycomb percolator is located on the bottom half, the spiral percolator is separated from the pyramid body in an individual chamber, if you look closely you'll find a small hole on the side of the chamber, that's the hole for you to fill water in it and put it in the fridge, once the water is turned into ice you've got yourself an ice bong

    The separated chamber design makes this glass bong a recycler, the smoke(or vapor if you're using it as a dab rig) alongside with water will travel from the bottom through the honeycomb and the turbine percolators then into the separated chamber and to the mouthpiece, the water will travel back through the spiral percolator so it'll be chilled at the same time. A pretty unique design to provide just the right amount of drag and filtration when you inhale! 

    • Accessories: 1x 14mm Female Glass Dab Nail, 1x Glass Dome.
    • Height: 8.6" / 22cm
    • Weight: 282g
    • Thickness: 3mm 
    • 90° Joint
    • Honeycomb Percolator
    • Turbine Percolator
    • Spiral Ice Percolator
    • Extra Thick Glass
    • Heady Glass
    • Male Joint
    • Flared Mouthpiece
    • Dual Purpose Glass Bong/Dab Rig
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    Features Of This Dab Rig

    Clear Glass

    This glass bong/glass dab rig/glass water pipe is made from clear glass which you can see the percolators inside(and how they work), observe the water level and the water's clarity and decide whether to change the water inside or not. 

    Heady Perc/Glass

    This bong/water pipe features heady perc. Heady Percolators is known for having dazzling colors or exceptional designs which might feature animals, famous political/entertainment characters, etc.


    Flared Mouthpiece

    A flared mouthpiece means that the mouthpiece is thicker or higher than the rest of the bong, it's more comfortable to put your mouth on it and creating a tighter seal for smoking at the same time.

    Glass Bong

    This water pipe is made of high-quality glass. 100% handmade and closely examined by the Puffing Bird Staff.

    Dual Purpose Water Pipe

    This water pipe is small and features no sophisticated percolator inside(usually only a removable downstem diffuser), so it could be used as a glass bong for smoking dry herbs/flowers and if you can pair a quartz banger or a titanium dab nail to go with it(simply replace the glass bowl piece with a dab nail), then it can be a glass dab rig to vaporize your concentrate/oil of choice! A way to save you some extra bucks without needing to buy a dab rig just for dabbing! 

    Female Joint 

    This water pipe features a 14mm female joint.

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    The Benefits Of Using Glass Bongs

    For individuals who like smoking, there are various ways you can smoke. Over the past few years, smokers have been introduced to some different ways and types of smoking. Some of these ways include the use of blunts, hand pipes, joints, and 

    glass bongs

    . Thus a smoker has a variety of choices to choose from depending on his/her taste and preferences. However, the glass bongs are the favorite choices since most of the smokers find the glass much fascinating and exciting to use. This is because of the countless benefits it provides to the users. Smoking out of a glass bong is one of the ways in which smokers not only enjoy smoking but other advantages as well. Besides, there are many other ways through which smokers can benefit from the use of a glass bong. Some of these benefits include the following; 


    Offers Smooth Hits

    For most of the smokers, the most significant benefit of smoking in a glass bong is the smooth hits it provides. It is also the best not only for the regular smokers but also for the beginners. It enables them to enjoy and gain experience on their first time of trial. This is the primary reason why many people are switching from using other smoking methods to the glass bong. The glass bong does not irritate on the throat when inhaling. It contains water that kills any bacteria that may be present in the smoke. Therefore, it makes the process of inhalation clean and very refreshing due to the cooling sensation that water provides.

    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs

    As a matter of fact, the glass bong is the most recommended and known method in helping the user reduce the chances of being exposed to various conditions related to smoking. Therefore, the user does not have to worry about risking his/her life or getting bronchitis and lung cancer. Initially, when you smoke for a long period, you could end up getting the smoking-related illness. However, with the use of glass bong, all these risks have been eliminated and hence you can smoke for as long as you want to.

    It Gives Big Hits

    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs

     A glass bong enables users to take bigger hits. At times, the smoker feels the urge to take in bigger hits to make them feel good. The glass bong, therefore, gives you the chance to take big hits anytime you need them. Most of the smoking methods do not allow users to take large bits. However, this is a different case with the glass bong. As for the beginners, the bong can be quite overwhelming, but the good thing is that you do not always need to completely fill the bong with smoke. On the other hand, it is totally okay to use the glass bong for small hits just in case you are more comfortable with it. But once you get enough experience and you are ready for bigger hits, then the glass bong can provide. You can begin enjoying everything the glass bong offers starting from the small hits to the bigger hits. Here are the steps on how to take hit from the glass bong;

    • Light up the cannabis or tobacco by holding the fire or lighter directed to the bowl and run the flame over the herb. As you light, put your mouth in the mouthpiece and suck it gently while watching the flame. Sucking makes the flame pull into the bowl with herbs to enable you to get an awesome taste of the burning herbs.
    • Once the bowl is lit properly, set down the lighter and stoke the bowl to see fit.
    • As soon as the amount of smoke in the glass bong reaches the quantity you are comfortable in inhaling, you can stop sucking. Hold your breath, and open the airway of the bong by simply pulling the bowl away from the stem. Finally, inhale strongly the smoke into the lungs.


    It is Easy to Use

    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs

    For the first time, glass bongs can be confusing and complicated, especially if you have never used one before. But in reality, the glass bongs are the easiest and the simples to use and enjoy. A glass bong is designed in a way that it filters and cools down the smoke to make the smoking process enjoyable, smooth, and easy. Even as a beginner, you hardly have to learn anything for you to use the glass bong. Other smoking methods such as joint can be a difficult task for beginners. However, the glass bong is the simplest. Most of the bongs normally involve four major essential parts. It includes the tube, the stem, the vase, and finally the bowl where the favorite smoking flavor goes to.

    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs - Using a Glass Bong

     The traditional glass bongs were almost similar to the latest, however, instead of the glass tube; it had a hose and also lacked some other features. They were also a bit complicated to use, unlike the modern bong which involves a very easy process.  It’s as simple as disassembling the bong, filling the vase with enough water, placing the shaft or the stem on the glass vase, and then filling the bowl with your favorite herbs. It can be tobacco, cannabis, or any other herb. In case the bowl has a hole, then you just have to cover it with the nugget. Glass bongs come in different shapes and styles, so there are those which have a hole in the bowl while other does not have. So after covering it, you only need to put in your lips at the end of the tube then ignite the smoke using a lighter or fire. Take a hit, either small or big depending on your smoking experience, inhale it and you are good to go. You can now relax as you enjoy smoking. For the beginners, you do not have to worry about using the bong for the first time. It involves simples and easy process as illustrated below.

    • Simple steps on how to use the glass bong
    • Add water carefully to the bong with a sink that is big enough to accommodate it well. Through the bong’s mouthpiece, add water as you try getting the stream of water directly to the glass bong bottom.
    • Add sufficient water to cover the stem’s bottom filtering part. Begin with the first round of between one to two inches as you attempt to inhale from the mouthpiece without necessarily lighting it.
    • Take out the glass bong bowl and load it with tobacco, marijuana, or cannabis. If the herbs have been ground then measure ¼ teaspoon. But in case it is not ground, you simply have to look over the nugget, get rid of the large stems, and break the remaining pieces to enable the bowl to burn
    • If the glass bong contains ice catcher, (a blockage that makes ice remain at the top of the bong chamber) put a few ice cubes An ice bong hit is usually the best.
    • Remember to have some drinking water around.

    It provides water filtration

    Those individuals who have been smoking for quite a long time understand the importance of filtration while smoking. The glass bong provides such kind of filtration that most smokers find it fascinating. The bong feature of filtering water benefits the smokers in many ways. Firstly, it helps in cooling the smoke. Secondly, the water in the bong helps in filtering out the tar and this is why the water after smoking turns to sticky black or brown. It is, therefore, essential to keep the glass bong clean at all the time, to make sure that it gives you the best possible cooling and filtration tasks. On the contrary, smoking with an unclean water bong is not always a pleasant experience as it ruins the original taste of the herbs. However, some experts think that smoking from the glass bong literally absorbs a lot of the beneficial components found in the dry herbs as compared to the actual tar.  This shows that you need to smoke much more from the bong in order to get the equal effect from the dry herbs since the bong water absorbs a lot of components.

    With the current technological advancement of the glass bongs, a lot of new percolators with distinct styles have been introduced into the markets (its uses, types, and benefits are illustrated below). The aim of this is to enhance and maximize the smoking activity. For example, when smoking from the glass bong with a regular percolator, it creates massive bubbles but with the low surface area. On the contrary, when smoking using a more advanced percolator producing relatively small bubbles, it creates a higher surface area, hence a better cooling and smoke filtration. Similarly, if you need smoother hits, consider adding ash catcher to the bong. This adds up to the second level of bong water filtration and traps all the ash before it gets in. It thus keeps the bong very clean and well functioning with an optimal performance.

    • The use and benefits of a percolator in a glass bong

    In case you have been smoking for sometimes or have been around people who smoke, then you definitely have heard the word percolator. The main goal of smoking out of glass bong is to enhance the smoking process and make it feel smoother as opposed to dabbing. A percolator, therefore, aims to further this goal by additionally cooling the smoke.

    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs

    For potential smokers who are not familiar with the use of bongs, the prospect of trying to smoke out of one may be quite intimidating. The smokers stigma around the bongs makes it look somehow more potent, unlike other smoking methods and instruments. And actually, in the real sense, they are much potent. While the smoke loses some of its effects as it goes through water chambers, the intake becomes much easier. This enables smokers to take in more smoke than the normal amount.

    • The styles of percolators

    All types of percolators provide an additional layer of filtering the smoke to make it more enjoyable and provide smooth experience in smoking. However, you can accomplish this in a different way depending on the type of percolator. A percolator also contributes to different aesthetic touch for each piece. Some of the most common styles of percolators include;


    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs - Honeycomb perc bong

    The honeycomb percolators: The percolator with the shape of a honeycomb gives them basic function they require in efficiently filtering the smoke. The round disc of the percolators perfectly fits the glass bong tube; the small holes facilitate the smoke diffusion. The important of all is that they achieve this without necessarily slowing down the entire process of smoking.

    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs - Inline Perc Bong

    Inline percolator: This is simply a horizontal tube of the glass bong which has a number of slits in it. Usually, the more slits the inline percolator has, the more percolation is able to take place. They function by complementing other percolators above.

    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs - Tree Perc Bong

    The tree percolator: a tree percolator is somewhat fairly simple. Inside the tube of the glass bong, there are collections of rods which resemble the tree limbs. Usually, with few slits in each limb, plenty of diffusion takes place.

    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs - Spiral Perc Bong

    Spiral percolator: a spiral percolator is also known as the coil percolator. It’s a simple style percolator which brings the smoke via the coils as it increases the cooling process. It also contains a visual feature. As compared to other types, the spiral percolator gives a long and smooth drag. This percolator piece enables the visual smoke to rush through the spiral so as to shine the approach bare bones apart from the ice catcher. The ice catcher aims in preventing any spillage in the bong.

     Further Reading: 


    How To Pick The Perfect Bong: Water Pipe Features Explained

    Glass bongs are easy to clean

    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs - Cleaning a bong

    The glass bongs come in various types and are made from different materials. Some are made of plastic while others are wooden. However, the most preferable type of bong by most smokers is the one made from glass. This is because glass bongs are always easy to clean as compared to the plastic and wooden bongs. You can consider using alcohol since is the best substance for cleaning glass bongs. On the other hand, the bong does not form any harmful residue because the material they are made from makes it non-porous.

    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs - Cleaning a bong

    In addition, ensure that each time you use the bong, refresh the water in the vase. Vase water tends to get a dark color and turn to cloudy. This is because some certain substance which can at times be harmful remains in the water after smoking. This is definitely not good for the user. So the best way to avoid this is to always change the water after use.  Moreover, it is the best idea to clean all the parts of the bong every now and then.

    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs - Cleaning a glass bong

     So in case you are looking for a bong that won’t give you any problem when cleaning it then the answer is the glass bong. It is the best and recommended option to consider. Therefore, once you buy the glass, you are certain that you are not going to face any challenge especially when it comes to cleaning it. The glass bong also enables you to know whether it is still clean or getting dirty by simply checking on the walls.

     Further Reading:  


    The Ultimate Guide: How to Clean Your Bong, Glass Pipe, and Bubblers

    They are reusable


    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs - Reusing a bong

    Another major benefit of smoking from a glass bong is the fact that you are able to reuse them. This is a different case when it comes other types such as joints and bongs which requires you to purchase another one each time. This is because they are only usable once without the privilege of having to reuse them. Due to this, using blunts and joints become more expensive as opposed to the bongs. Therefore, as you decide to buy the bongs, you are certain that you won’t have to go back to the shop to buy another. It is also a good idea to spend more money on buying something that is going to serve you for a very long time.


    Glass bongs are a piece of art


    The Benefits of Using Glass Bongs - Artistic Bongs

    It is essential to know the glass bongs are not made by machines; instead, they are made by hands of people. This indicates that they are just a piece of simple art. So since its people but not machines that make them, they are modified in a way that suits your preference and taste. You can as well purchase according to your preferred style or design. So in case you are a regular smoker and you use other methods, it’s high time to shift to the glass bong to enjoy the lifestyle of smoking.

    In Conclusion

    glass bongs offer unique benefits that other methods cannot offer. There are various ways of smoking most of which are relatively affordable. However, the use of the glass bong is one of the best-known methods. It is a very healthy way of smoking as compared to rolling the cigarettes and others. So for you to have a good change in smoking lifestyle, all you need to do is to use the bong. This is because the smoke from it is completely different from other methods. Glass bongs are indeed the best modern smoking methods.


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