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RAW Original Regular Tips

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RAW Original Regular Tips is available in Singles or by the Box

RAW Original Tips areu00a0created from natural, unbleached and nonsense chemicals.u00a0

  • 50/Pack
  • 50 Packs/Box

RAWu00a0Rolling Paper Tips are theu00a0crucial part of rolling a joint. 
RAW has the best and largest selection of tips in the world. Choose from RAW Classic tips or RAW Hemp Cotton Tips, gummed tips and pre-rolled tips.

Why do you needu00a0RAW Original Regular Tips?

  • It prevents having cloggingu00a0joint ends.
  • Smokeu00a0the herbs, not wasted ends.
  • Creates a better shape for your joint.
  • Preventsu00a0herbs from going into your mouth.
  • 100% Additives free
  • 100% Vegan

RAW Original Regular Tipsu00a0roll smooth and easy like nothing else. It has structural rigidity to both keep its shape in your mouth AND to not dissolve.u00a0

RAW Rolling Papers

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