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Our yellow bath bomb can take your soak from ordinary to extraordinary. There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in the tub at the end of a long, busy day. As far as that goes, any time is the perfect time for a languorous soak. Our 100mg CBD bath bomb will also help to alleviate sore, achy, and tired muscles. No matter when you choose to luxuriate in the bath, make sure you have plenty of LumiBloom’s Revitalize bath bombs on hand.

Self-care is vitally important to us all. Daily or nightly use of our yellow bath bombs should be part of your regular relaxation routine. Whether you’re experiencing a high volume of stress or just need to relax and have some time to yourself, our Revitalize bath bombs are perfect for achieving your goal. We suggest that you indulge yourself with at least thirty minutes of soaking to get the product’s full effects. Not only will you feel the tension of the day begin to disappear, but you’ll also notice how silky your skin feels.

There are no time limits when it comes to practicing self-care. Schedule half an hour with our 100mg CBD bath bombs whenever you like, although many people prefer a good soak at night. As your body begins to relax and anxiety starts to fade, you’ll find that a good night’s sleep is in store for you. At LumiBloom, our goal is to help our customers find rest and relaxation. Drop a yellow bath bomb into your tub the next time you want to take care of yourself. We guarantee that you’ll feel like a new woman by the time you climb out again.