Hoodies Rolling Papers X Raw u2013 Rawlers Hoodie

Rolling Papers X Raw u2013 Rawlers Hoodie

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Rolling Papers X Raw u2013 Rawlers Hoodie

The RAWLERS Hoodie is here!

A big drop from the ever-creative RAW brand! Rawlers hoodie represents a fine combination of smoking friendly and acute in today u2019s world features. Starting with built-in velcro rolling tray pouch that has coated surface inside what makes it easy to roll on. The metal-tipped drawstrings will help to pack your freshly rolled Jamaican candle. Whereas all the goodies you have can be put to one of the stash pockets in the cuffs. The hoodie is made of tactile pleasure sweater material. It will not shrink or lose its features with a couple of washings. Finally, the icing on the cake is the highly practical face mask. How many times you had to return home thinking u201ckeys, wallet, phoneu2026.fucking mask!u201d With this hoodie you can be sure that all rolling and safety essentials are always with you!

  • Unisex
  • Made of Comfy and Durable Sweater Material
  • Built-inu00a0Rolling Tray Pouch
  • Removable Velcro Face Mask
  • Custom Pockets to hold your Raw Papers, Lighters, and everything else you need to roll!



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