CBD Tinctures RSHO - CBD Tincture - Gold Label Oral Applicator - 2400mg

RSHO - CBD Tincture - Gold Label Oral Applicator - 2400mg

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REAL SCIENTIFIC HEMP OIL takes pride in broad range of CBD products… there really is something for everyone! By using a comprehensive CO2 extraction system, plus a secondary filtration to remove any excess chlorophyll and other plant matter, RSHO has harnessed the dynamic power of CBD concentrate in a convenient oral applicator. Made for the user looking for a potent serving of CBD concentrate, this 10 gram applicator contains up to 20 servings of decarboxylated, ultra-filtered CBD. 


What is RHSO Gold Label CBD?

RHSO has made it easy to keep track of which kind of CBD works best for you with its convenient color coding. Gold Label indicates that the CBD concentrate in this portable oral applicator is decarboxlyated, and then filtered again to remove any plant matter or chlorophyll. This gives RHSO’s Gold Label a cleaner, less earthy taste. 

Why use CBD concentrate?

For those looking for a more direct way to affect their endocannabinoid system, RHSO’s Gold Label Oral Applicator CBD Concentrate contains the highest CBD concentrate of any of RHSO’s full-spectrum hemp products. With the ease of a squeeze tube, thick CBD oil is quickly and easily dispensed at just the right time. It’s also naturally full of vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that positively affect quality of life. 

Suggested Use: RSHO’s Oral Applicator is easy to use. Simply squeeze the desired amount onto your finger or a spoon and place under your tongue. Wait 60 seconds, then swallow.