CBD Tinctures RSHO - CBD Tincture - Green Liquid Hemp Oil - 2oz-500mg

RSHO - CBD Tincture - Green Liquid Hemp Oil - 2oz-500mg

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REAL SCIENTIFIC HEMP OIL knows the raw form of CBD is the cleanest, most basic way to enjoy all the remarkable benefits of the hemp plant, and also that CBD tinctures in a convenient dropper bottle are some users’ favorite way to take their daily CBD. With 500 mg of RSHO’s “raw” Green Liquid Hemp Oil, this convenient 2 ounce bottle comes with its own dropper to easily, safely, and legally deliver the mind and body all the awesome properties of CBD. 

Unlike RSHO’s Blue Liquid that is decarboxylated (heated to active the healing compounds present in the hemp plant like cannabinoids and terpenes), or RSHO’s Gold Liquid Hemp Oil that is decarboxylated and then filtered (removes all extraneous plant materials like fibers and chlorophyll), RSHO’s Green Liquid is untreated and unfiltered for pure, simple hemp oil concentrate. By retaining all the ingredients from a raw-pressed mature hemp talk, RSHO Green Liquid is abundant in healing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It’s like eating a raw vegetable versus a cooked one. 

To increase the CBD’s bioavailability in the body, RSHO then combines its raw CBD with MCT oil, or medium chain triglyceride oil. Found in coconuts and sustainable palm plants, MCT oil is an excellent way to make sure your body and mind are receiving all the benefit you expect from high-quality CBD oil. 

RSHO’s CBD Tincture can be taken sublingually or added to your favorite hot or cold beverage.