CBD Tinctures RSHO - CBD Tincture - Green Liquid Hemp Oil - 4oz-1000mg

RSHO - CBD Tincture - Green Liquid Hemp Oil - 4oz-1000mg

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It can be frustrating to pick up your favorite CBD tincture dropper bottle and discover your supply has run dry. REAL SCIENTIFIC HEMP OIL provides a convenient way to avoid this: a larger, 4 ounce bottle with 1000mg of their Green Liquid Hemp Oil. This bigger size contains the same Green Liquid found in RSHO’s dropper bottle, making it a great way to refill the smaller delivery bottle without ever missing a drop. 

Raw, mature hemp stalks are pressed “as is” to obtain an untreated and unfiltered version of RSHO’s high-quality CBD oil. Just like eating raw vegetables, ingesting raw CBD provides you with all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibers, cannabinoids, terpenes, and other healing compounds found in the hemp plant without cooking away anything needed for ultimate mind and body support. 

RSHO’s Green CBD Concentrate in an oral applicator is the purest most potent way to get your daily CBD, however by combining this unadulterated CBD with MCT oil for bioavailability, RSHO offers its users a convenient way to enjoy raw CBD without the intensity of a sticky concentrate. 

MCT oil is found in many organic sources, but RSHO uses MCT oil sustainably derived from coconuts and palm. MCT stands for “medium chain triglycerides,” and allows for better absorption of RSHO’s Green Liquid CBD in the body maximizing the effects.