CBD Tinctures RSHO - CBD Tincture - Max Strength Oral Applicator - 4500mg

RSHO - CBD Tincture - Max Strength Oral Applicator - 4500mg

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REAL SCIENTIFIC HEMP OIL bases all its products around science and purity of concept. With a range of CBD tailored to meet the needs of all its users, RSHO guarantees you’ll find just what you’re looking for from CBD relief. But what if the issues you’re targeting are extreme, and need a higher level of care? Take on even the toughest days with RSHO’s Max Strength CBD Oral Applicator.  

The highest concentration of CBD that RSHO offers, the Max Strength Oral Applicator contains 4500mg of CBD per 10 gram applicator with 225mg per serving. There’s no ignoring that this high potency is made to aggressively supply you with CBD in a way that offers ease and convenience. 

Made with both RSHO’s Green and Gold CBD concentrate, RSHO offers a comprehensive way to treat your mind and body to a hemp-rich experience you're sure to love. Green CBD concentrate offers an unprocessed, unfiltered hemp extract made from the mature hemp stalk. This most pure version of RSHO’s CBD contains every bit of the nutritive properties found in the hemp plant. Cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. Gold, however, IS filtered, and takes down the earthy taste often experienced with CBD concentrates. RSHO has concocted the perfect balance of pure and clean and refined CBD concentrate in one convenient applicator. 

Suggested Use: RSHO’s Oral Applicator is easy to use. Simply squeeze the desired amount onto your finger or a spoon and place under your tongue. Wait 60 seconds, then swallow.