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Certain CBD Tincture blends are designed for those who have active lifestyles; the type of folks who work out every week, play competitive sports, hike a lot, etc. SMPLSTC CBD’s ACTV Tincture blend is designed for those people. It will lend some pep to your step, and have you moving through the day with poise, stamina, and confidence. The flavor profile is a combination of tart blood oranges and lush strawberries, ideal for SMPLSTC customers pushing through the struggle of the work week or physically taxing activities. There are subtler notes of citrus berry in the taste base, and SMPLSTC’s full spectrum cannabidiol-based hemp oil blend ensures a pure, untainted CBD experience unlike any other. This product has been lab-tested and approved to meet the standards of SMPLSTC CBD’s customers. Get up, get out and get some SMPLSTC CBD ACTV tincture oil!

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