Bongs Straight Tube Water Pipe

Straight Tube Water Pipe

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This straight tube water pipe is a sleek example of clean scientific glass. The thick and clear borosilicate glass and the straight tube design make it durable as well as functional. The design of this pipe is centered around providing a smooth smoking experience. The removable downstem has 6 slits for intense diffusion while the 3-pinch ice catcher cools your vapor to the optimal temperature. Both of these features add up to comfortable hits that are smooth and cooled to avoid irritation of your throat or lungs. Features a 14mm female joint, and an 18mm male to 14mm female removable slitted downstem. From the sturdy base to the wide mouthpiece, this water pipe caters to any smoker looking for a durable glass pipe that provides an enjoyable smoking experience. Choose between 9" and 12" height.

  • 9'' or 14''
  • Straight Tube
  • Thick Glass
  • DIffused Downstem