novelty pipes The Pacifica SWITCH Attachment (Dr. Dabber)

The Pacifica SWITCH Attachment (Dr. Dabber)

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Shipping estimated 2-3 weeks from order, quantities are limited.

Theu00a0Pacifica SWITCH Attachment by MAV Glass is our beloved Pacifica Recycler rig custom-made for the multi-useu00a0SWITCH vaporizer by Dr. Dabber.u00a0A limited batch is now available inu00a0transparent black with a blue satin accent.u00a0

  • 7 inches tall
  • Custom joint for Dr. Dabberu00a0SWITCH compatibilityu00a0
  • Recycler function with vortex drain andu00a0upside slitted shower puck perc
  • Bent neck
  • MAV logo and custom designu00a0
  • Matching bubble cap includedu00a0
  • Made in California

* The Dr. Dabber SWITCH device is not included with this purchase. Please visit for more information.