CBD Tinctures Time Bomb Extracts - CBD Tincture - Lemon - 250mg-1000mg

Time Bomb Extracts - CBD Tincture - Lemon - 250mg-1000mg

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This CBD tincture will feel like drops of sunshine under your tongue. The kick of lemon will surely keep you energized to kickstart and continue with your day. A great way to get your  full-spectrum CBD, there’s 250 mg in each bottle. This lemon tincture is soon to be your favorite.

Now that tastes like motivation and productivity!

Traditionally, tinctures are dispensed underneath the tongue (but wait a minute before you swallow). Another great aspect is that you can also drop this product on anything your heart desires! Maybe you have a dish that some lemon would taste great on...you’ve got it covered! Placing drops in a drink works as well. Now, your morning smoothie can have a taste you love even more! 

How to Use: Tinctures are easy to use because their glass tube makes the helping precise and discreet. In order to use the tincture, squeeze the bulb on the cap to suck up the product, then use as many droplets you want. Tinctures can be a fun and creative way to get in your CBD throughout the day. 

If it is your first time using tincture, wait around 3 hours to see how you feel and go from there! Everybody is different, so no two people’s tincture habits may be alike. Store this product in a dark and cool place to make it last longer. Time Bomb Extracts ensures all products are the very best the customer can get through their third-party lab tests.