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TropiCBD’s best pet treats are all put together in order to give your furry friend the best means of trying out each treat and determining which is best! All dogs have different taste buds and their own favorite foods. They’re going to love the TropiCBD treats, but let’s make sure it’s their absolute favorite flavor to make training time even better. Try out this sample box before commiting to a full bag of our treats, unless you know your pup is obsessed with one of our treat flavors beforehand. This box is also good for giving your pup a switch-up so that they don’t get bored! 

The treat flavors include Apple, Pumpkin and Unflavored. Every sample box comes with 9 pouches, 3 pouches of each tasty treat flavor. Every product in the sample box is all-organic, vegan and gluten-free. The biscuits have 4mg of full spectrum CBD each, perfect for dogs, so now you and your dog can both be happy and agree on a product that they are sure to appreciate! 

The great news is, all the dog treats are safe to use if you dog is on medications. Simply continue to give TropiCBD treats along with your pet’s medication without fear of any complications. And not to worry, dog owners -- these treats won’t get your dog high!

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