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Generally speaking, tinctures are the most convenient and discreet form of enjoying cannabidiol. Urth CBD’s new Naturally Flavored CBD Tincture is made from pure cannabidiol distillate and hemp seed oil, resulting in a subtle and entirely natural flavor that has been designed for ordinary sublingual ingestion. This tincture has been blended using the brand’s proprietary distillate (with hemp oil acting as a base), thus certifying easy absorption through the additional aid of naturally-occurring phytonutrients. Simply load up the dropper and administer a dose under the tongue, leave it there for thirty to sixty seconds, and swallow. After you do this, the tincture will be absorbed into your sublingual artery, before taking proper effect a short time afterward. This tincture can be ingested orally – either topically or as an additive to meals or beverages throughout the day. Available in three strength-based sizes.

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