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10 Best Temperatures to Vape Weed - The Ultimate Guide!

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What is vaping? The word "vaping" comes from the heating of a liquid which evaporates it into its gaseous form. That gaseous form is a vapour of active oils that you inhale. We’re not talking about the flavoured oils that smell like a munchie-friendly candy store. Instead, vaping weed is a better tasting alternative to smoking your cannabis with the added plus of a better control over your high. Several factors combine for a quality vaping session, and among the most important are the temperature settings on your vaporizer.

Vaporizers come in many shapes and forms, and they have different features, including being able to control the temperature range you smoke at. Having a range when vaping cannabis is nice,The best temperature to vaporizing weed "perfect temperature" may be different depending on which marijuana strain you're toking that day.

Some of the cheaper e-pen vapes are only compatible with the sweet oil charges, so be careful to double check what kind of vape you purchase. To cannabis vape is to heat weed plant matter to precise temperatures, resulting in a release of the best part of your MJ into tasty oils that your lungs will thank you for. It’s also a wallet-friendly way to consume your cannabis! 

vape kit smoke cannabis @underdogvapes has got entire vape kits for you to purchase! Scroll down for a link to them!

Look at vape vs smoke weed: instead of your precious plant material going up in smoke, AVB (already vaped bud) can be reused. And it is oh so simple to reuse! Just sprinkle a bit of AVB on your peanut butter & toast and you’re set to go on a second trip! It smells less potent than smoking too, so if you need to be discreet vaping is awesome. Plus, you won’t have to fiddle around with papers, roaches or scrabble to look for that pesky lighter that always disappears when you need it most. Grab your herbal vaporizer, stuff your happy time herb into the heating chamber, choose the vaporizing temperature and enjoy your great tasting puffs!

We should also mention that vaping weed is easier on your lungs, as you don't have any burnt material entering your system when you inhale. It's not uncommon for medical marijuana users to consume their doctor-approved medication level of cannabis plant via vapor.


vaporizer volcano decarboxylation

For anyone who needs complete control over the decarboxylation process, the Volcano desktop vaporizer needs to be added to your virtual shopping bag immediately.

This desktop vaping device is easy to use and maintain and comes with a 3-year warranty just in case you need a repair. It's perfect for medical marijuana patients, as it will get you to the sweet spot of vapor production.

But what the temp is the ideal temperature to vape marijuana?

The beauty is, with a precise temperature controlling vaporizer, you can experience different types of highs at various temperatures of vaping! There is no one "best" temperature to vape your dry herb vape temp at.
Best Temperature to vape weed?There are so many good reasons for vaporizing herb! But between really high temperatures and a lower temperature, so what best temperature to vape weed? Let’s start with the question of how different temperatures will give you a different high. We love this concept, because it explains how you can have different experiences even if you're vaping just one strain. This allows you to you experiment with your temperatures to find your favourite type of high. Do you want more psychoactive effects, or are you seeking couch lock after a long day? What is the best temp to vape weed? Let's answer that!


The truth is it’s pretty subjective. You probably know someone who loves edibles but won’t smoke, or vice versa. That’s because they have a preference for a certain cannabis experience, whether it’s cerebral and trippy or relaxing and sleep-inducing. So, depending on what kind of high you prefer, you will enjoy a certain weed vape temps more than another. Best temperature to vape weed?Depending on the exact temperature you vape your weed, different cannabinoids (the compounds in cannabis) are released, which produce different effects. You’ve also got to choose the right vape! When there’s vape 312 shop, Nokiva vaporizer and all kinds of weed vaporizer box out there it can be hard to choose. Keep reading for a shortlist vape guide of our favourite cannabis vapes!

As for the best weed vape temps to vape marijuana to get high, one look at the search results for a comprehensive weed chart or a vaping temperature chart should give you an idea why the science is vague at best. You'll get tons of results. However, we like this one from Reddit user ClayCors:

vape temperature chart high

There still isn’t a lot of solid, well-founded research on the activation temperatures of the chemical compounds of weed. Many experiments reported in published tests are performed at controlled pressures in labs, so they don’t take into consideration real-life environmental factors. 
Every stoner knows that ‘raw’ weed doesn’t get you high. This is because something called decarboxylation needs to take place in order to unlock the cannabinoids and terpenes inside these magical little plants. This is when, either with time or with heat, a particular cannabinoid (THCA) loses its carboxyl group and becomes the well known and well-loved THC - the element in cannabis that induces psychoactive effects. The exact temperature at which this chemical reaction takes place is unsure and has been confused with the different boiling points of certain oils. We've got an entire article on this, so check it out if you want to know more!
Best temperature to vape weed? A boiling point is the temperature at which a liquid becomes a gas. To vaporize the most active substances in weed, which are in the form of oils, knowing the right temperature to boil off the right substance is necessary. 

vape cannabis 420 high@eduparas captured the beauty of this Pulsar APX vape quite nicely!

Although the true boiling points of the many cannabinoids haven’t yet been agreed upon, when it comes to vaping to get high, here’s a quick guideline. Broadly speaking, the two most important cannabinoids in your weed are CBD and THC. THC/thc stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical compound responsible for the more stimulating recreational effects of weed.

Let's start with THC-heavy vaping:

Effects: THC produces the ‘head’ feel of a high: it causes psychotropic effects such as euphoria, increased appetite and time distortion. 
Some people who vape high thc strains of cannabis find it also stimulates them creatively and socially, making them explore new thoughts and talk a lot. This cannabinoid is also what causes some of the less cool side effects that some users suffer from like paranoia and anxiety. Which is pretty interesting considering that in controlled amounts, THC can also be used as an anxiolytic, a chemical which actually relieves anxiety.

Fun and less fun effects aside, what is the best temp to vape for a heady, stimulating buzz?

One source says the boiling point of thc is 314.6 degrees Fahrenheit (157 c). However, few herbal vapes have such a low-temperature setting. Other users claim you need to set your cannabis vape at 356 degrees Fahrenheit (180 c) minimum to get the most THC out of your vape. One of the biggest advantages to vaping at a low temperature is the taste. For many long-time stoners who have only ever smoked their weed, vaping is a delicious revelation. When you burn your weed, most of the flavour of your smoke will be lost. Releasing active cannabinoids and other chemicals from your bud by gently heating it means your cannabis vapour is far more flavoursome. Imagine the best-tasting weed you ever smoked, then increase the herby and sweet tastes tenfold. That’s one of the biggest differences when you vape vs smoke weed. Either way, the bebest temperature to vape weed THC high weed is lower compared to other cannabinoids. For a more cerebral high and for the best flavours, vape your weed from 320F (160 c) to 356F (180 c).

vape handmade wooden smokeReconnect to nature with one of these beautiful @underdogvapes.


CBD is short for cannabidiol.

Effects: CBD is associated with the ‘body’ high; it is also effective for pain-relief and treating insomnia. Traditionally, recreational users haven’t been as interested in this cannabinoid compared to THC because its effects hadn’t been properly studied. Since the legalisation in the states of Alaska, Colorado, etc., more research has been done on CBD and the results so far are very important.

Topical oil made with CBD can treat seizures: Charlotte’s Web is a famously high CBD strain whose namesake is the little girl for whom it was made. What’s more is the evidence that shows CBD can counteract the bad side effects from THC. A well-balanced bud that has roughly equivalent amounts of CBD and THC can deliver a particularly well-rounded high, which takes the best of both cannabinoids. Read about Charlotte's Web and other high-CBD strains here.
The activation temperature for CBD is higher than for THC, so if you vape your bud below about 392 degrees Fahrenheit (200 c) you would get a headier buzz. The leftover ABV would have higher amounts of CBD left, so consuming it would give you a more sedating and relaxing high.
If you vape your weed at a higher temperature, you will… get higher. More often than not, a weed vaping temperature above 392 degrees Fahrenheit (200 c) will activate a maximum number of cannabinoids without sacrificing the great taste of your weed. If the strain you’re vaping has an elevated CBD content, you’ll get the most out of your weed by heating it hotter. The vapour you inhale won’t be as tasty and it will be harsher too, but if you want your weed to body slam you into another dimension, vaping in the range of 370F (approximately 185 c) to 392F (200 c) will get you there. 
Some experienced vapers claim that vaping your bud any higher than 392 f (200 c) can spoil the flavours of your weed, but if you’ve nothing better to do than melt into your couch, a higher temp will send you to a higher plane.
Vape temperature ranges matter. It’s best to choose an excellent quality vape with a large range of heat settings to choose from. Our trusty team put together a short list of some awesome vapes:


Furna Vaporizer - $235

    The Furna Vaporizer is the world’s first vape with swappable, pre-loadable pods for dry herb vape temp and concentrate products. What does this mean? Well unlike normal vaporizers, it takes seconds to swap these pre-packed ovens over, this means you can switch to your favourite bud discreetly and quickly! No more prep under pressure! With separate, color-coded nibs for as many products as you need, you can pre-load for all your plans before you leave. The ovens flip in the vaporizer when you're not using them, keeping them protected for a night out or an entire weekend away.

    Finally our tester found cleaning hassle free due to the clever design and free multi-tool that comes in the box. The Furna vaporizer was the stand out product in the test and something you should definitely consider buying. You also get two dry herb ovens and all the accessories you need just remember the concentrate ovens are sold separately. 

    What we loved

    • Great product, really innovative idea 
    • Robust and easy to use with the interchangeable ovens 
    • Super easy to clean
    • Sessions Per Charge 15 - 20
    • Temperature Range 320 - 420 F (160 - 215 C)

        pulsar vape travel
        Image @561_florida_man_352

        The Pulsar APX vaporizer has 5 heat settings, from 356 degrees Fahrenheit all the way to 428F. The apx vape is pocket-sized and comes decorated with a variety of cool patterns.

        Next up on our list of favorites is the herb vaporizer from Linx, the Gaia. A combination of functionality with beauty and earth-friendliness, the Gaia truly is a goddess among vapes. The all-quartz chamber and convection heating makes for some of the cleanest vaporizing around. Want another opinion? Check out this review from a site where all they do is review the best vaporizers.

        vaporizer flower vapor

        If you are a minimalist, the Underdog Vaporizers are for you! They’re discreet, powerful and come in a range of beautiful polished wood varieties. If you love vaping in a forest, now you can vape with the forest thanks to the Bubinga Underdog Vaporizers.
        If you are after a more substantial vape that has a digital temperature control interface and a glass mouthpiece, look no further than the vape selection from Nokiva Vaporizers. These high quality vaporizers are known for their reliability and durability, much like their namesake retro mobile.  
        One last name drop is the time tested Arizer Solo II. The big difference between this bad boy dry herb vaporizer and the ones above is the size. Like the Nokiva vaporizer above, the Arizer Solo II also comes with a glass stem. Here’s a tip for any sneaky stoners- if you get the straight version of the glass stem, you could pop your device in an empty soda cup to disguise the mouthpiece as a straw. 

        vape cannabis 420 high

        There's a reason Arizer vapes have such a reputable name in the vaping community. Photo by: @bbkusher



        Best temperature to vape weed? So you see why the perfect vaping temperature is so elusive but important! To reiterate the above: lower temperatures (320F to 350F) give a headier, buzzy high, whereas vaping at higher temperatures (350F to 400F) deliver more intense and body-heavy highs. And a list of benefits to remember as you puff on your new found vape:
        • You can use your ABV again after vaping
        • Tastes better than smoking
        • You have more control over the effects of your weed
        • Healthier than inhaling combusted matter
        • Smells less than smoking joints or making brownies
        We hope you enjoyed your read and the info will help you make the most of your vaping experience!

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