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4 Tips for Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh

4 Tips for Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh

In the same way as cooking herbs get dried out when they are not stored properly, your cannabis will lose some of its potency and flavor if it is left out in the air and sun. When storing your stash, the first goal is to keep it fresh for as long as possible. The best way to do this is to keep it in an airtight container in a cool and dark location. The main reason that your marijuana is getting dried out is that it is being exposed to light, heat, and air. When properly stored, your marijuana can stay fresh and ready to smoke indefinitely.

Using products like the containers from Green Tech Packaging for storage will help you to keep your marijuana fresh and potent. Let’s take a closer look at a few tips to help you keep your cannabis fresh.


Dump the Plastic

The classic container for cannabis has always been the resealable plastic baggie. While this is the way that you will receive most of your cannabis, it’s a good idea to transfer your stash into a proper container as soon as possible. Plastic bags cannot provide an airtight seal, resulting in your marijuana starting to go stale fairly quickly. Plastic bags are also a draw for static electricity, which can start to draw trichomes from your product, causing it to lose some of its potency.

The best alternative is to store your marijuana in a glass mason jar with a rubber stopper. This affordable and practical style of container is able to keep your marijuana fresh for up to six months. Choose a size of jar that fits the amount that you have without too much room left over for air accumulation.


Keep It Cool

It is best to store your marijuana below room temperature. The chemical reaction that takes place when heated can result in a loss of THC and other essential compounds. Another reason to keep your stash at a temperature below 77F is that mold can start to form above that level. Keeping your marijuana cold doesn’t mean that you have to freeze it. In fact, freezing it can actually cause it to degrade. Find a place in your home that is dim and cool for the best chance at keeping your marijuana safe and fresh.


Hands Off

The more you handle your cannabis, the more likely you are to do damage to it. Too much handling can reduce the potency of your marijuana. The oils from your fingers can be transferred onto the buds and cause the trichomes to drop off, creating a dry-shake at the bottom of your container. Shake tends to dry quickly and lose its potency. When you need to handle your marijuana, it’s best to use a tool to get it out of your jar and into your grinder instead of using your bare hands.



Marijuana can be very touchy about the humidity levels in its environment. If there is too much moisture in the air, it could become moldy, and with too little, it can dry out and lose its potency. The best humidity range in which to store your marijuana is between 55 and 62%. Some dealers make humidity packs that can be easily placed inside your container to provide a premium environment for storage. Follow these tips to help keep your marijuana fresh and ready for a premium smoking session.

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