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10 Tips to Get Unhigh Fast from Cannabis | How to Get Unhigh

How to get unhigh fast


Do you know how to get unhigh after toking? Can you get too high from weed? Well, from personal testimony, OMG yes! Getting high is good, getting really high is great, but getting too high can suck so very bad for some stoners! It would take phenomenal amounts of marijuana to actually kill you, like around 40,000 times the amount required to just get high – no one has that kind of money to buy that much weed anyway – but, that said, THC amounts are being bred higher and higher in some cannabis strains, so a bad weed trip is actually a thing – your humble authors have been there – and while there are no confirmed cases of direct cannabis causes of death, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re dying when you smoke way-way-way down or toke too far up! Moderating your marijuana use does have some benefits, like needing less to get you high because you don’t supercharge your tolerance, and you save a little of the green you work for by blazing less of the green that gets you stoned.

If you’re a newbie, then you most likely have questions about how to get unhigh. We’ve all been there, in our weed first time with lots of questions – except maybe Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, they were born of the weed and will likely become part of the marijuana continuum when they leave the physical plane someday – the rest of us though, we have things we wonder about weed. How long does a weed high last? How much weed do you need to get high? How long does a dab high last? What happens when you get too high?

How to Get Unhigh Quick?

So you've just started smoking weed and you're feeling amazing! But then all of a sudden, you start getting really high. What do you do? Here are a few tips on how to get unhigh quick without going too far:

Don't overdo it: Smoking too much weed can counteract the effects of the drug and make you feel more sober than high. Stick to around half a joint per session for the best experience.

Experiment with different strains: Different types of weed have different effects on users, so finding a strain that suits your needs is key.

How Do You Get Unhigh?

How do you get unhigh? That’s the question on many people’s minds as they contemplate trying marijuana for the first time. For some, it may be an easy decision to make after hearing all the pros of weed, such as its potential health benefits.

Start small: If you’re just considering trying marijuana, start by taking less than what is considered an average dose.

How to Get Unhigh Fast Weed?

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get unhigh, then you're in luck. There are many ways to get unhigh quickly, and one of the simplest is by using weed. If you want to take advantage of this easy method of getting unhigh. Here are a few tips on how to get unhigh fast weed:

First, make sure that you have the right kind of weed. Some types of weed are more potent than others, so be sure to choose the right kind if you want to achieve an immediate effect. Secondly, don't smoke too much at once. Take in a small amount dose of marijuana.

How to Get Unhigh Fast?

Let’s discuss another best method of how to get unhigh fast. Firstly, I advise you to go for a shivering shower. Though it seems cold yet somehow we have to do it to get unhigh fast. You may keep repeating this method again and again until you get unhigh.

How to Become Unhigh?

In addition to cold shower like we discuss above here is another well-tested method about how to become unhigh fast. This method is about the physical exercise of your lungs. So, breathing is the method. One must focus only on his breathing.  You might take as long as you can until you finally get unhigh fast.

If you or someone you know is feeling excessively high after using cannabis, there are a few ways to get unhigh to remove the weed intoxication:

  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that drinking plenty of water will help flush the THC and other cannabinoids from your system.
  • Lemon juice also can help to rid your body of the drug.
  • Vinegar can also play the same role as done by lemon.
  • Finally, if vomiting is a problem, try to eat light foods and drink fluids to avoid dehydration.

Everyone wants to know how to get super-high, but not too many pot plebes consider what to do if their super-high harshes their mellow with a vengeance! Beginners aren’t the only ones who overestimate their own limits, sometimes more seasoned stoners overdo the dabs or pack a weed bowl with excessive punch and have to figure out how to get unhigh afterward. If you start to feel nauseous, or experience a panic attack while high, then it’s no longer fun. Whether you are a medical marijuana user or a recreational cannabis consumer, there may come a time when you may need to put the brakes on your bud bingeing and it could help you at that point if you know how to sober up from weed and stop being high.

If you’re here reading this then we’re assuming you are worried about getting too high, or you have gotten too high before, or might possibly be feeling a little too high now – or you’re asking for a friend. How to get unhigh, then? So, we’re gonna discuss what it means to get high, answer burning questions like ‘What does being high on weed feel like?’, we’ll compare an edible high versus a smoke high, suggest ways to get less high and tell you how to get reliably unstoned. Prepare yourself as much as you are able, maybe with a modest weed toke or two, then let’s get down to how to get unhigh!

How to get super high - various joints, some shatter and a grinder, image from 8een Fever on Instagram
(How to get super high - various joints, some shatter and a grinder, image from 8een Fever on Instagram)


How to Get Really High Off Weed

Before we look at how to get unhigh, we need to look at getting really high. There are all kinds of ways to get high from God’s good herb, cannabis – you can smoke some leaf, do a dab of concentrated weed wax, take drops of some THC tincture or eat an edible like a weed cookie or cannabutter brownie.


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What is getting high?

Marijuana, whether it’s toked or ingested, contains cannabinoids – sophisticated chemical compounds that occur naturally in the human body as endocannabinoids and are also found in cannabis weed as phytocannabinoids; the cannabinoids interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) causing a number of physiological reactions – reactions, hey-hey-hey, like being stoned. One of those cannabinoids is THC and THC interacts with the ECS in your brain to stimulate the release of dopamine – known as a ‘pleasure molecule’ – in modest amounts; but also THC reacts with your body similarly to a natural cannabinoid receptor called anandamide.

Anandamide, like dopamine, has been called a ‘bliss molecule’ and the word anandamide is factually based on ‘ananda’, which does mean joy or bliss in Sanskrit, so there’s that. However, anandamide offers quite a bit more than mere happiness – not that happiness sucks, we are ourselves fans of it, and we all could probably use a little  more happiness – but anandamide also aids with memory, movement, pain control, appetite stimulation, fertility, and possibly inhibits cancer cell growth; but wait, there’s more – anandamide is also a proven anti-anxiety agent and antidepressant. So, like anandamide, THC can interact with your endocannabinoid system to do all of that and more, like as we said – getting you high. Far out, is it not?

Weed edibles, image from  Godbud on Instagram

(Weed edibles, image from  Godbud on Instagram)

Here are some ways and things that can get you gonzo-level high:

1) Maximum Marijuana Overdrive: High THC Weed

Pretty much any and every marijuana dispensary has to label their pot and products produced from pot with the amount of THC contained therein. Back in the 1960s and ‘70s when grass was becoming popular, THC levels were over 1/3rd lower than they are now on average. Figuring out how much THC you are ingesting goes like so: one gram of your favorite cannabis strain weighs 1000 milligrams and say that strain is labeled as 15% THC, you then multiply 15 percent THC by 1000 milligrams to get the number of milligrams of THC per gram of herb, so .15 x 1000 = 150 milligrams THC – measuring the weight of your weed lets you know the milligram amount of THC, as long as you already know the THC percentage in your strain. If you have .5g of 15% THC, using the formula above then .5g times 150 milligrams THC is 75mg THC. Concentrates like weed wax, shatter, cannabis oil and the like are even higher in THC, up to 90%, which would be 900mg of THC per gram, or 450mg per half gram. Marijuana multiplication rocks! Of course that means you eventually have to figure out how to get unhigh later on.

One of the most important things, when we are getting ready to get a good cannabis experience, is to come across with the right amount of weed we want to smoke.

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How long does a dab high last?

Dabs are concentrates, dabbing is vaping – and it’s like smoking a whole bunch of weed leaf at once or munching some mighty medibles. It’s a lot of THC condensed into a single hit. The more weed you do the longer it lasts and your body stores THC and other cannabinoids in your fat cells – obviously, the more fat cells you have the more your body can store, but even super-skinny peeps have some degree of fat in their bodies – it’s just how anatomy works. So, the length of your high, weed leaf or concentrate or even medible, can depend on your personal physiology and metabolism.

The quality of your weed wax or shatter also will affect how long your dab high lasts. ‘Good shit’ can contain an abundance of THC and other buzz-boosting cannabinoids and so the high from better-quality cannabis concentrates will last longer.

A general rule of thumb for highness – and your mileage may definitely vary on this for all of the reasons we just gave – is a high lasting 4-6 hours with edibles, which process more slowly through your digestive system, and highs of 1 to 3 hours with either weed leaf or concentrates, which go directly into your blood pressure and zip right to your brain.

A few of the higher THC weed strains include Bruce Banner with 29% THC, Thin Mint GSC with up to 28% THC, Strawberry Cough with as high as 26% THC, Trainwreck containing 18-25% THC, Chemdawg (or Chem Dog) with between 15-20% THC and Sour Diesel with a range of 19-25% THC – there are many more!

2) Getting Wasted on Edibles

There’s nothing like a good weed brownie high, but for the impulsive or uninitiated it can go south on you unless you exercise due caution. It can take a while for an edible high to kick in – from a minimum of half an hour to two hours or more for the full effects to manifest, depending on your metabolism and how much you had to eat prior – so if you do want to get blazingly higher on pot edibles, then eat them on an empty stomach or having had very little to eat. Be aware that medible highs can sneak up on you, thus if you keep eating while the waiting game for the high to kick in then you can suddenly take off like a rocket into the stratosphere without meaning to get that high and find yourself in downward spiral… in your living room… in front of people! Yikes! That’s a good sign for you to find out how to get unhigh, and fast.

Edibles made from hash or other concentrates will also get you very, very high. You can melt BHO (butane hash oil) or other concentrates in with a stick of butter to create super-concentrated butter that you can bake in a recipe or add to food for mega-medicated munchies. You can find some fast recipes to get you super-high right here in our ‘How to Make Edibles in Less than 30 Minutes – the Ultimate Guide’ blog, feel free to check them out!

Caffeine and weed can be a powerful combination, we personally like a little cannabutter in our morning coffee. With a stimulating sativa weed strain, coffee can increase the energizing effects – but could also add to the nervous jitteriness that people sometimes feel when ingesting or smoking a sativa to get high. With an indica, coffee can actually counteract the sleepiness some stoners settle into like an exceedingly comfy couch. And maybe having coffee with a hybrid is like just having coffee, try it and see the entourage effects. But a lot of coffee with a lot of weed would probably seriously exaggerate the above effects – boosting a sativa high and sobering an indica. It would be a good plan to know how to get unhigh fast after this.

You could also smoke a doobie or weed pipe at the same time or shortly after eating some cannabis edibles but do so at your own risk! THC will accumulate in your body whether it is smoked or eaten and your poor brain could get seriously fried!


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3) Drop Your Tolerance Down

The more weed you smoke over an extended period of time, the more your body will build up a tolerance and you need to smoke greater quantities to get high. Continually bombarding your brain with THC causes tolerance because repeated activation of CB1 cannabinoid receptors leads to desensitization – your brain cuts back on responses to THC. One way to get super-high is to take a tolerance break so that a little bit of weed goes a longer way. Tolerance breaks can also help you stretch your weed budget because you aren’t spending money on marijuana when you are taking a break from it and another of the side effects when you do go back, is that it takes less and therefore costs you less to get stoned.

Everyone is different, and tolerance level can vary depending on a number of factors such as how often you smoke, dab or mediblize; your body size, gender, age, the potency of the pot and so forth. How long you need to take a break to affect your tolerance level can also depend on how long you’ve smoked and your own physiology, but between 10 days and a month is the range studies have shown that it takes desensitized CB1 receptors to fully recover. Once you start toking again, you’ll get really high, really fast, like a nug newbie! Now’s the best time to learn how to get unhigh, before it overcomes you.

Weed and workouts - going for a walk to get high, image from Boss Tubes on Instagram

(Weed and workouts - going for a walk to get high, image from Boss Tubes on Instagram)

4) Working Out While High

There might be a really good reason that a lot of long-distance runners and at least one Olympic swimmer are big fans of weed – the pain-relieving properties of pot reduce the aches and pains of exercise and some sativa weed strains can actually add to the adrenaline rush of exercise. In such a case, knowing how to get unhigh can help to bring you back down after training. Plus, working out increases your metabolism – so if you take some tokes, dabs or munch a medible before you lift, run or walk, then you get higher faster. There’s nothing like walking out in nature and taking a joint with you – you exercise before, hit somewhere in the middle, and then enjoy a nice stoner stroll back home – we’ve done this many times and it is awesome!

The downside could be straining yourself and not realizing it until later because the cannabis consumption masks the pain. A really strong sativa could jack up your heart rate and make you more breathless when working out, or an indica might rob you of your motivation and steer you toward a comfy recliner and the TV remote. Less coordination could be a concern if you smoke or eat cannabis before engaging in rigorous physical activity – due caution is definitely called for so that you don’t accidentally injure yourself. This also works for stoner sex, just sayin’!

With some experience, starting with mild doses of weed leaf or edibles, you can eventually figure out what you can do fairly safely regarding exercising while high; probably juggling chainsaws is out but some brisk cardio – like a walk around the block, past the pizza place, and then back again with some pepperoni and cheese pies would likely get you really stoned and confirm that you are.

And now a ganja gal shares her own personal tips for getting super high - including specific food to eat: 

And Now How to get Unstoned

How to get unhigh - relaxing with weed, image from The Puff USA on Instagram

(How to get unhigh - relaxing with weed, image from The Puff USA on Instagram)

Okay, we’ve detailed some ways of getting too high– certainly, not all, weedy people are endlessly inventive, but assuming you have hit upon a recipe for how to get really high on weed (perhaps using one of our techniques or a combination of the above marijuana methods) then one of two things is going to happen: it’s gonna be a pleasure cruise or a voyage downward spiral to hell. Usually getting high is fun and relaxing, but if it does go south and take the edge, you can get woozy or have a bad weed trip resulting in a panic attack while high.

Without doing anything, you will eventually experience a weed comedown. What is a weed comedown? It simply means no longer feeling high, sometimes however you might feel a little let down or depression, especially after a particularly manic marijuana high. Sometimes a weed comedown involves a slight hangover; the symptoms of an herbal hangover can include nausea, confusion, a headache and extreme dehydration the severity of which will likely vary according to your body mass, metabolism, the amount and kind (or kinds) of pot that you partied hardy with, even the weather can be a factor – hot, muggy days can make a weed hangover far, far worse. How to get unhigh safely is useful knowledge to ease off the feeling.

But, if you decide to self care and take you out of hyperspace because the high is making you feel panicky, dizzy, sick or maybe all three at once (we confess to have been there a time or two, but we did obviously live to tell about it), then there are ways to stop being high and bring yourself out of the anxiety plateau and back to life, back to reality. Nothing is magical, there’s no ‘weedstop’ or ‘weed-be-gone’ – unless you’re talking about the weeds in your lawn and garden, but here are some ideas on how to stop being  high when it feels kinda like your high is killing you:

1) Ibuprofen and Weed (or Advil and Weed)

Ibuprofen, also known as Advil or Motrin, can be a bit of a buzz kill – but at this juncture, if you wanna come down from a super weed high, that is precisely what you are looking for. This method of how to get unhigh definitely works.The scientific journal, Cell, published the results of a recent study that seemed to show certain anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, Advil and Motrin, seem to negate marijuana's buzz and supposedly suppress any negative effects on thinking or reasoning.

Interestingly, both weed and NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) pain relievers, like ibuprofen, can be used to reduce pain and inflammation levels, and can be used together, getting entourage effects. Those who take cannabis regularly for chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s might take Advil or Motrin to get the positive pain-relieving and plaque-fighting effects of pot without the psychotropic highness.

One drawback to NSAIDs as a method of how to get unhigh is stomach upset, which weed actually could help alleviate, so probably no worries there. As to how much Advil or Motrin you should take, that is also up to you and your personal physiology, but the adult dosage recommendations for ibuprofen is 200–400mg per dose, every 4–6 hours, up to 1200mg per day. There is prescription-strength 800mg ibuprofen, with a max daily dosage of 3200mg – but never ever take no one else’s prescription-strength ibuprofen as a method of how to get unhigh fast! How long it will take will depend on the THC strength of the weed you smoked or ate and your metabolism; generally, ibuprofen takes about 15 to 30 minutes to kick in and 1 to 2 hours to take full effect – something to keep in mind when you are trying to figure out how to sober up from cannabis high.

Water and weed, image from Worldwide Hue on Instagram

(Water and weed, image from Worldwide Hue on Instagram)

2) Water Cure for Weed

Pot smoking and medible eating can seriously dry you out; dehydration can add to the dizziness and nausea that you may already be feeling from bingeing on your buds. Drinking water will dilute the concentration of THC in your bloodstream and serve as how to get unhigh quickly. Most cannabis strain reviews – and we oughta know, we’ve written more than a few ourselves – generally mention dry mouth and dry eyes as among the most common side effects of weed smoking, and it applies as well to eating decarboxylated weed baked in a brownie. You can reduce negative effects by staying hydrated to begin with before, during and after toking or eating pot – but when the high sucker-punches you in the back of the skull, then guzzling some water can help start the process. Combining drinking a lot of water with taking ibuprofen, like we mentioned above, certainly makes all kinds of good sense.

Once you drink some water to come back from the marijuana high, it can take about 45 minutes to an hour or so for the water to pass through your stomach and kidneys and get distributed throughout your body – but because your body’s fat cells store THC and because eating weed edibles time releases the effects for hours, you will still feel some dehydration effects for 2-3 hours if you smoked it and up to six hours if you ate it. Water isn’t a fast cure, but the compounded effects of cannabis and the dryness that results from consuming a lot of cannabis, via your lungs or digestively, will be reduced the less dehydrated you become.

Orange or lemon juice and weed, as a cure for being stoned out of your gourd, could be even more effective in rehydrating you and stopping your high – for one thing, the sugar in the orange juice can boost your metabolism and restore your electrolytes, and since citrus juices contain water it can also rehydrate you and thus reduce the dizziness and nausea of desert dryness after dabbing, toking or munching an edible.

3) Does Eating Kill Your High?

Eating fatty foods can get you really high – in fact, part of cooking with cannabis is using butter, veggie oil, or high-in-medium-chain-triglycerides coconut oil as a carrier for cannabinoids. But eating can also help you stop being high because the fatty molecules will sponge up the remaining unbound THC and help your body metabolize it faster – plus the act of digestion pulls some of the blood flow from your brain to your stomach (hence why you sometimes get tired after eating) thus reducing the psychoactive effects of THC.

The sugars in food will speed up your metabolism and it will process the THC that much faster, and sugars help the whole electrolyte thing, as we mentioned just above about drinking orange or lemon juice to help stop being high. Also eating can help you rehydrate too, as food contains water. So, food can make a good defense against an over-aggressive buzz but food is a slow-acting cure and, save for the blood diversion from the brain, it could take hours for the food to completely negate a high – during which time the monster cannabis high might wear off on its own. But, combined with other stoner sobering methods having something in your gut can help.

Since we’re speaking of food…

4) How to Come Down from an Edible High

Again, we speak from experience when we say that we have been here before ourselves, but if you underestimate an edible cannabis culinary creation, a marijuana edible, it can come back to haunt you in the form of dizziness, nausea, paranoia, vomiting, loss of consciousness and a generally unfun trip down the rabbit hole. You will be convinced you are dying as a medical technician patiently explains to you that your vitals are fine and that statistics overwhelmingly indicate that you will live through the throes of your terrible trip.

Now, you might say that this section is miscategorized because talking about coming down from an edible cannabis experience high is not a cure in and of itself for being super-high, but there’s a method to our madness, so to speak. You can use an edible to help you come down from an edible high – maybe it seems contradictory, but here’s how: if you ate something weedy made with a sativa strain and are feeling all jittery, then eating something baked with an indica can help you to get opposite side effects and calm down; and conversely, if an indica-laced edible has you near-comatose then eating something with a sativa will help you perk back up. Or, for faster results, smoke a sativa-heavy weed joint or bowl to counteract an indica edible, or dab some predominantly indica pot to chill from an edible sativa buzz.

CBD and weed, image from Darling Ganja on Instagram

(CBD and weed, image from Darling Ganja on Instagram)

5) Using CBD to Calm Down When High

We just discussed using edibles or opposing types of weed (sativa for an indica, indica for a sativa) to counteract cannabis crashes, but using cannabidiol to stop a weed high is a reliably fast-acting buzz-balancing possibility. CBD is a known cure for anxiety  and nausea, two common components of being overly high, and can be used to counteract too much THC. Although both CBD and THC are cannabinoids, CBD enhances THC’s own painkilling properties yet doesn’t have the psychoactivity and tendency to produce jitters and anxiety plateau like tetrahydrocannabinol. So, when too much THC awakens the dark side of the Force, and your cannabis high goes all Darth Vader on you, you can use a little CBD to bring balance!

CBD essential oil drops taken sublingually – in your mouth, under your tongue, seeping directly into your bloodstream through your oral tissues – can start to work within minutes, much faster than water cures for weed, and about as fast as toking to counterbalance a bad buzz of a particular type of weed. And being that CBD pure distillate has no THC and CBD from hemp has very little THC – like, less than .03%, legally – then there’s no chance that it’s going to compound the problem by throwing more THC fuel on your raging-high fire. Hybrid weed strains are popular with some people precisely because CBD does such a good job of mitigating the more extreme effects that excessive THC can have.


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6) Working Out While High

Wait a minute, you might say, wasn’t working out while high a way to get super-high? Yes, true, true words – but going for a walk while high, probably best accompanied by a friend or loved one to make sure you don’t wander into traffic, can also speed up your metabolism and get your body to burn some of the THC up and process the high faster – but make sure you also institute the water weed cure at the same time – in other words, stay hydrated! If you dehydrate while going for a long walk to stop being high, then you could compound any dizziness and nausea you might be feeling.

Exercise also releases endorphins and they can help mitigate some of the  intoxication effects of being high; not to mention that while walking and talking with a friend, you might actually focus less on how you are feeling and more on your surroundings and conversation. If alone, you need to self care. Walk around the block a few times can still ramp up your metabolism and distract you, so just make sure your are being careful not to stumble and fall or elsewise hurt yourself – if you have an exercise bike or treadmill at home, that might be a safer way to go; but if you do go outside, choose a safe, familiar route with little traffic.

7) Distract Yourself from being Super-Stoned

As we mentioned before, you may feel awful when super-stoned, but you aren’t really dying. Yes, call an ambulance if you feel you are having an anxiety plateau and you are unable to have belly breathe, losing consciousness or having a heart attack – always better safe than sorry; but most times you are just feeling awful but are physiologically just fine. So, take your mind off your predicament, just like you would if you had a cold or the flu. Call someone up and chat – probably someone who knows about your cannabis consumption and will put up with talking to a toker, not your boss or your 3rd grade schoolteacher! If there is a friend present with you during your marijuana high moment chat them up, if they are also too high then you have something in common.

You could put your mind off being really high by watching some television or a movie or playing some video game. What are some of the best things to watch while high? Probably not Pineapple Express, Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle or some other stoner flick, unless you are trying to get higher or are at a nice cruising altitude and not all panicky and ill-feeling – but a nice nature documentary on Netflix might keep your brain sufficiently entertained while the effects of your ganja binge wear off. If you don’t have blurred or double vision, you could put on some mellow music and try reading. Things to read while high but trying to come down from a bodacious buzz might include your favorite magazine, a newspaper or maybe even a blog about tips to get unhigh fast from cannabis experience – we wouldn’t recommend a scary Stephen King book if you’re all jittery from tons of THC, nor would we suggest your old high school sociology textbook if you’re falling asleep from an indica daze.

The point is to find something else to occupy your mind while you naturally come down and calm down from excessive cannabis craziness.

Green-out, image from Friendly Aussie Buds

(Green-out, image from Friendly Aussie Buds)

8) Sleep Away the Stoned Out of Your Gourd Ganja Blues

Sometimes laying down and letting yourself kinda pass out is a good way to wait out the effects of a bad bud binge. You lose the benefit of a sped-up metabolism from being active and exercising, but while you are resting, your body does have the time and resources to digest the medible you ate or rehydrate from your reefer revelry – make sure you chug some water before collapsing onto the couch or into your bedrock guidelines in a blancket burrito possition. Then you can help yourself succumb to sleep by trying deep meditative belly breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth; the idea is to relax your mind, and just drift away. In three to six hours, depending on what and how much cannabis you toked or ingested, your high should be largely worn off.

If you do nap away in your blancket burrito possition your nug nightmare, you may have some strange and trippy dreams – but they’re probably better than what’s on all 157 cable or satellite TV channels anyway! Just don’t get up later on and immediately wake ‘n bake – that could be counterproductive!

9) Cold Shower Cannabis Cure

Cold showers can increase both endorphins and circulation, focus your brain and help stop being high. It has certainly been commonly used when someone is horny and their significant other is unwilling or unavailable for sex. Unless you have a cold or a fever, a cold shower is a good way to send a shock to your system, physically and mentally, to help sober you up. You don’t need to stay under the shivery spray of the shower long enough to develop hypothermia, just a few minutes should pay dividends in waking you from your weedy stupor. Once you get out, post-shower you’ll start to warm back up and some of your highness may return, but in this waiting game, you can institute one or more of the previous techniques to further beat down your buzz.

A less extreme version of a cold shower would be splashing icy water in your face.

10) How to Stop Smoking Marijuana

This last one is a bit extreme, and more of a long-term cure than a short-term – unless by quitting weed you mean that as you start to feel too high in your cannabis experience you stop puffing pot or eating a marijuana medible, then by all means stop toking or munching before the intoxication effects get worse (unless, as we noted above you’re using an indica strain to negate a sativa high or vice versa). But after a long strange trip (or several) through the weedy looking glass you decide pot smoking is not for you, then maybe quitting long-term is the right thing for you to do. Those who smoke cannabis for medical reasons can still get some very good health benefits from CBD alone, which does not have the psychoactive effects of THC in marijuana.

CBD and THC both interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system receptors thus releasing neurotransmitters in your brain that can affect pain, immune function, stress, and sleep patterns. THC binds with CB1 receptors in the brain, producing the popular euphoric high long associated with pot. CBD has little interaction with CB1 receptors, in fact it can inhibit the binding of THC to the CB1 receptors, drastically reducing the psychoactive effects – that’s why we recommended it as a buzz kill above.

CBD alone or CBD from hemp (which may contain other cannabinoids, but has less than .03% THC) can help with many of the same conditions as THC such as seizures, inflammation, pain, depression, stress or anxiety, IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome), nausea, and migraines; and many people who don’t do pot at all find medical management with cannabidiol to be preferable.

If you want to quit cannabis forever, then things you need to do include going cold turkey and not weaning yourself (there’s too much of a tendency to lapse back if you go slowly), get rid of all your weed – leaf, concentrates, all of it; and ditch your paraphernalia, too – no more pipes, bong rig, grinders, joint papers, all of it goes. You may experience some feelings of withdrawal, but that’s where CBD can help keep you de-stressed and handle any pain or discomfort issues you may have been using weed for. If you need extra help bucking your bud habit, there are addiction counseling services and medical professionals that can help.

Here is a somewhat lighthearted video take on how to stop being high - including some of the methods that we discussed above: 

First Time Smoking Weed Tips

Weed school, image from Catch Me In Traffic on Instagram


After all this, if you’re worried about even trying weed  for the first time then fear not, with some common sense and caution, many people smoke pot without any ill affect; and even if you do have a marijuana mishap and get too high, self care learning moderation can be a good thing – we know, we’ve been there and we still enjoy marijuana high as much as we ever have. Here are a few things beginning tokers, dabbers and cannabis edible connoisseurs (or cannasseurs) need to know:

  1. Know the difference between an indica – which can make you relaxed, sleepy, maybe a little couchlocky – and a sativa, a weed type known for intense and intellectual highs, but that can leave you a little anxious and jittery, like a mega-dose of caffeine. A hybrid weed strain is a mix of indica and sativa that will give you entourage effects, sometimes a 50/50 mix, but usually leaning more one way or the other.
  2. Learn the equipment – this applies mainly to leaf and concentrate smoking. There are pipes, dab rigs, bongs (or water pipes), canna cigars, blunts and joints – so many different ways to blaze away. Pipes and pre-rolled joints are probably the easiest for ganja virgins to master. Vape pens are pretty easy to use – just screw on a cartridge or buy a disposable vape to try vaping out for yourself. Grinders are another essential part of smoking cannabis; the nugs you buy in a dispensary come premeasured in 1/8th oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz and 1 ounce bags or plastic bottles and usually need to be shredded to be used.
  3. Try an edible from a dispensary, which will be labeled with an overall THC milligram measurement and can be subdivided for microdosing. Eat a small amount and then wait for an hour to see how it affects you before trying any more. If that goes well, then maybe try your hand at making yourself some hash butter and then maybe work up to cannabutter brownies, weed cookies, or some other quick and easy cannabis cuisine. Just remember the sage advice in this particular blog about taking it easy and going slow with marijuana medibles.
  4. Medical versus recreational marijuana – is there a difference? Does medical marijuana get you high? First of all, the answer to both questions is yes. The benefits of medical marijuana over recreational in those states that have both – and they are currently in the minority, most states where weed is legal are currently medical only, but that is rapidly changing – but anyway, the pluses of medical marijuana over recreational are less expensive cost and taxes, higher limits for THC content, better quality control via testing requirements, legal access for minors with qualifying medical conditions like cancer or epilepsy, and allowances for growing your own cannabis plants; so, there are some perks for pot patients, but they also have to pay licensing fees and doctor bills to consume prescription strength weed. It’s important to know what the local laws are regarding cannabis use in the community in which you live, or at least wherever you are, before you light up – there are still places where toking is criminalized, so know your rights.
  5. Knowledge is power – blogs like the one you are reading contain expert advice (we don’t have a degree in this stuff, but they should really give us one – just sayin’); listen to people with weedy wisdom, they will give you the benefit of their own good and bad experiences. Read all that you can on the Internet and off, look for consensus opinions backed up with solid facts (that’s how we choose the information that we put into our own cannabis writing). If you know ganja aficionados who are reasonable people in their non-toking life, then you can likely trust their advice on weed. Be skeptical and avoid sketchy people and sketchy pot providers – the nice thing about legality, especially medical, is that there are now standards and sources and they are legally required to be truthful in what their weed contains as well as the quality of their cannabis – if you want to be sure that Death Star weed strain will ‘totally blow you away’ buy it from a reputable, licensed dealer; trust us, we know what we are talking about!

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    Indica vs sativa, image from Top Shelf Goodies 420 on Instagram

    (Indica vs sativa, image from Top Shelf Goodies 420 on Instagram)


    Here we are, at the end; hopefully you have a better idea now about how to get super-high, what happens when you get too high, and how to stop being high – how to calm down when high when it feels like you are dying (and, we assure you, you most likely are not). What does being high on weed feel like? Usually mighty nice – there’s a reason that people love pot for reasons other than medical uses, recreational cannabis use is a thing because puffing is fun; sativa weed strains can give you kind of a heady manic buzz, whereas indicas can make you feel so chill that you are too cool for school or anything else and really just wanna curl up on the couch in a blancket burrito with some chips and channel surf the TV, and hybrids are a mix of the two. But sometimes being stoned turns south on you and the high harshes your mellow leaving you feeling dizzy, disoriented, deathly ill and damned nauseous and then you wanna know how to get unhigh as fast as possible.

    It helps to know what you are getting yourself into – this is the information age and there is internet access everywhere from your phone to your laptop to even that Alexa thing that sits on your dining room table telling you things like the weather and driving conditions – so seek you some knowledge. Learn the best way how to get unhigh fast. We all have once the Rookie syndrome! Dispensaries and provisioning centers have somewhat knowledgeable staff, so feel free to ask questions – just keep in mind that they are trying to sell you stuff, lots of stuff and expensive stuff if they can, it’s exactly their job to do so. Experienced pot peeps are vast reservoirs of knowledge and experience and can tell you things – things like ‘how long do THC pills last, or rather the high from them?’, to which the answer would be 45 minutes to a couple of hours to dissolve in your stomach and get distributed through your blood flow to your brain and body, and the effects last about 2 hours assuming you don’t smoke or consume any more cannabis. What is ‘greening out’? Getting too high from weed, just what we have been discussing this whole time. See how that works? Ask a question, get an answer. Do as much of that as you need to so that you feel confident about your weedy decisions.

    Even the best of us fall down sometimes, though and we underestimate the blunt or the medible and we get too freaking high – then what? We covered a lot of ways to kill off your marijuana high: Ibuprofen, or Advil and weed, the weed water cure (hydration, hydration, hydration), eating as well as eating a medible and then take the edge off an edible high, exercising the buzz away, using cannabidiol (CBD) to counteract too much THC, distracting yourself by figuring out what to watch or what to read while high, sleeping the stoned away, taking a cold shower, or maybe just quitting weed altogether – temporarily at least while you come down from being way too high, or maybe permanently if you just can’t handle your pot. If you need the physiological or psychological benefits of weed, then you can get some of the same effects from CBD or hemp oil – but without the psychoactive effects.

    And we ended this cautionary blog with some first time smoking weed tips advice for newbies and pros alike: know your weed strains and types, know your equipment, carefully learn how edibles affect you and understand how to make and consume them, discover the difference between medical and recreational weed, familiarize yourself with what the law is wherever you might use marijuana, and learn yourself up and all you can so that you do make good decisions when it comes to the good herb and how to smoke it securely. Wisdom and experience take us from being neophytes and having the rookie syndrome to becoming pot pros.

    Even pros may have a bad trip every once in a while that will bring them in a downward spiral, but learn from your marijuana mistakes – or better yet, learn from the mistakes of others! Our goal has not been to discourage your ganja explorations – just to give you a lifeline back when the weedy waters get too deep. We have all been there, you may be there, too, sometime – but refrain from a panic attack while high, if you can; rest assured, all will be well again because there a number of ways to stop being high – or at least slow it down, after all, what goes up must come down and you will too, eventually. If the buzz breaks bad, beat it back down with one of our unstoning tips and emerge from the experience a better, wiser stoner.

    Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

    Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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