Charlotte's Web CBD Dosage Calculator - Newly Updated!

May 27 , 2020

Charlotte's Web CBD Dosage Calculator - Newly Updated!

CBD oil has become a hugely popular, all-natural therapeutic treatment for chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, mental health problems, etc. However, because the drug is still highly unregulated, people are confused as to the dosage of CBD that they should consume. We can help!

In this article, we’re going to focus on the strain Charlotte’s Web CBD dosage. But before we get to the good stuff, we have to cover the basics.

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MG vs ML

Many people get confused by these markings on their CBD bottles. The MG number on the label is referring to the CBD compound found in the bottle - the CBD strength. For example, if the bottle says CBD oil 500mg, that means there’s 500mg CBD in the bottle referring to the strength or potency of the substance. It’s similar to medications you get from the pharmacy that say 300mg on it as the dosage.

The mL amount, however, is referring to the amount of oil the bottle contains. For this, you would want to know how many mg in a drop of CBD oil, how many drops in 1 ml, and how many drops your bottle contains. 

To find the right Charlotte’s Web CBD oil dosage, you’ll need to know both of these numbers and how many drops in a dropper.

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The Math Involved

Before we can get into CBD-specific information, we need to cover some basics to ensure we’re all on the same page. This chart should prove helpful:

Common Drop to mL Information

How many drops are in an ounce?

1 fl oz contains approximately 591 drops (number is rounded up for simplicity).

How many drops in 5 mL?

There are approximately 100 drops in 5mL of CBD oil.

How many drops in 15mL?

There are approximately 300 drops in 15mL of CBD oil.

How many mL in a dropper?

The standard eyedropper contains 0.05 mL per drop (1mL = 20 drops).

Now that you've got the basic figures down, it’s time to get into the more specific information.

capsule dose CBD simple

One super easy way to eliminate the stress of dosing with a dropper is to take capsules.

We love these CBD Liquid Oil Capsules that contain 15MG of CBD in each capsule. Precise and easy to build into a daily routine, these capsules are a sure bet!

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If you like the idea of capsules, but need a stronger dose you can step up to capsules that contain 25MG of CBD each.

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dosage CBD cannabidiolEveryone's dosage amount will differ. Listen carefully to your body to find the right dosage for you. Photo: @wanderhempco

What you need to know first about CBD dosages:

Many factors can affect the amount of CBD it takes to be effective for you. Everyone is different, has different tolerance levels, and has many other variances that can cause them to need more or less CBD oil than another person. 


The following are all things that can affect the amount of CBD oil you need to take: 

  • Weight
  • Diet
  • Metabolism
  • Environment
  • Genetics
  • Prolonged use


Because of these various factors, it’s impossible to develop an accurate dose calculator, as much as we wish it were. Doctors don’t even prescribe CBD (they just recommend it) because there isn’t a recommended daily allowance (RDA) or universal dosage designated. 
Thanks to some research, we’ve been able to determine a good starting point for CBD dosage regardless of what you’re treating with it and your desired outcome. We’ve also determined some more specific information to try to accurately provide you with an accurate Charlotte’s Web dosage chart. 


General CBD dosage chart

A good starting point for the average person with CBD dosage is 25mg of CBD twice a day. As with most medicines, you can develop a tolerance to CBD over time, requiring you to increase your dosage. We recommend increasing your dosage by 25mg every three to four weeks or so until the desired relief is achieved. If you find you need to back down, we also recommend decreasing it by 25mg steadily until you’re content.


Recommended CBD Dosage Based on Condition: 

Condition Dosage

CBD oil dosage for pain

2.5-20mg of CBD (with or without THC) orally 

CBD oil dosage for loss of appetite

2.5 mg of THC (orally), with or without 1mg of CBD for 6 weeks

CBD oil dosage for epilepsy

200-300mg of CBD (orally) daily

CBD oil dosage for insomnia

40mg-160mg of CBD (orally) daily

CBD oil dosage for schizophrenia

40-1280mg CBD (orally) daily


The different types of CBD

There are a wide variety of CBD products that vary in dosage and how fast they take effect. 


Smoke/Vape CBD


Topical Ointments/Lotions

  • Transdermal patches (like a nicotine patch), infused with CBD
  • CBD-infused lotions, soaps, balms, ointments, salves, etc. (anything rubbed on the skin directly)
  • CBD-infused bath bombs
  • CBD-infused bubble bath


Ingestible CBD

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Charlotte's Web CBD Dosage Chart

CBD Product

Recommended for

How long to take effect

How long it lasts



Ingested CBD (edibles, capsules, drink powders)

Those who want more control over dosage or to be more discreet

30-60 minutes

2-4 hours

No harm to lungs, discreet, convenient, more control over dosage

Takes a while to kick in

Smokeable CBD (e-cig, flower, vape)

Those with fast-acting as a priority and those that like to smoke


45 minutes - 1 hour

Fast-acting, can help quit cigarettes, great for social situations

Non-discreet, can’t be done everywhere, could be damaging to lungs

Topicals (lotions, gels, balms, salves)

Those suffering from a specific pain like joint pain or skin problems

Varies widely; factors include hair growth, amount of fatty tissue, etc.

5 hours or more

Applied directly to the problem area, metabolism isn’t an issue, long-lasting, easy to work into your routine

Can be slow to take effect; depending on the problem, could take prolonged use to achieve the desired results

Transdermal Patches

Those who don’t have regular access to consuming other means, those with chronic pain

Varies widely; factors same as above 

1-2 days

Lasts the longest, metabolism isn’t an issue, steady release of CBD into the bloodstream

Could take hours for effects to kick in


Finding the right brand with the right CBD oil strength

As we mentioned earlier, CBD is largely unregulated. Because of this, it can be hard to find the right dosage and the same quality you expect. Each company sources its CBD from different places and uses a different extraction method which can lead to a different potency and quality. As if all this wasn’t confusing enough, the unregulated nature of CBD means that each company can recommend their own dosage. One bottle of CBD oil may say you have to consume just 25mg each day while another may say you need 75mg, 3 times a day. 
Without a designated RDA, there’s no frame of reference for the individual. While we’ve tried our best to recommend the right dosage, a true medical dosing calculator simply doesn’t exist for CBD. As this drug becomes more regulated, the right dosage will be made much more clear, but until that day, apply this guidance and listen carefully to your body. Ask questions and stay tuned into any new developments along the way!

CBD oil health Stay up to date on all of the latest CBD oil dosage news! Photo: @Business Matters Magazine



Finding the right cannabis tincture dosage can be extremely difficult, especially with how unregulated CBD is. Whether you’re searching for CBD eye drops dosage, CBD oil for pain dosage, CBD dosage for ADHD child, or CBD for sleep dosage, the actual amount is unclear without a government-designated RDA. 
As time goes on and CBD becomes more popular and more regulated, an RDA will likely be established, making it easier to find a potency calculator, a CBD vape dosage chart, a tincture dosage calculator, or an oil weight chart to help you plan out the right dosage. For now, we at least have easy access to an mgs to mls conversion calculator to help act as a free tincture calculator. 
We hope that this article has helped guide you to the right CBD dosage for you. Remember, in order to determine the right dosage, you’ll need to know the oz per milliliter and may need to convert mg to ml calculator. 


Can’t get enough CBD info? Try researching these topics:

  • How CBD oil is made
  • How THC is extracted
  • The difference in CBD strains and those with THC
  • How the Charlotte’s Web strain was developed


Want more information before you start converting and dosing? Check out this video!


We know this can be an intimidating thing to figure out, so drop us a comment below with any questions!


Written by: Megan Medeiros | Cover Photo by: Christine Hume/Unsplash

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