8 Best CBD Tinctures in the World Right Now - The Ultimate Guide!

May 12 , 2019

8 Best CBD Tinctures in the World Right Now - The Ultimate Guide!

From UFC fighters and professional snowboarders, to those suffering from chronic illness, CBD is rapidly gaining popularity for its seemingly magical properties.

For those that don’t know, CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of the active compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike the more recreationally-sought-after THC, however, it doesn’t get you high. Although that might put some users off, CBD is what gives the cannabis plant some of its most miraculous medicinal benefits.

When extracted, pure CBD can be used to relieve a range of symptoms associated with various medical ailments. These include chronic pain, seizures, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness. The chemical compound is commonly vaporized, smoked, or taken orally. It’s this latter method that we’re interested in today and more specifically, the CBD tincture.

Need a brush up on what CBD tinctures are in more depth? Maybe you want to know the difference between CBD tinctures and oil, or you're wondering if you can vape CBD tinctures. We've got you covered with all the details at the end of our list of favourite CBD tinctures out there today! So let's get started!



Irie CBD Tincture - $34.97

cbd tincture healingOne of many options from Irie's CBD tincture line.

We just can’t say enough about Irie CBD’s innovative product line. The company has created blends of CBD tinctures with a host of special ingredients for a range applications. We’ve listed them all below:
    • Daily Blend – full-spectrum organic cbd tincture.
    • Lifeline Blend – a real pick-me-up, contains hemp seed, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids.
    • Lifeline Max – a powerful blend of nigella sativa, cat’s claw, and sangre de grado.
    • Balance Blend – designed to promote general good health and lower stress levels, contains common herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine.
    • Feminine Blend – designed to help relieve cramps and stress associated with menstruation, contains fatty acids, vitamins, and other micro-nutrients.
    • Pet Blend – for your furry (and possibly not so) friends, contains cod liver oil for shiny coats and limber joints.
    • Pain Blend – for those suffering chronic pain, contains skullcap, curcumin, and devil’s claw.
    • Calm – CBD tincture for anxiety, contains peppermint and lavender.
    • Kids – orange flavor to appeal to the young ‘uns.

    Many of the extra ingredients added to the above tinctures are straight out of ancient medicinal practice. These are combined with a “terpene-rich full-spectrum hemp extract” to provide a powerful healing tincture that is available in a range of strengths (the tinctures above come in strengths between 250mg and 1,000mg, depending on the blend). The active ingredients are delivered via super-healthy MCT oil in all blends.



    Lazarus Naturals - From $32

    tincture marijuana medicinalMade from some of the most high quality ingredients you'll find, we love this option!

    Produced using the highest quality ingredients in non-GMO farms in both Colorado and Europe, this CBD tincture is one of the best values on our list. It’s also a super healthy option since its only other ingredients are hemp oil, MCT Oil, and Avocado Oil. The Lazarus Naturals CBD Tincture is therefore both suitable for vegans and gluten-free.
    The company provides a range of sizes from 15ml up to 120ml. Being offered in such small sizes, we recommend this tincture to those who have never used CBD before and are keen to give it a try.
    With 15mg of CBD per ml, this product is an ideal CBD tincture for sleep, anxiety, or appetite stimulation. The product is a non-flavored CBD Tincture.



    Select CBD Tincture - $65

    cannabinoid cannabis tinctureWith so many great options no wonder tinctures are making a comeback!

    For those looking a flavored CBD tincture, we really recommend Select CBD’s product line. It’s available in a range of delicious tastes, including soothing lavender – an ideal CBD tincture for anxiety -- peppermint, and lemon ginger. You can also get it unflavored.
    We particularly like how Select CBD offers tinctures for pets too and they’re clearly aware that our furry friends don’t have quite the same palate as us! These are available in salmon, chicken, bacon, and peanut butter. Of course, being entirely natural, the pet ones are just as safe as those that are intended for people. That bacon flavor sounds pretty tasty…!
    Like the Lazarus CBD Tincture line, Select’s products are entirely vegan-friendly and gluten-free. The base liquid for the tincture is fractionated coconut oil – another super healthy ingredient!



    Medterra CBD Tincture - $44.95

    cbd tincture healthy
    Always all-natural, Medterra is a fantastic, completely THC-free option.

    The hemp used in Medterra’s CBD Tinctures is all grown in the good old US of A on non-GMO farms. The company states that none of its CBD products contain any THC whatsoever so they are legal around the globe. They are also supplied without flavouring and contain just two ingredients – MCT oil and over 99% CBD Isolate. This makes it an exceptionally pure CBD tincture.
    In terms of CBD tincture dosage, Medterra’s range is available in the following strengths: 500mg at 16mg of CBD per serving, 1,000mg at 33mg of CBD per serving, and 3,000mg at 100mg of CBD per serving. We recommend the latter for those who require the absolute maximum in CBD tincture benefits. For example, those suffering chronic pain.



    Essential CBD Tincture - From $25

    cbd medicinal hempFull-spectrum, flavourless CBD tinctures makes this great for those first easing into their CBD usage.

    Essential CBD advertise their products as an easy introduction to CBD. They actually claim their tinctures to be their most popular product today.
    The range is vast with numerous flavors offered – blueberry, cherry, orange cream, peppermint, pineapple, strawberry lemonade, and watermelon – and a variety of strengths – 300mg, 500mg, 900mg, 1,000mg, and 2000mg.
    The Essential CBD product line is comprised of full-spectrum CBD tinctures. This means that traces of other active ingredients from the hemp plant will have made it through the manufacturing process – including a trace (less than 0.3% of THC). Some users prefer this more well-rounded medicine to the strict CBD isolates provided by Medterra and other manufacturers. Whereas those using CBD tinctures for anxiety may opt for the completely non-psychoactive medicine.



    SunMed CBD - From $40

    cbd hemp tincturesSwitch things up with SunMed's tasty flavoured tinctures.

    SunMed offers its high CBD, broad-spectrum hemp oil in a range of strengths and flavors. The strongest the company stocks is 3,000mg and it is only available unflavored. Meanwhile, the 1,000mg, 750mg, 500mg, and 250mg are available in natural, lemon, mint, and orange.
    SunMed CBD states that its ingredients are grown in Denver, Colorado. The firm uses a phytocannabinoid rich hemp plant that already has high levels of CBD, as well as a range of other helpful cannabinoids. These include the sleeping-aiding CBG, the appetite-stimulating CBN, and the pain-relieving CBC. This makes the product well-suited for those suffering from a range of ailments.


    Source Tincture CBD Oil - $34.99

    cannabinoid tincture cannabisHelp yourself and your four-legged friend!

    Source manufactures CBD tinctures for both people and pets. The company only makes non-flavored tinctures by using industrial grade hemp that is rich in CBD. This is then infused with liquid MCT oil to create an easy to administer medicine that will benefit those suffering from sleeplessness, chronic pain, epilepsy, and a host of other conditions.
    For humans, Source supplies 200mg, 500mg, 1,000mg, 2,000mg all in 1oz bottles. It also carries a 5,000mg option in a 2oz dripper bottle, as well as the 2,000mg version in this larger container. The range for dogs and horses features fewer product strengths. Those tailored to canines come in at 200mg and 500mg per 1oz bottle and the equine range are 5,000mg and 2,000mg in a 2oz vessel.


    Exinol: Pure CBD Tincture by Healthy Hemp Oil - $59.99

    healthy hemp cbd tinctureThe spray bottle Healthy Hemp's tinctures come in makes it easy to apply.

    Thanks to some mind-boggling science, Healthy Hemp Oil’s Exinol product is one of the fastest acting CBD Tinctures on the market today. As you can probably guess from the name this is a pure CBD tincture, containing zero percent THC. It comes in a delicious citrus flavor and the handy spray bottle makes medicating effortlessly discreet.
    Exinol is available in a 300mg bottle, which is 1oz in volume and contains 60 servings according to Healthy Hemp Oil.


    We'd be remiss if we left Fairwinds off our list of favourites, but this is one you'll have to hunt down in your local CBD shop, for you can't buy it online. It'll be a rewarding adventure when you find it though!


    Fairwinds CBD Tincture

    We absolutely love the range of CBD tinctures offered by Fairwinds. The range all uses organic avocado oil as its base ingredient. It’s available in the following strengths of CBD versus THC:
    • 1:1 CBD tincture.
    • 20:1 CBD tincture.
    • 5:1 CBD tincture.
    • 10:1 CBD tincture.

    The company also stocks a range of other THC and CBD tinctures designed for different applications. These include:
    • Digestify tincture.
    • Deep Sleep tincture.
    • Release tincture.
    • AM Relief 300.
    • PM Relief 300.
    • Sativa Lifestyle tincture.
    • Indica Lifestyle tincture.
    • Sriracha tincture.
    • CBD Companion.

    Though the convenience of online shopping doesn't apply to Fairwinds, you won't be disappointed if you track it down in your local CBD shop.

    Now, let's go over some CBD tincture basics.

    What is CBD Tincture?

    CBD tincture is a chemically-extracted CBD suspended in some sort of liquid. Although the recent wave of legalization and decriminalization around the globe has just brought them back into fashion, cannabis tinctures are actually one of the oldest known ways to use the plant for healing. Hundreds of years ago, a crude alcohol extraction of the beneficial compounds in cannabis was all that was possible.
    Of course, today, we can make use of far more sophisticated methods and end up with pure CBD isolate. This can then be used to make tinctures with most of the health benefits of cannabis but none of the added trippy-ness.


    How to Use CBD Tincture

    Common base liquids for tinctures these days include super-healthy MCT or avocado oil, with alcohol or cbd olive oil tinctures being less preferred.
    The main benefit to a CBD tincture is how easy it is to take. You simply drop the desired dosage beneath your tongue using the pipette bottle stopper included. Tinctures can be both flavored, to mask the earthy although not unpleasant hemp taste, and flavored. Most manufacturers will stock a variety of strengths too.
    If you’re just starting out with CBD, we recommended sticking to a lower CBD tincture dosage. You can always up it by taking more later or opting for a stronger tincture the next time you stock up.
    When shopping for tinctures, you will probably come across two phrases that might confuse you – full spectrum CBD tinctures and CBD isolate tinctures. Full spectrum just means that additional cannabinoids will remain in the tincture. Although this can include the psychoactive THC cannabinoid, many of the other active compounds provide health benefits similar to those associated with both chemicals. Also, the strength of the THC will usually be less than 0.3% meaning you will still benefit from its presence but won’t be at all wacked out! However, given that they do contain the controlled substance THC, the legality of products such as Mary’s Medicinals CBD tincture can vary between jurisdictions.
    Thanks to their plethora of cannabinoids, full spectrum extracts often make great a cbd tincture for pain. Examples of full spectrum cbd tinctures include Health Naturals CBD Tincture, VItal CBD tincture, CBD Harlequin tincture, and Cannazall CBD tincture. Given that they contain the controlled substance THC, these tinctures can't be found everywhere. Go consult your representative to see about changing that!

    CBD isolates are further extracted, leaving behind essentially a pure CBD tincture. These will often categorically state “zero percent THC” on the packaging. Examples of products that use pure CBD isolate are some of the TruBlu CBD tincture 500mg range and gloss motive pure cbd tincture.

    CBD Tincture vs Oil

    What about CBD oil vs tincture? How do you know which one is right for you? Many manufacturers use the terms tinctures and oils interchangeably. This can be very confusing. Strictly speaking, a hemp oil is the raw product that is left behind after an extraction process. It is once this product is suspended in a liquid – alcohol, fatty oil, etc. – that it becomes a tincture.
    Hemp oil is much stronger since it is entirely undiluted. It is used in this pure form, most commonly to treat more severe conditions.


    Can you vape CBD Tincture?

    Based on the ingredients of many CBD tinctures, it should be perfectly fine to use CBD tinctures in a vaporizer. However, we only recommend doing so with products that explicitly state that they are designed for vaping.


    That's it, folks!

    Well there you have it. These are some of our favorite CBD tinctures available in 2019. As mentioned, tinctures are a great way to introduce yourself to the medicinal effects of this highly beneficial compound. They’re easy to use and difficult to take too much of. If you suffer from one of the many health conditions CBD has been proven to help with, why not give one of the above products a try?
    Still have questions? Drop us a question below!


    Written by: Richard | Cover Photo by: Freedom Leaf Inc.


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