How to Clean a Glass Pipe in Less Than 3 Minutes - The Ultimate Guide!

Jul 18 , 2019

How to Clean a Glass Pipe in Less Than 3 Minutes - The Ultimate Guide!

Glass pipes are the preferred smoking piece for stoners. They hit smooth; come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colours; and they have the awesome effect of colouring up as they get dirty. It’s because of this last feature that many stoners don’t think to clean their glass weed pipes, but it’s a necessary part of proper pipe maintenance.

The thing inside your pipe that causes it to colour up is resin, which leads to clogs and needs to be cleaned every so often so your pipe is up to peak performance. There are a wide variety of options for how to clean resin:

  • Epsom salt cleaning - epsom salt and rubbing alcohol
  • Smoking pipe cleaning kit (purchased; specifically designed for marijuana pipes)
  • Rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and water
  • Clean pipe hydrogen peroxide
  • Mile high soap
  • Acetone

Those are just a few of the many ways people have found to successfully clean a glass pipe. It’s important to note that just because it was effective in cleaning the pipe, doesn’t mean it’s safe to use on something you’re planning to smoke out of or that it’s the cheapest or easiest method. 

There are many videos online to help guide you through the important process of pipe cleaning. Here's one of our favourites! You'll find another one at the bottom of the article, too:

In this article, we’ll point you in the right direction for safe and easy pipe cleaning and provide you with a handy list of dos and don’ts.


clean pipe smoke resin Once your resin builds up like this you know it's time for a cleaning! @Alamy

What’s the best method to clean a glass pipe?

As we said above, just because a method is effective, doesn’t mean it’s safe or wise. We recommend not using products you don’t feel comfortable inhaling. For example, you’d probably feel a little uncomfortable inhaling something like Home Depot acetone. 

While you're always instructed to do your best to rinse the pipe thoroughly after cleaning with these products, you can never be too sure. We've got tips on how to clean a pipe without alcohol written below and in videos!


We recommend using the vinegar and baking soda method. This method uses 100% safe products that most people have in their homes already and are inexpensive. Vinegar is also a natural odor-absorber, meaning you're also working to remove the smell from your glass pipe.

marijuana pipe weed high

Keeping your pipe clean will ensure the beauty of it is always in site! Photo: @coloradolife420


How to clean a glass pipe: vinegar and baking soda solution

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to clean glass bong or how to clean glass pipe, the baking soda/vinegar method is the most effective, cheapest, and safest method for cleaning a glass piece without alcohol or other harsh chemicals.
What you need:
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Plastic container like Tupperware
  • Bong brush, pipe cleaner, or Q-tip


Step One: Soaking your pipe

Place your pipe in the plastic container and cover it in a fine layer of baking soda, making sure to cover as much of the pipe as possible with a thorough coating. Then, fill the container with your white vinegar and seal the it up. Careful! There will be a bubbly reaction when the two substances meet!
Leave it soaking for about 30 minutes, but if it’s seen some serious mileage, you may want to leave it longer. Once it’s done soaking, give it a good shake to ensure the solution reaches each and every nook and cranny of the pipe. If the pipe has been well maintained, this should be an effective method for how to dissolve resin.


Step Two: Using pipe cleaners, Q-tips, or a bong brush to remove resin

Sometimes, if the pipe has seen a lot of use, the soaking method alone won’t rid you of the resin problems in a weed bowl. If you need to figure out how to clean resin out of a glass bowl or, heaven forbid, how to scrape resin from a bowl, you’ll need the other tools we mentioned above. 
Start with gently scrubbing to try to remove the resin, but sometimes that won’t cut it. You may need to scrape the resin off with a paper clip or safety pin or even purchase a bong cleaner or other weed-specific cleaner. 


Step Three: Rinse the bowl thoroughly

The last step in how to clean a bowl involves thoroughly rinsing your pipe in as hot of water as you can stand. We recommend using thick dish washing gloves to ensure you have a thick layer so you can handle hotter water. You want to be sure you thoroughly rinse your piece out so that no baking soda and vinegar solution remains. Then, set your piece out to dry.

clean glass pipe cannabisRestore your pipe with easy, all-natural cleaning methods. Photo: @greenmindsglass


Do's and dont's of cleaning your pipe:

The method we mentioned above is effective for cleaning a glass water pipe and glass spoon alike. Here are some do's and don’ts for you to keep in mind when cleaning your glass pipe:
Do: Rinse your bong thoroughly before and after soaking.
Don’t: Use 99 isopropyl alcohol home depot if you’re concerned about using chemicals
Do: Let your pipe soak long enough to help dissolve the resin
Don’t: Use hydrogen peroxide to clean your pipe
If you’re concerned about using a certain product and can’t find the answer online, we recommend just avoiding it. There are tons of marijuana-specific cleaning products that will help you clean your pipes in a more natural way. 


cannabis toke pipe 420A well-cared for pipe should last you ages! @headyuniqueglass



We recommend taking the time to research the method and products you choose thoroughly before you use them. Your pipes are important to you. You don’t want to damage them or clean them with harmful products. Plus, you certainly don’t want to risk inhaling a toxic chemical.

There are many benefits to keeping your pipe clean and ensuring it looks its best. In addition to having your pipe return to like-new condition, cleaning your pipe can give you smoother rips, and you'll spend less time having to deal with annoying clogs. It can prolong the life of your pipe and enhance the taste and smoking experience of each and every bowl.
We hope this article helped you to find a method of cleaning your pipe thoroughly without the use of harmful chemicals like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or acetone, despite these products’ effectiveness at having the pipe look clean. 
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Equipped with this simple knowledge you'll keep your toking equipment in good shape for years of use!

Also fun: check out some of these natural cleaning methods!


Need more info? Drop questions into the comments below and we'll get back to you!


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