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How to Smoke Hash Oil | Ways to Use Hash Oil

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Do you know how to smoke hash oil? Maybe you've heard about it, maybe you haven't. If you have heard about it, you probably already know it's an intricate subject! This article covers everything and anything to do with how to smoke hash oil. There are many different topics to cover, as there are many types of hash oil, there are many ways to smoke it, and there are many myths and rumours surrounding how to smoke hash oil. We’ve done our absolute best to summarise all of this into a concise article. The topics covered include:

  • What is Hash Oil?
  • Smoking THC oil
  • Smoking weed oil
  • How to make hash oil easy
  • Cooking with hash oil
  • What are hash caps
  • What is RSO
  • And much more!

So, without further delay, let's get started...


What is Hash Oil?

What is Hash Oil? (also known as cannabis oil) is simply concentrated bits of the cannabis plant. It is created via a few different methods, and contains larger amounts of THC and CBD than standard flower. It also contains terpenes, unless it has been distilled. The various extraction methods normally utilise a solvent such as butane or ethanol. There are many possible ways to consume hash weed oil, including smoking, vaporising, or eating, though some are preferable to others. Hash oil can either be bought as a separate product, or it can be bought inside pre-filled cartridges. In general, pre-filled cartridges aren’t easily available in Europe. Even in Amsterdam, concentrates are not included in the legal loophole which allows coffeeshops to sell weed. Cannabis oil is incredibly popular in California with 40% of all sales for most dispensaries coming from it. Some dispensaries sell huge 1 gram or 2.2 gram carts of hash oil. Getting your hands on that can certainly speed up how quickly you can smoke hash on your own terms.

Hash oil can be created using any part of the cannabis plant, meaning that it can be a great way to use the parts that are often leftover. As long as the parts you use have resin on them (hint: that's pretty much the entire plant), then you've got what you need! How to Smoke Hash Oil ?You can also make hash oil from hash, but it’s normally made using plant matter. It is thought that the history of cannabis oil comes from Project MKUltra, which was a CIA project investigation using various narcotics. The theory is they had folks smoke hash oil, expecting it to function as a truth serum. Cool or creepy? We're not sure... but we digress.

Hash weed oil has many different names, so this article is about smoking THC oil, smoking weed oil, how to smoke hash oil, how to smoke THC oil, how to smoke cannabis oil, how to smoke CO2 oil, and much more. Whatever you call it, lots of folks consume hash to get a very potent hit from their herb.

Concentrates are the strongest form of cannabis in the sense that they have the highest THC percentages available, although edibles will often leave you feeling more stoned than if you smoke hash oil. If you smoke hash oil and you feel a bit too stoned, then follow the following guide to feeling less stoned:

  • Eat an orange, this apparently negates the effects of weed
  • Take a cold shower
  • Have a hot pot of coffee, which will help your brain concentrate
  • Work out, swimming is the best, but go for a run if you don’t feel safe swimming
  • And remember this for the next time you are thinking about smoking hash!

      Stuck at home and want to train that green thumb of yours? Take a trip with some of these transnational seeds. Raise them up, then smoke hash you can take pride in knowing you cultivated from start to its ultimate, beautiful end.


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      Grow it inside or outside, and treat it with care. It'll take care of you in return.


      cannabis garden indica

       Now, if you want to smoke hash made from the heavens, the Northern Light Special may be just what you need. Ideal for indoor growing (though can be grown outdoors too), the heavy indica effects will have you gazing into nature's beauty - whether you're smoking hash, rolling a joint, or enjoying an edible.

      marijuana pakistan relax

       If you want to smoke hash made from a plant that will truly elevate you to the levels of Hindu Kush, then you need to get to the Pakistan Valley. A mostly indica strain, it's a hardy cannabis plant that's great for growing indoors.

      Major props to the pro photogs who provide beautiful stock imagery like those above.



      Can you smoke hash oil? How to smoke hash oil in a vaporizer?

      hash oil joint smoke

      So beautiful, it’s almost a shame to light it up! Photo: @greenshaman420


      If you’re wondering how to smoke hash oil, then you’ve come to the right place. There are in fact many different ways to smoke hash, which we will try to cover all of. Let's start with some simple ways for how to smoke hash oil.

      The first way to use hash oil is to do when attempting to smoke hash oil is to spread your hash oil into a joint or a blunt. This serves to make your average joint much more potent, to the point where you may feel way too high, depending on tolerance. Just don’t put too much in, as this will affect the smoking of the joint. Don't say we didn't warn you!

      The second method of how to smoke THC oil is by putting a small amount onto the top of a bong. If you pack your bong full of flower and then add a small amount of cannabis oil to the top, then hit it as you normally would, you will find that this works very well too. The taste of butane hash oil is pretty nice as well, as long as it hasn’t been made through a distillation process. If you do distill your cannabis oil, be sure to add terpenes back in again at the end. Otherwise the terpenes, which have a different boiling process, will separate from the hash oil bho during the first round of distillation and flavour will be lost with them.

      Those are the simplest way to use hash oil of smoking hash oil. If you’re looking for a slightly different experience then you may want to try and make or find a tarantula cone. A tarantula cone is basically a blunt, dipped in hash oil bho, and rolled in kief. Beware: your typical tarantual cone doesn't have the greatest flavour, is very harsh, and is very, very potent.

      The most common method of how do you smoke hash oil is, of course, taking a dab. A dab rig is similar to a bong, but instead of dried flower, it’s designed to be used with hash oil specifically. This means that you probably get the best experience when using a dab rig. The problem with a dab is that, because you’re subjecting the oil to such a high temperature, unhealty by-products are released and you end up inhaling them. Some people think that water in a bong or a dab rig is there to filter the smoke, but it’s not. It actually only cools the smoke down, making it easier to swallow, but it doesn't make it any healthier.

      bubblegum candy dabbing concentrates

      Sure, you could smoke hash oil out of some basic dab rig, but why do that when you can get this awesome Bubblegum Dab Rig from Mathematix Glass? Talk about a new take on bubble hash.

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      How do you Smoke Hash Oil The final method to smoke hash oil we’re going to discuss is by vaping it inside a vaporiser. This can either be a disposable vaporiser, a pre-filled cartridge, or inside a 3-in-1 vaporiser. 3-in-1 vaporisers are one of the best ways to smoke bubble hash, dried flower, and oil, and they are a very healthy and tasty way of experiencing good quality hash oil. The only problem is that if there are any solvents left in the hash oil, or if the original herbs contained pesticides, you’re then vaporising both of these products, which can be extremely bad for your health.

      Oura kandypens vaporizer

      Want to smoke hash oil easily? You can indulge with a vaporizer, so why not increase those levels of enjoyment with a quality vape?

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      So, to recap, the main methods of using hash oil are:

      • Putting some into a joint or a blunt
      • Topping a bong off with cannabis oil
      • Smoking a tarantula cone that contains hash oil
      • Taking a dab by using a dab rig or a metal nail
      • Vaporising cannabis oil inside a 3-in-1 vaporiser, a dab pen, a pre-filled cartridge, or a disposable hash oil pen

      How to easily make hash oil

      There a many different methods of making hash oil. Some are extremely complicated, whereas others are much easier. There is definitely a difference in quality between the methods, and some methods are not only dangerous to make but also dangerous to smoke. For example, some methods may leave behind traces of the solvent that was used to create them, and if you do not distill your hash oil after this, you will be inhaling some very dangerous chemicals indeed. Also, in some US states, some people have actually burnt their houses down while trying to make Butane Hash Oil. This is because Butane is extremely flammable, and if you make BHO without knowing exactly what you’re doing, you run a risk of causing yourself or others around you serious damage. 

      There are methods of making BHO that are a lot safer and easier though. The first is butane blasting. If you make Butane Hash Oil using a blasting machine like in the video above, and you give yourself plenty of space (read: not inside an enclosed room that could burn down), then you can do it extremely easily and extremely safely. If you do not have a blasting machine like in the video above, then you will have to make BHO yourself. As mentioned before, this can be very dangerous. We have a full-length article covering all of the different methods of creating BHO here. If you want to read further, we suggest that you check that article out.

      What is THC honey oil and how is it different from cannabis oil?

      thc honey oil hashTHC Honey ready for action. Photo: @heather_138
      THC honey is oil that is meant to be eaten rather than smoked. It is distinct because it is made in a way that adds flavour. The method of making THC honey is to cover your cannabis trimmings and dried flower in something like coconut oil. You then stick it in the oven for a while and wait for it to fully decarboxylate. Once it’s finished decarbing (about an hour and a half at a low-medium temperature) you need to strain it into a cheesecloth or a sieve. Once you’ve separated the dried flower and trimmings from the oil and the cannabinoids, you simply put a lot of something sweet into the coconut oil mixture which has been left behind. This is mainly for flavouring, and isn’t technically necessary. Once you’ve got a good mix and it tastes the way you want it to, you can separate them into different servings and let them set. Once they’ve set, you can eat your honey concoction with coconut oil and cannabinoids whenever you want. You can mix the honey into anything and everything. You should wait an hour and a half before you eat any more, as this is about how long edibles take to kick in. THC honey oil is a fantastic, tasty way to get high.

      How to smoke honey oil

      hash oil honey

      Mesmerizing, golden hues - beautiful in any form! Photo: @dionczirok710

      Smoking honey oil is not recommended, mostly because it’s completely pointless. THC honey oil, like what we were just talking about above, is made to be eaten. It’s not for smoking at all, and will not only be next to impossible to smoke, but it has also already been decarboxylated, meaning it won't bring about the high.

      However, as we mentioned before, everything to do with weed is complicated and a lot of things with the same name have different meanings. THC honey oil is also a way to describe hash oil (annoying, right?) and can therefore be smoked in all of the ways which are mentioned above. Honey has a different texture to concentrates, as it’s much more liquid, and is probably best for dipping joints into to make tarantula cones or for hitting on a dab rig.

      Hash oil edibles

      hash decarboxylation marijuanaDecarboxylation: when science becomes fun! Photo: Greencamp
      While making edibles from hash oil is a great idea, there’s one giant mistake many people make. Many people wrongly assume that hash oil has already been activated, and can be instantly baked into a recipe that will result in incredibly potent edibles. This is not true. In fact, if you don’t first decarboxylate your hash oil, you may as well throw it in the bin instead of baking it into something. Well, that’s not quite true, as the baking process will decarb it a bit, but it won’t do it properly. We have a guide for decarboxylating hash oil in our decarbing article, but to briefly revise:

      • Pre-heat your oven at 120 degrees celsius
      • Place some BHO onto an ovenproof dish with a silicone liner to ensure it doesn’t get stuck
      • Cook for about 25 minutes, it’s very hard to judge because of the different methods of making BHO
      • You want the bubbles to look smaller, not larger, then it’s about ready
      • Let it cool or instantly mix it with a fat or an oil
      • Bake into your favourite recipe

      Cooking with hash oil

      Although you can cook with hash oil, you can also cook with cannabis-infused oil. You can’t really cook with BHO as it is; you will first have to mix it into something like coconut oil. THC and CBD are not water soluble, meaning it’s required to mix with a fat or an oil. The way to mix your BHO with coconut or olive oil is to:

      • Put oil/butter/etc into the microwave; melt until it's liquid
      • Take your BHO and melt it into the oil. Make sure you don’t burn the BHO. This isn’t necessarily the best way as some of the potency will be lost. You can also decarboxylate it in the oven first
      • Mix it into the oil, butter, fat etc.
      • You now have cooking oil you can fry whatever you want with. Enjoy that tasty, high-inducing meal you just made!

      Once you’ve got your cannabis-infused oil, then you’re good to go. You can simply fry up some mushrooms, mix it into some other edibles, frying up some eggs, or dribble it over your salad to make a delicious salad. Interestingly, in Thailand, weed has been used for many years as a traditional herb for taste rather than high-inducing purposes. For many people, weed actually has a very great taste, and using cannabis-infused oil can not only make your taste buds pop, but it can also get you extremely high. This cross between amazing taste and great potency is the reason so many love to cook with cannabis oil.

      What is hash oil used for?

      Hash oil serves many different purposes. Of course you can smoke hash, but it's also used for cooking, eating, or dabbing. Hash oil gets you extremely high, depending on the batch, and is mainly recommended for stoners, not for newcomers. It’s also a great method of taking large doses of THC if you have a medicinal need for cannabis.

      What is RSO and does RSO get you high?

      hash oil RSO marijuana

      RSO is one way of preparing cannabis for medical use. Photo: @grow_real_medicine

      Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is simply another method of making your own cannabis oil. It was created by a man named, you guessed it, Rick Simpson. The main intention behind RSO is to allow people to make their own CBD oil. RSO has very little THC inside it, if any at all. Therefore, RSO does not make you feel high. The science is still not completely unanimous yet, and there’s research both in favour and against RSO and other CBD oils. It’s unclear whether RSO does or does not cure cancer, though its creator claims it does. Whether it does or doesn't, there's no harm in trying this natural approach. We certainly do not recommend using RSO as your sole approach to fighting any disease, but we are also advocates for a natural approach whenever possible.

      Frequently asked questions about hash oil:

      Can you smoke hemp oil?

      hash oil smoke marijuana

      A picturesque setting to enjoy your toke. Photo: @stormygreenthumb

      Technically yes, you can smoke hemp oil, but it’s not recommended. It won’t get you any higher than if you simply take it as an oil. It normally has very low CBD and THC content, meaning smoking it won’t do much of anything for you. Besides, when you eat cannabinoids it’s far more potent.

      How to smoke hash oil with a cigarette?

      It’s definitely possible to smoke hash oil with a cigarette. The best method of smoking hash oil with a cigarette is:

      • Take your cigarette and cover it with or dip it into hash oil
      • Take the cigarette out and leave it to dry fully
      • Once it’s dry you should be able to smoke it as a normal cigarette
      • You could also roll a joint with hash oil inside it or on it
      • If you also roll it in kief you’ve made yourself a tarantula cone!

      Is smoking tincture possible?

      hash oil tincture cannabis

      Good ol' fashioned Tincture - Photo: @cvnaturalremedies

      While smoking tincture is theoretically possible, it’s not recommended in the slightest. We recommend simply taking your tincture normally. Smoking CBD oil is also not recommended in the slightest.

      Can you smoke THC pills?

      hash oil pills medical marijuanaPills on pills! Photo: @775headycollectors
      Again, this is an issue of technicality vs. desirability. Yes, technically you could smoke them, but they are mixed with many things which may or may not be safe to smoke. You're better off simply eating them the way they were meant to be consumed. Eating cannabis is a much more effective way to get your desired effects anyway.

      What is a cannabis oil rig?

      hash oil dab rig high

      Is it too early to start writing our Christmas wish list for 2019? Photo: @nimbusglass

      A cannabis oil rig is simply another name for a dab rig. A cannabis oil rig and a dab rig execute exactly the same functions. Cannabis oil is or hash oil is simply another name for a dab.

      How to smoke weed better?

      hash oil marijuana flower

      She’s so beautiful before she combusts… Photo: @smoking.stuff
      Smoking weed is easy. There are about six methods of smoking weed and the easiest is by far bonging or vaping. Buy a flower vaporiser (Storm Vaporizer is a great option) and a grinder from a shop. Look for a grinder that has 3 parts to it, including a kief catcher at the bottom. You can use the kief if you want to get more high. Grind your buds up before you put them in the vaporiser so you release all of the desired components - potency, flavour, etc. - before smoking them. Having the right tools to prepare your weed is essential to getting the most from it.

      The other, slightly more complicated methods are to roll joints or blunts, smoke dabs, or smoke pre-filled cartridges. For these you'll have to learn to roll (or be really nice to a friend who knows how to roll!), get a dab rig and learn to dab, or buy a battery and pre-filled cartridges. Experiment with all of these and figure out your favorite way to toke!

      If you’re wondering how to smoke weed better because you smoked it once and didn’t get high, there’s an unproven theory that the first time you smoke you don’t get high. Try it again, but be careful. Pull the smoke in with a deep breath; think of it swirling down to your lungs. You don't have to hold it in for very long for it to take effect. Don't overdo or over think it and you'll be fine!

      Can you eat dabs?

      While you can eat a dab, it won’t get you high. A worthy question is Can you Dab Hash? The THC inside concentrates is not activated. It is raw. THCA (raw THC) requires decarboxylation (heat) in order to become activated. Before you eat a dab, you must decarboxylate it.

      What are hash caps?

      Hash caps are basically capsules filled with hash oil. The whole point of putting them in capsules is to have a precise dosing system, which means the customers of these products can get exactly as high as they want. This is a great system, especially as dosing with cannabis can be extremely confusing.

      What is QWISO hash and what does hash look like?

      QWISO stand for quick-wash isopropyl oil. It is a method of making concentrates cannabis product by stripping trichomes from the cannabis flowers using alcohol. The resulting product is liquid hash that can be distilled and smoked. The effects of hash oil are very strong. If you’re looking for a way to make weed oil for a vape very quickly, QWISO is your best bet. QWISO looks like black hash oil.

      Hash looks like a small rock, and needs to be burnt normally to allow you to crumble it. You can very easily make edibles using hash, because hash does not require decarboxylation.

      In Summary:

      Hash oil refers to many different products, which makes it easy to confuse what it actually is. Don't overthink it though: it's simply concentrated cannabis oil. Whether you vaporise it, dab, or use it in edibles, it's a sure way to help you catch your high. There are also some versions of hash oil like RSO that don't have THC and are thought to help in medicinal ways. To get their hands on hash oil, some people make their own, though this can be extremely dangerous so don't attempt it unless you know you have the right gear and space. Others will simply buy it and save themselves the hassle.

      However you use your hash and wherever you get it from, we know you'll have a great time! This is a fantastic way to diversify your cannabis intake and we wish you all the best on your hash adventures!

      Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

      Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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