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Smoking CBD Flower May Be the Solution to Quitting Cigarettes

Smoking CBD Flower May Be the Solution to Quitting Cigarettes

Ever since it became widely known that tobacco cigarettes are dangerous to your health, millions of people addicted to nicotine have struggled to find long-term solutions that allow them to stop smoking for good. Nicotine is an addictive drug, but sometimes even more habit-forming is the act of smoking itself, creating a double-pronged challenge that smokers must face head-on if they aspire to be quitters.

Recently, some smokers have reported success after using CBD flower to quit tobacco cigarettes. Is it true that you can buy CBD flowers online to quit smoking? Find out in this guide.

What Is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD hemp flower is smokable-grade hemp that contains high concentrations of CBD. To be considered smokable, CBD-rich hemp flower must be grown in a suitably clean and safe environment and be accompanied by lab tests proving its potency and lack of dangerous contaminants.

Just like the illegal drug marijuana, CBD hemp flower consists of dried Cannabis sativa buds. The primary difference is that marijuana contains high concentrations of THC while CBD flower does not contain enough THC to cause intoxication. CBD hemp flower is usually considered to be “industrial hemp,” not an illicit drug.

Can You Smoke CBD Flower?

Yes, it is possible to smoke CBD hemp flower in a variety of different ways. Even though it contains a different cannabinoid, this is the same cannabis flower you’re used to, and it can be smoked just like any other form of cannabis. Just be sure to smoke your hemp in a safe, discreet location since it is indistinguishable from marijuana based on aroma and appearance.

Does Smoking CBD Flower Help You Quit Cigarettes?

Some people have certainly indicated that smoking CBD flower helped them quit cigarettes. Here are some of the most commonly cited theories users have floated regarding why CBD hemp flower semed to help so much better than other smoking-cessation aids they’ve tried:

  • CBD hemp flower joints (“pre-rolls”) replicate the feeling of lighting, holding, and smoking a cigarette
  • The effects of CBD flower are relaxing
  • Research has been conducted into the potential usefulness of CBD for addiction
  • CBD flower smells and tastes excellent
  • It neither causes the stimulation of nicotine nor the intoxication of marijuana
  • CBD hemp flower is easy to buy and inexpensive compared to other smoking cessation aids
  • Smokers seem to believe it is much more effective than alternatives

The list goes on and on. While nicotine-infused chewing gums, nicotine vapes, and even anti-addiction hypnosis recordings have been around for decades, none of these desperate attempts to help smokers quit have been particularly effective or safe. Comparatively, CBD flower has few drawbacks and has nothing to do with tobacco or nicotine despite mimicking many of the psychologically addictive traits of smoking that smokers have become dependent upon.

How to Smoke CBD Flower

There are three primary ways to smoke CBD flower: in a pipe/bong, in a joint/pre-roll, or in a vape. Smoking CBD flower in a pipe or bong is probably the easiest approach, but it doesn’t exactly replicate the feeling of smoking a cigarette.

The same goes for vaping, which is the high-tech but smoke-free approach. As a result, many cigarette smokers who are trying to quit gravitate to CBD hemp pre-rolls, which look and feel a lot like cigarettes despite containing zero nicotine.

The first time you smoke CBD flower, take it slow, giving yourself time to acclimate to the effects. CBD flower will not make you high, but it often makes new users feel unexpectedly sleepy or relaxed, sensations you’ll want to become accustomed to over time.

How to Choose a CBD Flower Brand

Once you’ve decided to try smoking CBD flower as a way to quit tobacco cigarettes, the only thing left to do is choose a supplier of CBD buds you can trust. These days, there are dozens of CBD hemp flower brands to choose from on the Internet, but only a few will offer the combination of quality and potency that smokers are looking for.

Consult customer reviews, contact customer service, and do plenty of research to find a CBD hemp flower company that both produces excellent buds and will help you learn how to use them.