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13 Best Novelty Pipes And Bongs

novelty marijuana pipe smoke
We’ve put together this awesome list of our favourite cool novelty pipes on today's market! From neat themed bongs to funny glass pipes, check out our list of affordable and awe-inspiring bubblers and pipes!

We cover things from cute pipes as a gift for your favourite girl to the strangest novelty pipes you can find. Hand pipes, bongs, and bubblers, they’re all included! We include a few artisanal (read: expensive) pipes along with more commonly available, affordable pieces.

Whichever one speaks to you, know that you're getting a quality piece that will both send you into the clouds and compliment your unique personality!


Sunflower pipe - $170

novelty smoke pipe sunflower

If just looking at this pipe makes you happy, imagine what smoking out of it will feel like!

This cute Sunflower glass pipe is handmade and available to order online by Prairie Pipes at Made to order at $170 CAD a piece, they’re a little pricey, but they make for a one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone in your life or for when you simply want to treat yourself!

The side of the leaf even acts as a little carb hole. It really is a great pipe for the nature lover or someone who reminds you of a sunflower themselves!


The Plumbus pipe - $70

novelty weed plumbusWe think the trick to this Plumbus pipe is to smoke it and then you'll figure out what it is...

Admit it, you want a Plumbus pipe. How they're made is a mystery to us, but we do know it'll get you high as hell. This Plumbus glass pipe comes in at just $70, which is marbles considering the craftsmanship and high quality.
Not to mention it's a freaking Plumbus Bong! It’s no surprise that our favourite cartoon has gifted us such a strange invention, which was unsurprisingly turned into a pipe. Pretty neat if I say so myself.


Silicone Mario bong - $35

silicone bong marioHang with this Mario and he'll get you ready for the races!
This silicone Mario water pipe is indestructible, a bonus for the clumsy ones in the room (we know you’re out there!). We love that it has been molded with the iconic Mario character as the Novelty bongs front and center attraction. It’s hard to find a good Mario weed pipe out there that actually features the character himself! Why not go with this awesome bong instead?

A good choice for the Nintendo lover out there who also wants some durability. You\'ll love the Zelda glass pipe featured next!


Bubble Lamp by Sw3rve Glass - $142.40

novelty bong lampWe love this lava lamp-inspired bong!

If you’re looking for some thick glass water pipes, this beautiful Bubble Lamp by Sw3rve Glass is a solid pick. If you were lucky enough to have on, this awesome bong will take you back to the days of staring endlessly at your old lava lamp. Relive that same joy with this cool glass piece. Not exactly a big water pipe by any means, sitting at only 7 inches tall, but maybe that’s good if you want a more compact solution.

From the outside it looks like your usual red glass pipe. In fact this is a special piece, hand-blown with 5mm thick borosilicate glass and a three hole diffuser. Includes a 14mm quartz banger, and at only $129 (discounted from $330), it’s actually quite the bargain considering how nice it is!

Plankton - $59

plankton smoke pipe weed

You're going to be craving Krabby Patty's as badly as Plankton once you hang with him some! 

You probably never thought you’d be cashing bowls from the behind of Plankton, did you? Our favourite pseudo super-villain can be toked out of in the shape of one of the best cartoon pipes we’ve ever seen. A carb hole is located under his arm and features a menacing yet harmless grin. Still upset he never got the Krabby Patty formula, at least he’ll chill out with some herb in his system.
At only $59, it’s one of our favourite novelty weed pipes we’ve seen. Whip it out, load a bowl, and let your friends take a hit. Watch his reaction as he turns it over to discover its true identity. That alone is worth the money spent on the Plankton glass pipe.


Zelda pipe - $40

novelty high marijuana zeldaFight off evil forces with this beautiful glass Zelda pipe.

This glass best novelty pipes Legend of Zelda bongs only costs $40 and is quite beautiful! Smooth glass with Zelda engravings and a discreet color, this is your average green glass pipe taken up two steps! Made to order by hand, this is a unique pipe that you won’t find in your average headshop. Check out the sellers Etsy page here!


Red Dichro Aqueduct - $2,100

novelty aquaduct bong

Looking to splurge on a bong that doubles as a work of art?

Available at a cool $1,800 from AttractiveGlass, I don’t think we can even consider it in the novelty bongs category, but it deserves a spot on the list anyways! At first glance, this almost looks like your average red glass pipe. Further investigation reveals a whole other realm that doesn’t immediately meet the eye. This is most certainly one of those cool glass smoking pipes that all of your friends will be talking about when they see it in action.

Handmade by Hammswaterworks, this recycler is a thing of beauty, especially when in operation. It has a built-in ash catcher, incredibly detailed design, and belongs in the ‘crazy pipes’ category for sure.



The Bukket - $22

novelty bong bukketNot the Bukket's first appearance on one of our lists of favourite!

The Bukket pipe is a unique gravity bong that actually uses no water! Instead it’ll expand using an accordion-like body to draw the smoke from your herb through the chamber and fill it up. A fun party trick and sure to knock you into next year when done properly! At just over $20, it's worth getting for the party trick factor alone.



Pink Splatter Pipe - $20

novelty cannabis pipe pink

Pretty in pink, we love this graceful pipe!

This one’s for that girl in pink smoking bowls out in the garden all the time. This girly glass pipe is hand-blown by Adventures in Glass Blowing and available at a super affordable $20 from Aqualab technologies. A perfect mini glass pipe to throw in your pocket, it’ll make a great gift for that girl who deserves something special.



MK2 Double Donut Tube - $299

novelty glass bong loopStart seeing double with this Double Donut glass piece!

Surprisingly, this crazy piece will only set you back $299 from KravingGlass. Made by Matt 2000 Glass. That's an amazing bang for the buck you spend compared to some other luxury glass bongs.

If there were a place that bong aliens would dab from, it would be here. We’d throw this into the space glass pipes category just because of the outlandish colour gamut and gorgeous design that accompanies it. Handblown in the US, this is one of our favorite trippy bongs for sale on the open market, at a pretty solid price!



Mermaid glass pipe -$15

novelty handmade mermaid pipe

Take an underwater tour with this mermaid pipe.

This little mermaid themed pipe is only $14.20, making it an inexpensive and cute little piece! Beautiful colours, glass beads that look like bubbles,  and a compact design all make it a good choice for that person you know who’s obsessed with the sea and everything aquatic.

Now we just need to see a cute Disney bong to complete the picture. For the low cost it’s set at, this little blue glass pipe is a solid upgrade over other dull and boring spoon pipes out there.


Aztec Ruins glass pipe - $29

novelty cannabis pipe aztecTake yourself on historically inspired trips with this pipe!

This Aztec Ruins pipe blown by Chameleon Glass is a cool little piece! We like this orange glass pipe quite a bit, as the beautiful colours are a visual masterpiece, and the little raised hieroglyphs add to the aesthetic even more. At a mere $29, it’s not a bad addition to your virtual shopping cart at all. Hand blown with thick glass, it’s not delicate either, even though you’ll feel like you want to protect this piece a little more than your average pipe.


TMNT Michaelangelo glass pipe - $79

novelty pipe mutant ninja turtlesLet everyone know exactly which TNMT you are with this pipe!

Of all the tacky super hero smoking pipes we’ve seen, this one’s about the best of them all. Sure to help you relive your childhood with a well done sculpting in form of a Michelangelo glass pipe. It's fun, simple, and doesn’t scream “weed here” just by looking at it. In fact you could probably leave this on your desk and people unfamiliar with pipes could just think it’s a cool trinket.

It’s not cheap at $79, but this piece skillfully made by the team at Chameleon Glass is worth the extra pocket change if you want a collectable pipe, especially if you’re a superhero fan! TMNT pipes for the win!



Best Novelty Pipes And there you have it! On the list you have some cute bongs and glass pipes, inexpensive high quality spoon pipes and extremely expensive, one-of-a-kind luxury bubblers that are complete masterpieces! Spoil yourself or a friend to one of these specialty pipes that don’t come from China.

It’s worth it to get a thick glass pipe that’s a bit resilient to drops and knocks, and something that makes you feel a little classy. So what are you waiting for?!

Need more info before you buy? Contact us in the comments below and we'll get back to you!

Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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