13 Best Recycler Bongs - Every Budget Covered!

Feb 25 , 2019

13 Best Recycler Bongs - Every Budget Covered!

When you hear the words “recycler bong” what comes to mind? If you thought about the process or idea of recycling and bongs – you are on the right path. A glass recycler bong is a unique way to inhale smoke, as the recycler bong moves the smoke through various chambers, essentially recycling it through the process, before it is then inhaled.

A glass recycler water pipe is a common way of concentrating the smoke through pipes, as it loops from chamber to chamber and then back to the original chamber before filtering and being released into a toker's lungs. Recycler pipes are a common bong choice for tokers because of the filtration that happens to the smoke. For example, a bong with a double barrel cycler will allow a toker to pull in more smoke resulting in a smoother hit. What also makes a recycler bong different and an ideal choice for tokers is that of the recycler rig – because of the additional chambers that the smoke is recycled through, a rig is used.

What makes the best recycler?

When it comes to traditional bongs, a recycler bong is one that allows the toker to have more contact with the water, which means less air and less likely to get stale fast. Even investing in a cheap glass recycler allows any toker to experience the recycler bubbles closer to their mouth, which means you can savour the taste of your mix.

If you aren’t sure if a glass recycler is the best bong for you – why not check out 11 Best Gravity Bongs to get your introduced into the bong market.  


Recycling Rig by Lookah Glass - $169.99

recycler glass bong highThere's lots to love about this Lookah Glass Recycler! Photo: @SmokingOutlet

Looking for a double recycler rig that is unlike anything the market? The Recycling Rig by Lookah Glass retails at $169.99 and is made of strong borosilicate glass. This lookah glass offers a double chamber which offers a flavourful, strong hit with each puff. Designed with innovation in mind – this recycler dab rig offers a unique engineering that is both aesthetically appealing and smooth.

What we love:
  •    14 mm female joint
  •    14 mm male bowl piece (ideal for dry herbs)
  •    Double chamber
  •    Recycler bong with percolator
  •    Made of borosilicate glass
  •    14” tall


The Chillcycler Dab Rig/Bong - $44.99

recycler bong high marijuanaSimple but elegant, the Chillcycler is great for everyone! Photo: @dailyhighclub

In the market for a cheap glass recycler? Maybe you want a new way to experience your herbs? The Chillcycler Dab Rig/Bong by dailyhighclub offers a single chamber recycler that is perfect for the newbie toker – or at least the newbie when it comes to using a recycler dab rig.

What we love:
  •    14 mm male joint
  •    Single drain recycler
  •    Budget friendly
  •    5” tall


Honeycomb Incycler Bong - $84.99

 recycler glass bong highOne of the best options under 1 Benjamin. Photo: @dailyhighclub

This klein recycler for sale is the Honeycomb Incycler Bong by dailyhighclub and sells for just under $100.00, making it a reasonably priced recycler bong. What makes this klein incycler unique is that it is visually appealing but also that its multiple chambers result in a smooth and powerful hit.

Designed with scientific glass (borosilicate), this is a durable bong. Uniquely engineered, its compact size isn’t jeopardized by it’s eye-catching chamber intricacies. Sleek and smooth, this klein incycler has a honeycomb chamber that facilitates percolation and helps filter the smoke. Put simply, this bong was well thought out and you're sure to enjoy a smooth puff every time!

The day recycler has a chamber design which means that the smoke will loop easily and continuously without struggle. While passing through the chambers, the water helps in creating a smooth, clean and powerful hit for the user.

What we love:
    •    Made with borosilicate glass
    •    Recycler bong
    •    Integrated percolator cup
    •    14.5 mm female joint
    •    14.5 mm male bowl side


Nucleus Tubular Incycler - $99.99

incycler glass cannabis smokeBlues reminiscent of that cool smoke you're about to inhale. Photo: @dankstop

Bright and colorful, the Nucleus Tubular Incycler by Nucleus is everything that a tubestar bong isn’t because it filters the smoke through its uniquely designed chambers and bent neck. Not only does it filter the smoke through the tubes, but it manages to diffuse the smoke at the optimal temperature for ensuring a soothing hit.

Designed with an elevated base and connected to various glass tubes – this recycler bong comes in various colors. Not only does it come in various colors, but you can mix and match parts of the bent neck, base and joint as well. Why not smoke the rainbow with this beer glass rig by Nucleus?

What we love:
  •    10.5” tall
  •    Circle percolator
  •    14 mm female joint
  •    14 mm male bowl
  •    Flared mouthpiece
  •    Different colors


Triple Recycler Bong - $136.00

triple recycler bong weed smokeNo, this doesn't belong to your chemistry teacher! Photo: @dankstop

Up the ante with the Triple Recycler Bong by Dankstop. This unique recycler bong is intricately designed with chambers running within three larger chambers. With a circ perc, the triple recycler bong allows smoke to flow through without losing the flavour of the herbs. Made with a thick borosilicate glass, this recycler bong retails at $136.00 at Weed Republic – while most online shops selling triple recyclers are much more – this is an affordable price for any toker.

This triple recycler bong has a Faberge egg design – or, for the newbie toker - it’s an egg shape bong with a hollow center. Unlike most bongs in the market – this is truly a unique bong for any collection.

What we love:
    •    Clear glass
    •    12” tall
    •    14 mm female joint
    •    Dewar’s joint
    •    Circ perc
    •    Nucleus recycler
    •    Extreme filtration


Mushroom Kingdom Recycler - $299.99

mushroom recycler bong smokeWe love the character that comes with this recycler! Photo: @dankstop

What do you get when you combine your favorite video game, Mario Bros, and smoking together? You get the Mushroom Kingdom Recycler by dankstop and all of its intricately unique and quirky details that will make the experience of toking even more fun. Standing at 7.5 inches tall, this recycler bong shows that big isn’t always better when it comes to a flavourful experience.

With a flared mouthpiece that will make the experience comfortable, the Mushroom Kingdom Recycler features a bent neck and banger hanger design – to add to its unique style, there are small details that not only personalize this recycler bong to suit its owner, but also make it fun and flirty. Buyer beware though – the Mushroom Kingdom Recycler is not a cheap glass recycler, as it sells at just under $300 on most shops – but if you are willing to spend the money, it's a definite must-buy!

What we love:
  •    Dry herb recycler
  •    14 mm female joint
  •    Flared mouthpiece
  •    Fixed downstream
  •    Colored glass
  •    Bent neck
  •    Banger hanger design
  •    7.5” tall


California Current Recycler - $420.00

california recycler smoke marijuanaTake a deep breath as we dive deep into one of our all-time favorites! Photo: @dankstop

Imagine the inner workings of Willy Wonka’s factory in a pipe – that is the California Current Recycler by Empire Glasswork. Influenced by the oceans of the West Coast, this glass recycler has images of both seaweed and turtles to represent the ocean life of California. Featuring a honeycomb perc, this recycler bong recycles and filters smokes, resulting in a smooth hit. Its flared mouthpiece it will add to the enjoyable experience.

Featuring a bent neck and a 14 mm joint, this glass recycler has interchangeable joint pieces of both male and female gender. With a strong and durable glass material, this colorful pipe inspired by the West Coast lifestyle will truly make getting high a thrill.

What we love:
  •    Flared mouthpiece
  •    American glass made
  •    Bent neck
  •    Colourful design
  •    14 mm male joint
  •    Deep bowl
  •    Honeycomb perc


Glass Recycler Bubbler with Slyme Mouthpiece - $151.20

marijuana recycler smoke bongGet inspired by this sleek recycler. Photo: @GrassCity

Fly high with colours – the Glass Recycler Bubbler with Slyme Mouthpiece is on the lower end of a high-end recycler rig. This unique recycler bong looks like a standard bong; however, it features a bent neck and offers smooth curves for the smoke to trail through. Designed with a flared mouthpiece and thick scientific glass – it's durable, versatile and makes the cannabis experience even more fun. Watch the bubbles boil and smoke sail through the curves up to the neck and into your mouth with this glass recycler.

With a honeycomb perc feature, this filtration system enhances the smoothness of the hit, but with a recycler system it also creates a smoother and more flavourful hit. Combine honeycomb and recycler and you will most certainly be the life of the party!

What we love:
  •    Bent neck
  •    14 mm female joint
  •    A combination of mix and colored glass
  •    Deep bowl
  •    Dewar’s joint
  •    Flared mouthpiece
  •    Honeycomb percolator
  •    Thick glass (borosilicate)


    TAG – 8” Super Slit Donut Sextuplet Recycler 14MM Female - $299.99

    glass recycler bong highNo, you're not dreaming! This amazing recycler is like nothing you've seen before! Photo: @TAG

    You’ve heard of double, triple and possibly a quadruple chamber – but have you heard of the TAG 8” Super Slit Donut Sextuplet Recycler? This unique recycler bong by TAG is truly one of a kind in that it is aesthetically stunning. Toker's will love being able to enjoy the view of the smoke funneling through chamber to chamber.

    Standing at 8” this compact glass recycler is perfect for parties or a party for one. With a retail value of just under $300 this is a high-end recycler pipe that keeps the flow and flavour going. For any recycler, it’s important to maintain the pipe by cleaning it thoroughly, as some parts of the pipe can build up and contaminate the next new hit.

    What we love:
      •    14 mm female joint
      •    8” tall
      •    Compact
      •    Strong glass material


    Beta Glass Labs WaterPipe – Klein Accents 10mm 7” Tall - $499.95

    glass recycler klein bongSmall but mighty, you'll get a smooth toke every time. Photo: @BetaGlass

    If you are looking for the bongs of all bongs – Beta Glass Labs Water Pipe is the bong for you. Standing at 7” tall, this multi-colored klein recycler brings quality to the hands of tokers everywhere. Combining innovation and design, the Beta Glass Labs Water Pipe outperforms most, if not all glass recycler bongs in the market. With a retail price of $499.95 – this is not the bong for the faint of heart.

    Flawlessly shaped, this glass recycler is made with borosilicate tubing. Each person that orders a Beta Glass Klein Accent gets a 23 karat gold label and hand-serialized in titanium, in addition, each bong comes with a certificate of authenticity.

    What we love:
      •    Klein recycler
      •    10 mm joint
      •    7” tall
      •    Various colors
      •    23 karat and titanium encrypted
      •    Certificate of authenticity
      •    Borosilicate glass


    Cheech Glass Waterpipe – Recycler 11” Triangle RIG W/ 14mm Dome and Nail - $69.95

    recycler bong cheech highYou can always count on Cheech for a smooth toke. Photo: @Toronto Hemp Company

    Licensed and endorsed by Hollywood actor, Cheech Marin, the Cheech Glass Waterpipe Recycler is a great glass recycler for the newbie toker who is looking to experience what a recycler bong is like. Sold for $69.95, this is a glass recycler that is endorsed by a seasoned toker who is making recycler bongs affordable.

    Sold with a quartz dome and nail and designed with strong American glass, the Cheech glass bong is part of a unique and reliable line of bongs.

    What we love:
      •    11” tall
      •    American Glass material
      •    14 mm joint size
      •    Clear
      •    Includes dome and nail

    BIO Glass WaterPipe – Stemless Recycler 11” Slit Cut Perc Rig 14mm Female - $69.95

    bio glass recycler smokeUnderstated and powerful, this BIOGlass recycler knows how to get the job done. Photo: @Toronto Hemp Company

    Simple and elegant is the one way to describe the BIOGlass WaterPipe Stemless Recycler, which can be presently purchased from the Toronto Hemp Company. Standing at 11 inches, this perc recycler is simple but powerful. Designed with quartz glass and a 14 mm female joint, this is a great introduction into high-end recycler bongs.

    Unlike some recycler bongs on the market, this is truly a clean finished recycler bong that offers a clean filtration system and, with each chamber that the smoke flows through, you are guaranteed a soothing hit with every inhale. For the newbie toker, the BIOGlass is a great introduction into recycler bongs with a great price tag attached to it.

    What we love:
      •    14 mm female joint
      •    Quartz glass
      •    Honeycomb percolator
      •    10” tall

    Diamond Glass WaterPipe – Stemless Klein Recycler 16” - $199.95

    diamond glass recycler bongCould this be your new favorite addition to your glass collection? Photo: @Toronto Hemp Company

    Don’t be deceived by this straight bong – the Diamond Glass WaterPipe Stemless Klein Recycler is a glass recycler that stands at 16” tall. Designed by Diamond Glass, it is a stemless klein recycler. Between the percolator and the length the smoke travels, you'll enjoy a smooth toke every time. Sold by the Toronto Hemp Company it sells at $199.95 making it a higher end bong than most chambers.

    What we love:
    •    Borosilicate glass
    •    Klein recycler
    •    14 mm male bowl
    •    Precolator
    •    16” tall

    Why go with a recycler bong?

    From recycler water pipes to a dab recycler rig, someone who has never experienced a recycler bong will find that the hit is much smoother, cooler and the flavour is much more potent than a standard straight glass bong. The recycler offers an innovative approach to standard rigs; with a dab rigs recycler every hit is smoother and cooler, which truly enhances the smoking experience. With cannabis coming in different flavours and strands, a recycler bong also allows, thanks to the recycler oil rig and the flow of the smoke, a much more flavourful experience.

    You don’t have to be experienced to know how to use a recycler bong – there are an array of bongs to suit your experience! Not to mention, our selection of bongs ranges from low to high end. There is a recycler bong for all budgets.

    Don’t be overwhelmed. Consider the functionality and how much are you willing to spend, but, more importantly, remember that a recycler bong can take the experience of smoking cannabis to the next level. With cooler and smoother hits thanks to the curving and somewhat elaborate design of a recycler bong, experiencing the flavours of dry herbs has never been as entertaining and relaxing.

    Recycler or Incycler

    With recycler bongs, the options are truly endless and they are the next step up from standard straight bongs. In a way, it’s important to consider whether you are looking for an internal or external recycler. For some it is a matter of aesthetics, while a seasoned toker knows to consider the chambers and movements of smoke.

    When picking a recycler or incycler, know that when you finally take the step to make a purchase, you will be buying a bong that is going to take your high to the next level and will surely be one that’s flavourful.


    Questions? Have your own favorite recycler you want to share with us? Drop us a comment in the box below!


    Written by: Merylee | Cover Photo by: DHgate.com

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