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Green Water Review: The Best Affordable Bong on the Market!

greenwater bong smoke 420
Have you been in the market for a new bong on a budget, but you're not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! We got to try two incredible (and highly affordable!) bongs from Green BongWater Headshop: the beaker bong and the straight bong. Check out our Best Affordable Bongs review so you don’t waste your budget on a bong that’s not right for you. Both of these bongs are under $30 and ship safely, quickly, and discreetly right to your front door.

In this review, we’ll cover the following information about each Best Affordable bongs:
  • The smoking experience
  • The construction
  • The design
  • The bowl
  • Turning this bong into a rig

greenwater bong smoke

@thestonedtwins coming in twice as hard with their Green Water Bongs!

What is GreenWater?

Green Bongs Water is a company that offers amazing Best Affordable bongs, dab rigs, vapes, pipes, and smoking accessories at the factory direct price. They purchase all of their bongs, dab rigs, and pipes directly from the artist or manufacturer, cutting out all the middle-people and passing the savings on to you.

Their wide variety of high-quality glass Best Affordable bongs, rigs, and pipes ship quickly and directly. They focus on customer satisfaction and offer a rapid replace guarantee, should your product arrive damaged. 

To see these awesome bongs on camera, check out our unboxing video!


The Beaker Bong

The 10” scientific beaker bong is complete with an ice catcher and diffuser. It features the standard 14mm glass-on-glass joints, making it easily adaptable for all your needs. It comes with a 14mm dry herb bowl and a 14/18mm diffused downstem. They even throw in a package of daisies and multiple stickers as an added bonus!


What We Love:

This bong was by far our favourite out of the two. The shape, diffuser, and ice catch all work to make the hit smooth and cool off the smoke before it gets to your lungs, resulting in less coughing and less burn feeling in your throat. 

The bubble they’ve added between the beaker base and the ice catch makes for a great place to hold the bong while hitting or passing it, sitting perfectly in your hand. The mouthpiece is a standard bong mouthpiece that’s easy and comfortable to hit. Both bongs and the bowls they come with are made out of a sturdy, thick glass that’s sure to be durable as well as functional. 

glass beaker bong

What We Don’t:

While we really loved this bong, there were a few things that we were less than satisfied with. First off, we wish the neck was longer to both give the smoke more time to cool down, and to be able to put more ice in it in a position that's further away from your mouth.

The bowl that comes with this beaker bong is deceptively large. It looks way bigger than it actually is, so be careful to not overload your grinder. As you know, once you grind up your flower, it gets stale much faster.


Overall Review:

Overall, we loved this bong. It’s beyond best affordable bongs, easy to use, easy to hold and pass, and generates the smoothest rips complete with producing a nice, thick, milky hit. We love the highly-effective ice catch, but we wish the neck containing it was a little bigger. 


The Straight Bong

The 10” scientific tube straight bong with ice catcher and diffuser is a high-quality, sturdy pipe complete with a sturdy base. It comes with the standard 14mm glass-on-glass joints, just as the Beaker Bong did, a 14mm bowl, and a diffused downstem. You’ll also get daisy screens and stickers with this bong, just like the beaker bong.

What We Love:

While we liked the beaker bong better, there’s still a lot we loved about the straight bong. This one is also made of very sturdy, thick glass and comes with a thick base to ensure it’ll stand up properly all the time. 

This bong also comes with an ice catch, so you can make each hit as cool as possible. It comes with the standard 14mm joints and a 14mm bowl, so if you break a piece, it’s easily replaced. 
toke bong water pipe

What We Don’t:

The unfortunate part about the design of this piece is there’s not a lot of space for water or ice. With the straight bong design, we missed the extra space for these H2O essentials, and there’s also not a lot of space to help aerate your hit. You also can’t put as much ice in this bong as you can the beaker bong.

Because of this design, the hits are a bit rougher. Because aeration and space for water and ice is limited, don't be surprised if this one hits your lungs a little harder. While some people like these harsher rips, it’s not our personal preference. 


Overall Review:

Overall, this is a very high-quality bong for an incredibly reasonable price. While we preferred the other one, it largely came down to personal preference for smoking. You truly can’t go wrong with either of these bongs!



Green Bongs Water makes excellent bongs for the stoner on a budget. Both of the best affordable bongs we tried (the beaker and the straight bong) offer a smooth hit - though the beaker was notably smoother - and thick, sturdy glass construction to ensure the best value for the lowest price. 

If you’re in the market for a quality bong that won’t break the bank, Green Bongs Water is for you.

GreenWater Bong Highlights:

  • Ice catch and diffuser
  • Easy to hold/pass
  • Smooth rips
  • Milks a lot of smoke out of each hit
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Under $30

GreenWater Bong Lowlights:

  • Straight bong hits a little rough
  • We prefer a taller bong especially when it has an ice catch
  • The straight bong doesn’t leave much room for water or ice

Have you used a Green Bongs Water before? Tell us how your experience was in the comments below!

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