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Berry White Cannabis Strain | The White Strain

Berry White Cannabis Strain | The White Strain
Berry White strain is a hybrid bred from a cross between Blueberry and White Widow. This classic combination gives even, balanced effects, which are perfect for taking on stress and anxiety. Berry White also evokes euphoria, making it perfect to put you in an upbeat mood that may lead to social conversations or getting creative. This strain has a light berry taste and a pine smell. It also has orange hair and slightly blue buds.

berry white kush plant spider

Berry White making a new friend (can you spot it?). Photo: @cryptokingxpig42

Berry White strain

This strain is also known as: Barry White Kush, Whiteberry strain, Blue Widow, or Whiteberry. The official name is Berry White, named after the singer Barry White. It's a celebrity strain, created in Colorado, when Green Beanz Seeds decided to cross these two incredibly famous strains: Blueberry and White Widow. When crossing these two, this seed company took the White strain Widow high and added a little more relaxation from the Blueberry. This strain is covered in white crystals, which weed fans will know is a positive sign.

Best of Berry White indica 

Berry White is definitely a full-on indica. It's almost a pure indica, but it behaves like a hybrid in its effects. Hence, you can get a burst of energy whilst also feeling incredibly relaxed. This is the best thing about Berry White. If you do start to feel couch lock, there are plenty of ways to get yourself motivated again. For example, having a nice strong coffee or having a cold shower could really bring you out of the couch-lock state and allow you to fully appreciate the Berry White indica high. 

Barry White Kush genetics 

Berry White is a cross between: By crossing Blueberry (indica) and White Widow (indica-dominant hybrid), Green Beanz Seeds have created a strong indica-dominant hybrid with cerebral effects. The high is actually probably most similar to the White strain Widow (here's another White Widow baby!), which is known across Amsterdam's coffee shops for its balanced high. White Widow and Blueberry are perhaps two of the most popular strains in the world. White Widow is particularly popular in Amsterdam.

Berry White THC percentage 

Berry White has a massive THC percentage. This is great, particularly if you have something which is hard to treat or treatment-resistant.
The average indica strain has around a 13% THC potency. Berry White, on the other hand, can have up to a whopping 22%. The average is a little lower, at around 18%. Even at 18% this can really pack a punch, so the most inexperienced users should take this strain slowly. If you find that you've smoked a little too much and you're managing out and can't move, as mentioned before have a coffee or a cold shower and you'll be up and about in no time.

How expensive is Berry White?

This is a designer strain, but you should still be able to find the seeds online. Pay attention to the ratings a site gives seeds though, as this can be an indicator as to the quality of seeds you'll be getting. If you're searching offline, the real seeds and clippings are much harder to come by, and this strain can cost up to $20 a gram in certain dispensaries. 

Berry White taste

Berry White, as you can probably guess, tastes like:
  • Berry
  • Earthy
  • Blueberry
  • Sweet
  • Pine

Can you get Berry White in oil, wax, shatter, or edibles?

This strain is indeed available in vape or concentrate format. Because Berry White's taste is so well known, many folks buy this strain exclusively in vape or concentrate form. If you want to venture into other forms of Berry White though, be warned, many vape companies simply use the terpenes from more famous strains, and grow other less well-known and easier to manage strains, thus maximizing their profit. Hence, you could be toking on a Berry White vape, taste Berry White, but have completely different effects.
As for edibles, this is easily remedied at home yourself. You can make edibles from literally any strain, simply decarboxylate (or if you're using already vaped bud you can skip that step) and mix the product with an oil or fat. This allows it to dissolve into something and makes the high a lot more potent. Once you've done this, simply cook it with something else or just eat it as is, wait a few hours, and you'll be dreaming through life with a Berry White edible high. These can last up to 6 hours and are normally a lot more potent than just smoking flowers.

berry white smoke cannabisLoaded up on Berry White, photo: @_pacojavier
berry white blunt joint kushBlunt full of Berry White; we're not sad about it, photo: @kushtographybyamy
Berry White General Effects
Berry White Medical Effects
Berry White Side Effects
Relaxation 100% Stress Relief 100% Cottonmouth 100%
Euphoria 80% Depression 90% Dry Eyes 50%
Happy 80% Pain Relief 85% Anxiety 30%
Sleepy 55% Insomnia 70% Paranoia 15%
Uplifted 50%  Fatigue 50%
Dizzy 5%

This indica-dominant hybrid packs a punch. You may find yourself feeling incredibly sleepy, which could be a good thing if you’re struggling with sleep. It’s always best to smoke a strain an hour or so before you want to sleep, particularly if it has some cerebral high such as Berry White, as the head rush may keep you awake.
If you find yourself struggling with cottonmouth, simply make yourself a cup of tea. Wait for it to cool down completely, then drink it all at once. You’ll find your cottonmouth completely disappearing in no time

Berry White flowering time

Berry White is both an indoor and an outdoor strain, which has a bit of a strange flowering time, as it may take anywhere from 7 to 10 weeks to fully mature. This is probably simply due to different seeds and phenotypes, but it will be worth the wait regardless!

Berry White seeds

You'll be able to find strains called “White Berry” online, but we always like to caution tokers before they buy digitally. It’s very hard to tell what you're getting. For Berry White, try to identify its distinctive blue hue with orange hairs. Though Berry White's seeds and clippings are going to be difficult to track down (unless you're in Colorado where they're from), you'll be happy you put in the effort to find the real deal!

Berry White yield

The yield of this strain is about average to high, at about 3-6oz per square foot.

Berry White Farm Grow Cannabis
We can’t get enough Berry White! Photo: @phreshstartfarm

Berry White is

  • Indica-dominant hybrid with highly desirable high
  • Sleepy, perfect sleep aid
  • Tastes amazing, making it perfect for a flower vape
  • Hard to find the official seeds for, but Passion Seeds do stock “White Berry”
  • Comes from two very famous parent strains, mixed together for a specific reason
  • End result is a fantastic smoke which can’t be understate

    Have you had the pleasure of meeting Berry White? Tell us what you thought in the comments below! 

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