Blackjack strain review - Everything You Need to Know & More!

Sep 23 , 2018

Blackjack strain review - Everything You Need to Know & More!


Black Jack or Blackjack is a marijuana strain which is famous among medical marijuana patients. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the main ones is Black Jack has final yield is predominantly the trichomes which can be found covering the thick buds. The flowering time of Black Jack isn’t too big either, with an average of 7-9 weeks.

An ⅛ of Black Jack will cost up to $50 an eighth in a California dispensary. This is because it is considered a top-shelf strain. You may find it cheaper than this, but it’s always hard to tell the authenticity of any strain unless you’re growing it yourself.




Black Jack is a potent marijuana strain, which is a blend of The Black Domino Strain (Indica) and Jack Horror (a version of Jack Herer, Sativa). The THC percentage is often very high, which is mainly to do with the grape-shaped buds which are covered in crystals. It is a hybrid, which has happy and euphoric effects. Jack Herer, one of Black Jack's parent strains, is a famous sativa-dominant strain created in the Netherlands, which gives a sense of euphoria but is balanced perfectly with its indica side.


Where to Buy Blackjack Seeds

It’s always best to buy the seeds directly from the original creator of the strain. The strain was originally created by Nirvana Seeds. Nirvana Seeds is one of the many greatly respected grow companies out of the Netherlands. The seeds can be found on their website easily enough. Black Jack is slightly more on the sativa side, which is great. The creators of the strain said about the strain:

“We are big fans of sativa strains that have a big impact on the medical marijuana community. Often Indicas get all the recognition and while it’s deserved, when a sativa comes around and delivers high THC without inducing paranoia or anxiety we can't help but loving it.” This is definitely true. A lot of things cannot simply be cured by smoking an indica. Curbing depression and reducing anxiety often require much higher doses of THC. If you find that indicas aren’t working despite what people have advised, then trying a strain like Black Jack could be very beneficial. Growing yourself is definitely the best way to ensure that you’re smoking the right stuff. Also, you can make sure it’s organic.


Black Jack Effects

black jack marijuana femenized strain picture


Black Jack is indica leaning, but it also has sativa effects. This is the hallmark of a good hybrid, and the balance can be felt when you’re high for sure. If you smoke this strain all day, you may develop headaches and potentially couch lock. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as you’ll start to feel sleepy and you can time this perfectly for when you want to sleep. The purple leaves which you can see above lead some people to call this strain purple jack.

Black Jack Effects

Black Jack Effects

Black Jack Effects

Happy 100%

Stress 100%

Dry Mouth 100%

Euphoric 75%

Depression 50%

Dizzy 30%

Relaxed 70%

Pain 50%

Anxious 25%

Uplifted 60%

Insomnia 40%

Dry Eyes 20%

Energetic 50%

Lack of Appetite 30%

Headaches 10%

Black Jack Flavour Profile

The citrusy taste from its Jack Herer relative gives a nice citrus taste. This is balanced with an earthy pine taste. Blackjack has a great flavour, and you can definitely taste the Jack Herer in the buds.

Growing Tips

For bigger buds, you should definitely consider pruning your plants. Particularly this is true with plants such as Black Jack, as unnecessary branching can cause much leafier buds. As the yield is generally focused on the buds, which are the most important part of the plant for marijuana smokers, if you trim your buds then you will receive bigger buds, which are already covered in thick resinous crystals. Another great tip from this video is to straighten your plants with bamboo preemptively, to save time and effort in the future. Take a look below for the best tips to grow Black Jack with bigger buds.


Flowering Time


Black Jack has a flowering time of approximately 62-72 days. It gives a good yield, coming in at around 18-22 ounces per m². This strain is pretty pungent when it’s growing, but so are most strains to be honest. With the Black Jack strain yield it’s important to remember that a lot of the weight is held in the crystals surrounding the buds, and therefore the yield may appear smaller than one might expect.


The plant thrives much better in an outdoor environment. If planted from around the ninth week, until around October, Black Jack can grow well if placed outside in a place where the sun can hit it. It’s a fairly resilient strain. The plant is very tall, so when you weigh the final product, it will be a small yield for such a large weight, as mentioned before this is fine because it’s because the plant is covered in delicious trichomes waiting to be consumed.

Black Jack Strain Overview

  • Potent sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Balanced, couch lock and head rush effects are staved off
  • Black Domina and Jack Herer cross
  • Easy to grow
  • Higher than average yields
  • Very famous lineage, including Northern Lights and Jack Herer.
  • Probably not for beginners. A lot of the strains on the market these days have very high THC % and caution should be exercised
  • High enough THC potency to deal with disorders such as pain, insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, and depression.


Not to be confused with

It's often quite confusing in the weed world, mainly due to the number of different companies who are backcrossing so many different strains of weed. Sometimes strains of weed have the same name but are different. The strain in the video below is known as Blackjack OG, Jack OG or Black Kush. This is because it's a cross between Blackberry Kush and Jack Herer. It's really obvious from the number of other strains that have cropped up from it, that Jack Herer really is one of the best strains.  

Can you get Black Jack in Vape/Wax or Edible Form?

You have to remember that you can make cannabis edibles and oils with absolutely any strain. If you grow this strain yourself from seeds bought from the official website, you're very likely to end up with Black Jack as a final product. That is great if you know how to make oil and edibles.

If you don't know how to make oils or edibles and you can't grow your own weed, you're likely going to have to live in California. A lot of companies will make their own oils using the strains, and then they will sell the oils in vape format. One such company is W vapes, who sell strain specific vapes including Black Jack. 

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