Black D.O.G. Strain Review - Everything You Need to Know & More!

Sep 23 , 2019

Black D.O.G. Strain Review - Everything You Need to Know & More!

Black D.O.G or Black Dog was created by legendary growers Humboldt Seed Organization (HSO seeds). It’s a cross between Blackberry Kush and Emerald Headband. It’s famous for its taste and potency, which puts it squarely into the dankenstein family. A dankenstein strain is one that crosses two or more dank strains together to create one crazy strain. Black D.O.G. is definitely that, and, although it’s indica-dominant, it has a cerebral buzz.

This strain is sometimes called Black Dawg, Blackberry Dog, Emdog Strain, Black OG Kush, or Black OG strain. 

blackdog marijuana indicaThe Black D.O.G. strain growing up colorfully! Photo: @thenotsoesoteric

Black D.O.G. weed strain: indica or sativa? 

Black D.O.G. is officially an indica strain, but it is 90% leaning, meaning you can expect a slight cerebral buzz. With the 10% sativa in there Black D.O.G. is beautifully balanced. The name comes from the dark purple leaves and the fact that it’s a Blackberry Kush cross. This strain is a great example of an indica that can be used for many different medicinal purposes, which will be discussed a little further on in the article.

Black D.O.G. strain genetics

This strain was originally created by Humboldt Seed Organization (HSO seeds). HSO are master breeders and are known across the world for their beautifully crafted strains. This makes their brand name a stamp of quality, and you know that if you’re smoking one of their strains you’re going to have a good time. Black D.O.G. is thought to be a cross between:

  • Blackberry Kush
  • Emerald Headband


Black D.O.G. strain THC percentage

The average indica strain has around 12.5% THC content. Black D.O.G.'s average is closer to 16%, whereas the strongest phenotypes can test up to 21%. This is pretty strong but is by no means the strongest available on the market. However, this may induce uncomfortable levels of couch lock on stoners with a little less tolerance. If this is the case, then follow this guide on how to stop couch lock:

  • Take a cold shower
  • Drink a hot coffee

After this you should feel less high and far more motivated. If this doesn’t work, then maybe indicas aren’t for you. Unless of course you enjoy being glued to the couch, in which case toke away!


Black D.O.G. strain price

Thankfully, the seeds are available online from the original seller. What does this mean for the price? Well, if a strain is clone-only, or the seeds are nearly impossible to come by, then the price is generally a lot higher. That is because people can’t grow the strain themselves and dispensaries and coffee shops may struggle to find it. Thus, the supply is much lower. However, Black D.O.G. is available online and is unlikely to cost any more than $10 a gram regardless of where you are in the world.

Black D.O.G. strain taste 

As Black D.O.G. is a Blackberry Kush cross, you can expect a very fruity taste. If you want to truly experience the taste of this strain, it’s highly recommended that you bring out your trusty flower vaporiser, and give it a toot. This is because there’s no combustion of the plant material; it’s simply vaporised instead. This gives a much better taste than if you were to light it up and smoke it normally. You should consider grinding your weed first, as this allows the full flavour to be released. The taste profile of Black D.O.G. is:

  • Earthy
  • Berry
  • Pine


Black D.O.G. strain oil, wax, shatter, edibles etc.

If you want to make concentrates, then you should definitely be careful. Creating Butane Hash Oils yourself is considered to be dangerous, and should only be undertaken if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t know what you’re doing then you should definitely consider visiting North America to try these concentrates. If you do decide to try and make it yourself, then Black D.O.G. weed is a great choice for vapes, concentrates, waxes, etc. This is because it has a high THC content and a very nice flavour, both of which are what people look for in strains to make concentrates from.

You can also use any strain you want to make edibles. You simply need to decarboxylate your weed first, and then you can use it to easily make edibles. There are two ways to make edibles, decarboxylate fresh buds or use already vaped marijuana. If you get the leftover marijuana from your vaporiser and then stick it with a fat or an oil, you’ve got a potent edible. Please note: these are seriously potent. Do not underestimate their potency! 

blackdog grow flower weedBeautiful Black D.O.G. flower, photo: @thenotsoesoteric

blackdog marijuana nuggHow would you enjoy these Black D.O.G. nuggs? Photo: @dankstationuk

Black D.O.G. General Effects
Black D.O.G. Medical Effects
Black D.O.G. Effects Negative
Relaxed 100% Insomnia 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Sleepy 90%
Stress Relief 100%
Dizziness 30%
Giggly 60%
Depression 85%
Anxiety 30%
Euphoric 20% Pain Relief 50% Lethargy 30%
Happy 15%  Lack of Appetite 30%
Couch Lock 30% 


This juicy little indica strain is perfect for those who are suffering from pain or insomnia. Indica strains in general are also perfect for relaxing. If you’re looking for a strain to help you sleep, don’t just smoke it and immediately expect to fall asleep, particularly with indica-dominant hybrids or hybrids with that little cerebral kick (just like Black D.O.G.). This is because the cerebral high will generally keep you awake as thoughts run through your head. This isn’t true of everyone, but you should wait about an hour after smoking for best sleep-inducing effects.


The flowering time of Black D.O.G. is around 48-55 days. You can either leave it for longer for a higher THC percentage, or, if you’re feeling impatient, get harvesting!

Black D.O.G. strain Growing tips 

This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors and will grow up to 2 metres. It’s very easy to grow, and, because it grows so quickly, it’s also less likely to be affected by mould. Breeders of all levels should find this strain easy to grow.

Black D.O.G. strain seeds

The seeds are available from the original breeder. This means that you can rest assured when you buy them, as you know that they’re going to be exactly what you’re expecting. For a lot of strains buying seeds is a gamble. Humboldt Seed Organisation (HSO seeds) are here to help.

Black D.O.G. strain yield

Per metre squared, Black D.O.G. can expect to yield around 400-500 grams indoors. Outdoors, you can expect 1000-3000 grams per plant. If you’re familiar with yields you will know that this is a very good yield.

blackdog marijuana weed growAren’t they cute when they’re little? Photo: @kmcvalley

What is the Black D.O.G. strain?

Black D.O.G. is one of those master strains that simply ticks all of the boxes. You have a high yield, a good THC percentage, it's easy to grow, tastes great, and users will experience a nice high. If you’re looking for an indica then you shouldn’t look much further than this strain, especially if you’re looking to deal with either pain or sleep problems.
  • Great yield
  • High THC percentage
  • Easy to grow
  • Fantastic taste
  • Nice high
  • Indica strain
  • Originally created by HSO Seeds



Too high on Black D.O.G. to finish the review? Watch this video review instead:


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