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Bubba Kush Strain | Purple Bubba Weed Strain

bubba kush marijuana smoke

What is Bubba Kush? Bubba Kush Strain is one of those legendary strains among the cannabis community. It’s a heavy indica strain, which some argue is a hybrid, but others argue is a pure indica. It’s definitely on the indica side of things, and we’re going to call it an indica. It’s an L.A boutique strain that came straight out of the West Coast. It has been a staple strain in North American dispensaries since the early 1990s. It’s also got a decent following in Amsterdam and can be found in a decent number of coffeeshops over in the Netherlands.

This strain is sometimes called Purple Bubba Kush Strain, Bubba Blue, Purple Bubba Strain, Black Bubba, Bubba Sticks, Bubba Cookies, Bubblekush, OG Bubba Kush, and King Bubba.

What is Kush?

Kush refers to strains that have been bred from the infamous OG Kush strain or one of its offshoots. OG Kush is used in many different breeding creations because it often transfers its high potency and very unique (but desirable) taste. OG Kush has given rise to many many different types of kush strains, including, but not limited to:

  • Trinidad OG
  • Melon Gum kush strain
  • Coffee Kush
  • Medical Kush
  • And much more

bubba kush marijuana smokeOkay, how do we become friends with this person? Photo: @shop.ubican

Bubba Kush strain: Indica or Sativa?

Bubba Kush Strain is an indica, although, as mentioned above, some people may refer to this strain as a hybrid. To be honest, scientifically speaking, the terms indica and sativa actually mean very little. It’s mainly just a way to tell people that they’re either going to feel lazy as hell, or they'll be bouncing up and down off the walls having so much energy that you might accidentally run to Windsor (reference). Bubba Kush's effects land it squarely on the indica side.

Bubba Kush strain genetics 

A lot of original history from many strains has been lost, mainly because stoners are bad at keeping history, and most of the things that were happening 30 years ago were illegal. As such, the original breeders of this strain are hard to pinpoint. However, it’s generally accepted that the strain was bred in California and that two indica-dominant titans came together to create this beast:

  • Northern Lights
  • OG Kush

Bubba Kush THC percentage

Bubba Weed Kush was considered incredibly potent when it was first created. Although some strains have slowly taken over it potency-wise, this strain is still nothing to laugh at. The average indica has around 12.5% THC content, whereas Bubba Kush Strain on average has 14.5%. The highest phenotypes of this strain measure at 22.5%, and will knock even the most adept stoners to the floor.

Bubba Kush price 

Bubba Kush would have been a lot more expensive a few years ago, but, because it’s quite an old strain, the price has gone down. Adding to this point, because seeds for Bubba Kush Strain were made available a few years back (from 1998 onwards), the price of this strain is even lower. You shouldn’t expect to pay anymore than $10 a gram for this strain whether that’s in Amsterdam or North America.


Bubba Kush taste 

Bubba Kush has inherited the Kush flavors, and also the fantastic taste of Northern Lights. As such, you should enjoy this famous strain inside a flower vaporizer. Without this, you’ll seriously regret it. Although some of the best-tasting strains can be enjoyed inside blunt wraps and still have a great flavor, older strains like this can’t. The burning of the flower and the paper can really ruin the taste, especially if you have bad wraps. As such, a flower vaporizer with ground-up buds inside really is the best way forward. The full taste profile of Bubba Kush Strain is:

  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Sweet
  • Kush

Bubba Kush oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

Any buds can be made into concentrates, but concentrate creators usually look for specific things inside their buds. This is taste and potency. Bubba Kush Strain obviously has both. However, creating concentrates (or Butane Hash Oil, BHO) is considered to be dangerous. Please don’t attempt this unless you know exactly what you’re doing. If you do still want to try this out, then check out this guide here.
You can also create edibles from any strain. Just follow the two golden rules of creating edibles:

Failure to complete either of these two steps will result in cannabis edibles that either has zero or very little potency. It’s highly recommended that you use a flower vaporizer, as mentioned before. The other advantage of this is that your already vaped bud (leftover weed) is actually perfectly decarboxylated cannabis.

bubba kush cannabis nugBubba Kush looking wallpaper worthy! Photo: @illeague

bubba kush indica strainTrichomes really coming out in this Bubba Kush. Photo: @wild_wolf_farms


Bubba Kush General
Bubba Kush Medical
Bubba Kush Negative
Relaxed 100% Stress Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Sleepy 80%
Insomnia 85%
Dry Eyes 50%
Happy 60%
Pain Relief 80%
Anxiety 35%
Euphoric 60% Lack of Appetite 60% Dizziness 30%
Hungry 50%  Depression 60%
Lethargy 25%

Bubba Kush, being an indica, will make some users feel incredibly lethargic. They also may get headaches after a long day of smoking, but this is slightly less common. To avoid this you should drink plenty of water, and maybe take a painkiller if the pain is particularly bad. However, those of you who are wanting a stress-busting strain with great effects, then Bubba Kush Strain is your new best friend.

If you do find yourself feeling slightly glued to the couch, follow this guide to feeling less stoned:

  • Have a cold shower
  • Have a hot pot of coffee
  • Go for a run

Bubba Kush plant flowering time

The flowering time of Bubba Weed Kush is incredibly quick at just 7-9 weeks. If you leave it for the full 7-9 weeks, you will get a higher potency and a better taste. You should also leave this strain to fully 

dry after harvesting.

Bubba Kush growing tips

This strain is a classic indica grow, and can be grown inside or outside. It grows well in soil, but does better in hydroponics. The quality of the buds is very high, and it grows short and bushy. You should consider topping the strain to allow light and nutrients to get to the bottom of the plant, hence increasing yield.

Bubba Kush seeds

Bubba Kush is available from many different seed shops, including Royal Queen Seeds, who made their own version of the strain. It’s highly recommended you buy from them or from Dinafem, who are the most reputable sellers who sell these seeds online.

Bubba Kush yield 

This strain yields 3-6 ounces per foot squared, which is a very high yield, especially for an indica.

bubba kush grow marijuanaBubba Kush grow going strong, photo: @canna_logs 

What is the Bubba Kush strain?

Bubba Kush Strain pure indica strain as some people argue) has some great stress-melting effects. It’s very easy to grow, it has a good yield, and it’s also quick to grow. It has a great taste and some potent effects. Basically, it’s a great all-rounder.


  • High potency
  • High yield
  • Cheap strain
  • Seeds available online
  • Quick to grow
  • Easy to grow


Tried Bubba Kush before? Let us know what you thought in the comments below! 

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