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Cali Gold Extract | Cali Gold Carts

cali gold strain marijuana
Before we get to the delicious hybrid strain that is Cali Gold, we want to start with a brief summary of Cali Gold Extracts, which are sweeping North America with their popularity.

Cali Gold Extracts

If you haven't heard about the Cali vape hype surrounding THC and CBD vape pens or cartridges, then this summary is perfect to bring you up to speed! The vape business is huge out on the West Coast, and it’s rapidly expanding. Many different companies including Brass Knuckles Cartridges, Stiizy Pods, Select Vape Pen, are tapping into the demand, supplying pre-filled vape cartridges attached to the best 510 thread battery you can find.

Not all that's gold glitters though, so it's important that you do your research before simply jumping onto the bandwagon. Some cartridges use oil that contains pesticides, which can be extremely dangerous for your health. Live Resin Cartridges, pre-filled wax cartridges, cartridge vape pens, etc. have also been known to contain Propylene Glycol or other thinning agents. Whilst the FDA approves these substances as fit for human consumption (which technically means that they’re okay to consume), this does not necessarily make them safe to vaporize.  

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cali gold nugg marijuana

A Cali Gold nugg, photo: @caligoldcultivation

Cali Gasold strain: Indica or Sativa? 

Cali Gold falls more heavily on the indica side, with a split of about 80/20. This means that it has some pretty potent Indica effects, which most likely come from its Jah OG Kush parent. OG Kush is one of the most common strains to choose to breed with another strain to make a dank strain thanks to its very high THC percentage, as well as its world-famous flavors. This is also what gives Cali Gold its Indica-dominance, as most OG Kush phenotypes from the Netherlands are Indica-dominant.  

This strain is sometimes called the Yukon Gold weed strain, Cali Gold Bars, and there is also a vape company called Caligold Extracts.

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Cali Gold strain genetics 

Unfortunately, the original breeder of this strain is hard to pinpoint. It’s thought to be a collaboration between the Netherlands and the West Coast, although it’s incredibly hard to say for sure. The seeds are also not available online, which throws up a number of different issues. These seeds are great of course, but we're not going to advocate anyone goes to a black market for them! However, what is certain is that the two strains that were bred together to create Cali Gold carts were:
  • Jah OG Kush
  • DS Gold

Cali Gold Strain THC percentage 

The average Indica-dominant hybrid contains around 12.5% THC. However, Cali Gold carts has OG Kush in its roots and therefore has a much higher THC percentage. The average Cali Gold phenotype has around 18% THC. However, the strongest phenotypes of this gem of a strain contain up to 21% THC.

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Cali Gold price

Cali Gold is a clone-only strain, or at least the seeds were not made available by the original breeders. This throws up all sorts of complications, but the main one is that the supply is very low. This is especially true in places outside the original breeding place. The plant is native to sunny California gold strain, therefore the price is cheapest there. You’d expect to pay a good average of about $15 for a gram of Cali Gold strain in California. In a Dutch coffeeshop, however, this strain is considered to be very rare. You’d be looking at paying around $20 a gram, if not even more, in a Dutch coffeeshop.

Cali Gold taste

Cali Gold has two very tasty strains inside it. Jah OG, an OG Kush relative, which is a famous taste in itself. The second, DS Gold, is a very citrusy and lemony strain, making it absolutely perfect for use inside a flower vaporizer. Flower vape pens make the buds taste a lot better than your bog-standard methods of smoking. This is because, aside from edibles, it is basically the only method of taking cannabis without combusting the plant material. Furthermore, as there are no skins (or papers as Americans would say), there isn’t any further adulteration from other materials. This makes vaporizing flower the tastiest and healthiest method of smoking weed. If you grind your flower up before sticking it inside your vape, it will taste even better.


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Cali Gold strain oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

You can turn any strain you like into Butane Hash Oil. This is quite a dangerous process, however. Amateur creators of wax, oil, and shatter, have been known to accidentally burn their houses down. So please be wary when attempting this. The only real method of trying a shatter out without making it yourself is to go to a dispensary in North America. This is because shatters and concentrates aren’t actually sold by coffee shops, because they’re currently against the law. If you were to make a concentrate from Cali Gold strain, it would make a perfect one. This is because it has a high trichome collection as well as a fantastic citrusy taste.  

You can also make any strain you like into an edible. This is fairly simple and easy, compared with creating something like butane hash oil. The only thing you really need to do before you make an edible is to decarboxylate your cannabis. If you’re using a flower vaporizer, you can use your already vaped bud to create incredibly potent marijuana edibles. However, if you don’t have a flower vaporizer, simply stick your weed in the oven for at least an hour, then mix it with a fat or oil.


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cali gold indica strain

Cali Gold flower, photo: @caligoldcultivation

cali gold terpene hybrid

The colors are really coming out on this Cali Gold nug, photo: @caligoldcultivation


Cali Gold General
Cali Gold Medical
Cali Gold Negative
Relaxed 100% Stress Relief 100%
Paranoia 100%
Sleepy 90%
Depression 60%
Anxiety 100%
Happy 85%
Headaches 50%
Dry Eyes 20%
Uplifted 85% Insomnia 25% Cottonmouth 15%
Euphoric 80%  Pain Relief 20%
Lethargy 10%

This Indica-dominant hybrid may make you feel a little couch-locked. As such, you should follow this guide if you don’t want to get yourself back up off the cushions. How to get rid of couch-lock:

  • Take a cold shower
  • Drink some coffee
  • Go for a run
After this, you should feel less high, and certainly less couch-locked. However, if you’re looking for a strain that will help kill stress instantly, then try smoking some Cali Gold pens at the end of a long day.



Cali Gold strain flowering time 

Cali Gold grows relatively quickly with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. 

Cali Gold strain growing tips 

You should definitely top this strain. This means to cut away the leaves at the very top of the plant, allowing the buds at the bottom of the plant to grow to their full potential. This significantly increases the yield of this plant. Also, you should be aware that if you want to grow this strain outside, you will require a similar climate to its native California gold strain.


Cali Gold strain seeds

The seeds are not available online, so you will have to be fortunate enough to get a clipping of this strain from somewhere. Where can I get a clipping of Cali Gold pens? Simply put, we wish you luck...!

Cali Gold strain yield 

The yield of Cali gold is moderate to high, owing to the fact that it’s an indica-dominant strain. You should leave this strain for the full 9 weeks and you should top it, for a better yield.

cali gold extract smokeCali Gold extract, ready to go! Photo: @bosshizzle

What is the Cali Gold strain?

Cali Gold is an exceptionally soothing hybrid that has both cerebral and indica energy. This makes it perfect for stress-busting after a long day at the office. There are many other things this strain is good for. For some people, it may help with depression. Cali Gold also has a fantastic flavour, which makes it a perfect choice for smoking inside flower vape pens.
  • Good yield
  • Hard to find seeds
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Fantastic taste
  • Should be topped
  • Native to California
  • Should be vaped inside a flower vaporiser for maximum taste

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