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Cinderella 99 Cookies Strain

cinderella 99 marijuana strain

Cinderella 99 strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by Mr. Soul, a famous breeder for the Brothers Grimm. Cinderella 99 is closely associated with Jack Herer, as apparently the original strain was created from seeds that were found in weed that was bought from Sensi Seeds; the strain was Jack Herer. This likely means that it’s a phenotype of Jack Herer. It has dreamy, euphoric effects, which are definitely considered to be potent. This Cinderella marijuana strain could have you feeling like a fairy tale.

cinderella 99 cannabis flower
Cinderella looking ready for the ball! Photo: @g13labs_seeds

Cinderella 99: sativa or indica?

Cinderella 99 strain, C99 strain, or simply ‘Cindy’, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It has effects that take about 15 minutes to hit you fully, so be careful. This is known as a creeping high and can lead some people to get a little bit too high. You can also expect the high to last about 90 minutes. Typically, you will feel very light in the head with a sense of euphoria. There is also a slight body high, which is helpful for relaxing. This combination between the indica body high and the Sativa head high can be very useful for treating certain medical conditions.
If you do find that you’re feeling a bit too high, it’s highly recommended that you take a cold shower and have a nice cup of coffee. This usually leaves you feeling much less stoned and far more capable of facing the world.

Cinderella 99 genetics

Cinderella 99 Strain is thought to be either a phenotype of Jack Herer, or it’s a cross between Jack Herer and another strain. According to Mr. Soul himself, the process was incredibly complicated. The strain that he grew from the Jack Herer seeds, the ones he found in the Sensi Smile coffeeshop, were grown, and then that strain was called Princess. He then crossed Princess with two other strains, all of which were Brothers Grimm staple strains:

  • Princess
  • Genius
  • Cafe Girl

These three strains created not only some of their most famous strains but, when mixed together, they created Cinderella 99.


Cinderella 99 THC percentage

The average Sativa-dominant hybrid has around 13.5% THC content. Cinderella 99’s highest THC percentage phenotypes measure at around 22%, whereas the average is around 18%. This is pretty potent, so just be careful, as mentioned before!

C99 strain price

The seeds are available to buy from online seedbanks. The Brothers Grimm have a list of trusted sellers on their website, so you can order seeds from there. That drives the price of the strain down significantly. It’s really clone-only strains that can be incredibly expensive. In general, if seeds are available online, the strain is fairly cheap. Whether you're in a coffee shop in Amsterdam or in a dispensary in North America, you should be able to find Cinderella 99 for about $10-15 a gram.


Cinderella 99 taste

Cinderella 99 Strain was originally created because Mr. Soul tasted the strain that he later called Princess. As it was delicious, he decided to breed it! By adding a few more strains to it all he did was increase the flavor. As such, you should definitely get a flower vape to try this strain with. Cinderella 99’s taste is: 

  • Citrus
  • Earthy
  • Flowery

Cinderella 99 oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

This strain has a high THC percentage and great taste. These are both things that concentrate makers look for in their strains. As such, Cinderella 99 is a popular choice for making Butane Hash Oil. This can be very dangerous, so it’s highly recommended that you don’t try to make it yourself. Try to find a retailer where you can buy concentrates made by a professional.

It is possible to make any strain you like into oil, wax, shatter, or edibles. Edibles are much easier and much safer to make than BHO. You can also use the already vaped bud from your vaporizer to easily create edibles. Simply mix your already vaped bud with a fat or oil, and presto! You have an incredibly potent edible mix. If you don’t want to use already vaped bud, or perhaps you don’t have a vaporizer, then you can decarboxylate your weed first. This is an important step in the edible making process, as it fully unlocks the potency.

cinderella 99 work kush

How could you be sad if you work with these beauties all day? Photo:@cannapinoid

cinderella 99 cannabis flower pot

Cinderella 99 could be just the thing to lift your spirits! Photo: @nug_bros

Cinderella 99 General Effects
Cinderella 99 Medical Effects
Cinderella 99 Effects
Euphoric 100% Depression 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Happy 95% Stress Relief 90%
Anxiety 90%
Energetic 80% Fatigue 50% Paranoia 45%
Uplifted 75% Pain Relief 45% Headache 25%
Relaxed 55%  Nausea 30%
Overwhelming 20%

Please be careful with strains like Cinderella 99. Potent Sativa-dominant hybrids and pure sativas are enough to overwhelm some newer stoners. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, paranoia, headaches, and generally wanting to escape the situation. As mentioned previously, the best way to make yourself feel less high is by having a cold shower and a warm pot of strong coffee. However, if you know what you’re doing, and you’re looking for depression medication, then Cinderella 99 definitely fits the bill. The mix of Indica and Sativa highs will make you feel both relaxed and euphoric at the same time, which can really help with curbing depression, stress, fatigue, pain, and nausea.

Cinderella 99 flowering time

Cinderella 99 grows in about 7-9 weeks. This flowering time is very short compared to other strains.

Cinderella 99 Jack Herer relative Growing tips

The difficulty of this strain is average to grow, and it’s known for its ability to be grown inside. In fact, it’s known as the ‘Holy Grail’ of indoor marijuana. This is because it’s a reliable phenotype, meaning it has very little variation, and they all grow in the same way: they all have a similar smell, potency, yield, and growth structure.  

Cinderella 99 seeds 

The seeds are available from many different sources online. If you take a look at the Brothers Grimm website, they have a complete list of the seedbanks which they say offer Cinderella 99. There isn’t really a better list available. You can rest assured that if you buy from one of these seedbanks, you’re getting female seeds for a C99 grow. This strain is also what is known as a hydroponic strain.

Cinderella 99 yield

Indoors, this strain can produce up to two pounds per square meter. This is pretty nuts. The yield of this strain makes it a great choice for growers.
 cinderella 99 strain marijuana

Growing Cinderella 99, photo: @inhaletime

What is the Cinderella 99 marijuana strain?

Cinderella 99 is a fantastic strain for indoor growers. It’s a top choice for concentrate makers, and it’s a great sativa-dominant hybrid for treating depression in those who know how to use cannabis as a medicine, or for those who react well to it. This isn’t for everyone, and it can also be considered an overly potent strain for newer users. It’s related to Jack Herer, and was created by the Brothers Grimm.

  • Created by the Brothers Grimm, specifically Mr Soul
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Known for its taste and potent effects
  • Great indoor growing strain
  • Very consistent grower, with a huge yield
  • Seeds available online
  • Cinderella 99 buds are round


Familiar with Cinderella 99? Have questions we didn't answer here? Drop us a comment below! 

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