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Firecracker Cannabis Strain

firecracker full bud

Firecracker means very different things to different people. To some it’s a strain of marijuana which this post is first and foremost about. There is also the method of making firecracker strain edibles which will be discussed also. Sometimes people just add OG on the end to things for no apparent reason, so some people call this strain firecracker strain OG even though it’s not connected to OG Kush.

Roll up a blunt for yourself and check out this strain. Or you can just take this one.

firecracker bud

Ready to light up some firecrackers, phot0: @greenexpress07

Firecracker Lineage

First, a complicated cross between NYC Diesel and Willy's Wonder was bred to produce Willy D. This was then crossed with itself, and Firecracker strain was created. This lineage includes a very nice amount of relatives which gives this strain balanced effects. Its parentage also includes some sativas, like Sour Diesel and Chemdawg, so be careful. If you smoke too much, it could be overwhelming.

Firecracker Taste Profile

  • Diesel
  • Earthy
  • Fruity overtones
  • Pine
  • Floral


Firecracker OG shatter, wax, oil & edibles 

You can get basically any strain in any format, providing that the original plant material that you’re going to use is that strain. This article is going to talk in-depth about how to make weed brownies, Firecracker strain, weed Nutella, and much more.

Firecrack OG shatter concentrate

Some delightful Firecracker shatter to smoke, photo: @kawarthachronic

Firecracker Effects

Purple Urkle Effects

Purple Urkle Medical

Purple Urkle Side Effects

Relaxed 100%

Stress 100%

Dry mouth 100%

Happy 85%

Pain Relief 75%

Dizzy 70%

Uplifted 80%

Anxiety 60%

Dry Eyes 50%

Euphoric 60%

Insomnia 50%

Sedative 30%

Sleepy 50%

Fatigue 40%

Paranoia 25%



  • Relaxed
  • Chilled
  • Stress buster
  • indica-dominant
  • diesel flavors
  • unknown THC percentages
  • similar to its NYC diesel relatives in effect
  • some cerebral buzzing, which can be very relaxed


NYC Diesel is an Indica-dominant hybrid in its effects, but Sour Diesel and Chewdawg for example are Sativa-dominant. Although overall the effects are mainly indica, there is some Sativa buzz for sure.

What is a firecracker edible?

A Firecracker strain edible is a cracker or cookie which is covered in weed Nutella or cannabutter (or anything, really) which is put in the oven inside some foil and then eaten once cooled. They get you incredibly high and you can use trimmings, already vaped bud, or whatever part of the plant matter that you have.

In order for your weed edibles to work properly at max potency, you are going to want to heat your cannabis up first (decarb). This is regardless of whether or not you're eventually going to cook it. So that means, even if you intend on baking a cake, you must first grind up your weed and put it in the oven. Follow the video guide above to understand this completely


What is already vaped bud?

You learn something new all the time. You could have been using vaped bud to make edibles all this time. Maybe you didn't know this, maybe you did. The fact is, AVB (already vaped bud) is a perfectly decarb base to make practically any edible you can think of.

firecracker strain plant growing

A firecracker of a lady, Firecracker cannabis plant. Photo: @oregonomy

Best Firecracker Recipes

Take your AVB or your decarboxylated weed, and mix it in with something nice. You can use peanut butter or Nutella for a sweet tooth or cook it in butter. You just need something which is THC soluble: alcohol or fat. Coconut oil is the best form of fat for weed and then you can cook anything with it.

Once you have your mix, you can top it, bake it, slurp it, or just eat it out of the pan. DON'T USE TOO MUCH. This is important, as it's easy to eat way too much and then think that you're dying and completely ruin the experience. You can either put them in the oven at something like 150C degrees for 20 minutes or you can stick Firecracker strain into the microwave for a few minutes. This is pure to make them taste better and isn't a necessary part to contribute to a better high.




Weed Nutella or Nutella Firecrackers recipe

It's really just as simple as taking AVB or decarbed weed and blending it together with Nutella. You can eat it straight after that and it will get you incredibly high. You do not need to decarb hash if you have some hash just simply dissolve it straight into fat or oil, and then use it as normal.


How to make THC peanut butter or peanut butter weed cookies

The same concept as before: simply decarb your weed, blend it with peanut butter, and then cover some cookies in the mixture. Put a small amount of weed in to start - let’s say 0.08g per cookie to start off with. And this is probably a big dose! Ensure you don’t overdo it.

Once you’ve got your cookie-peanut-buttery goodness, enclose them in foil and put them in the oven at a relatively low temperature and wait for them to get gooey. Enjoy.

firecracker nutella cannabis butter
Simply made cannabis Firecracker Nutella or peanut butter treats, photo: @weedeats

How to make cannabutter with trimmings

Simply follow the steps outlined before with trimmings. Decarb the weed and then cook it over a low heat stovetop with the butter. Don't burn the butter. Coconut oil is a great alternative because it doesn't burn but be careful not to burn the weed or you will have a burnt taste. It has to be well decarbed, so leave it for longer than you'd think. And voila, cannabutter.

Firecracker OG Overview

  • Diesel based strain
  • Great flavor
  • Interesting high with some balance, but a leaning towards the indica side


Weed Firecrackers Overview

  • You can make them with basically any plant matter
  • Decarboxylate, Decarboxylate, DECARBOXYLATE
  • Put the decarbed weed into something it can dissolve into. Including Nutella, palm oil, Nutella, butter, or coconut oil. Fat or alcohol.
  • Just be careful please, and don’t underestimate edibles. This is a mistake everyone makes, from novice to experienced stoners alike. EDIBLE HIGHS ARE NOT THE SAME AS SMOKING HIGHS. They are far more intense, and last for a lot longer. If you find yourself in the awful situation of being way too high and questioning your life, have a nice cold shower and counteract the THC with some CBD, and you should feel better!



Did you try the recipe? Tell us about your Firecracker frenzie below.

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